Welcome to The Core Night Classes Blog at Interface College. Some of meyou are already familiar with me and my teaching style and have written many discussion questions already. Others of you are new to Interface, we welcome you. I have created this blog to take the place of some (or all) of our discussion questions. The basic rules for attendance are the same:

You must have a First Response (which would be a post in response to the prompt that I put up). This response must meet the minimum word requirements (you should type your response in Word first. Word will show your word count at the bottom left, on the status bar).

You must have 2 Second Responses (where you reply to the First Response postings of at least 2 your classmates). These must also meet the minimum word requirement and should refer to my original prompt to direct you in how to respond to those classmates.

When referring to websites, please ALWAYS paste in the URL (i.e. the URL for this blog is: https://olmoics.wordpress.com). That way we can visit the sites to which you are referring. You may upload pictures and/or video to help make your points.

All postings must follow the CODE OF CONDUCT. They should also be edited for clarity and spelling. You can do this easily in Word. Thank you and Happy Blogging! :)

To see another person’s responses, click on the bottom where it shows the number of comments. This will also display the Leave a Comment hyperlink (if it is not already displaying).

To make sure that you can always get back to this blog quickly, you should click the “Follow” link in the top left corner of the window. Or, alternatively, you can create a bookmark for it on your browser. Press CTRL + D (for most browsers) and choose where you want to save it. To open it again, go to Favorites (in Internet Explorer) or Bookmarks (in Firefox). If you have your Bookmarks Toolbar showing (in Firefox) you can save it to your Bookmarks Toolbar Folder. In Internet Explorer, you can “create in” you Favorites Bar folder.

Let Dawn know if you need any help.

To respond to posting, please click “Leave a Comment” and then in the box under “Leave a Reply” type in your message. When you are done, click the “Post Comment” button at the bottom. (NOTE: You can click the box next to “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” if you want to get emails of the messages from people replying to your posts.) Bon chance!


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