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Michelle, Week 5 Discussion

I have fielded a lot of questions about Portfolios–what they should look like, what they should have in them, how they should be organized, et al. So, for today’s discussion, I’d like you to find that information for yourself. First, read the ehow article and discuss what you’ve learned from it. Did it help you understand better what items should be in your portfolio? Did it give you more questions than answers? What questions? What answers?

Now, look for two more websites about portfolios. Share the links and the key words you used to find them. Summarize the websites, hitting the key points the site emphasizes. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Also, if it primarily mentions online portfolios or art-related portfolios, what concepts can you take from the site to use on your professional portfolio?

This needs to be at least 250 words. It is due on February 6th by 6pm (initial response). Your second response is due by Tuesday February 11th, by 6pm.


Week 3 Discussion (Portfolios)

Portfolios 1

Preparation: Watch the videos on these sites: Monkey See Portfolio Video (4 Mins) and You Tube video (2.5 mins). And please read the articles at these sites: Create an Awesome Work Portfolio and Engineering Portfolio

First Response: Please type up a response to the videos. What did you learn that was helpful? What was unclear? Now, please think about the homework you have completed so far. Then tell us how you would build the PowerPoint (or Word) section of your portfolio. Which slides from which presentations would you include and why? Which documents would you include? How would you explain these to an interviewer? How would you sell these skills to a potential employer (meaning, how would you translate what you are showing him/her into what you can do for him/her if hired)? What printouts would you include and why? Do you have any certificates, rewards, etc. that you would include in your portfolio? What are they? Then explain how you would introduce each one to the interviewer and why that one would be impressive to an employer.

Both videos tell you to include your resume and cover letter. We don’t recommend that you include these in the presentation section of your portfolio (since you aren’t going to tell the interviewer which skills you used to create them), but you should have nice hard copies in the back or in a folder with pockets to give to the interviewer at the beginning of the interview (in case he/she lost the copy you already sent). Responses should be at least 250 words.

Second Responses: Please read your classmates’ responses and reply to at least two classmates. What do you think about the pieces he/she plans to include in his/her portfolio? Are they strong pieces? Do they provide him/her with enough to talk about? For each item he/she plans to include, please explain: Is the way that he/she plans to discuss this in the interview strong and persuasive for hiring? Explain why or why not? Do you have any suggestions for other things to discuss with these items? Are there any skills that he/she isn’t illustrating with the examples he/she plans to use (i.e. how to create a custom layout)? Responses should be at least 100 words.

As always, responses are due before the start of the next class day.

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