Michelle – Week 3 Discussion

Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY)

Preparation: Please review the TMAY: https://olmoics.wordpress.com/professional-development/tmay/ You will be doing your first mock next week, and it is important to be prepared. You will bring me your resume, portfolio, and be ready to answer the me when I say, “tell me about yourself.”

First Response: What does TMAY stand for? What are the main parts? Now type up your TMAY. What items are you going to put into your portfolio? How and when will you introduce it? Response should be at least 250 words. This is due by Thursday, January 23rd by 6pm.

Second Response: Read my response. Answer any questions I ask, revise your TMAY as needed. Response should be at least 100 words. This is due by Tuesday, January 28th by 6pm.


3 responses

  1. TMAY Stand for “Tell me about yourself”. The main parts are past, present, portfolio and future.
    I will introduce myself telling that I am from Caracas Venezuela; English is my second language where every day enjoys learning different things.
    My past work was in Venezuela my country where I owned a Car-Wash, detail, and mechanic services, everything related to the maintenance of the vehicles such as clean, waxing and repair. When we move to the States I started school at Spokane Community College, did my pre-requisites for Radiology and non-invase cardiovascular program. As part of my education I did 80 hours of volunteering in Radiology and Laboratory Dept. at Deaconess Medical Center.
    Presently, I am working for Starbucks where I learned a lot of how to make coffee, their recipes, products and more. The most that I enjoy is working with the customers because is fun to talk to them engaging Starbucks standard with customer which really makes the difference. Also, currently I am enrolled at Interface College where I am taking Core Program Microsoft Office 2007 programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Access, and also Professional Development.
    For my portfolio I will include my resume, the Venezuela and Starbucks PowerPoint presentation and my Certification from PowerPoint. At the same time, I will introduce it just before finish to talk about current job experience. At last, I will talk about what to expect with my future career, where would like to work, salary expectation and the advantage to be bilingual in health care.

    1. Since our last discussion about TMAY, how do you think you could round out your TMAY for Thursday? For instance, what about your past will help with your future jobs? List your skills that you’ve gained from past employment, then those you’ve gathered from attending both SCC and Interface. I also noticed on your personal profile that you went to school for marketing, but you do not mention this at all. What did you learn at that school that you can bring with you to your new career? When you talk about Starbucks, all you say is that you like engaging with the customer. Why? What good does that do for you as a customer service associate?

      1. For TMAY I am planning to gather important information trying to powerful and concise at the same time. I did gained experience working with customer service when lived in Venezuela because of my business I learned in a hard way because my family and our employee where depended on me. I had to work Monday thru Monday without nonstop making the best of the best in order to survive to keep in business. A person that never has one cannot understand quite well what I mean. Since then I learned how to manage situation involving different scenarios. So, I feel very comfortable to deal with customer in any problem. In my business I did learn how to satisfy them through our performance, angry customer became happy customers, make them feel comfortable, listen to their complaint and suggestion, analyze why something go wrong and they say so, and remember customers are always right. When I was attending SCC and Interface College I learned how to manage time to study and do all the assignments that we have to turn it in. Academilly, learned tons of new things that amazed me all the time.
        In my actual job, working for Starbucks I can be able to practice those knowledge that earned in the past working with customer service making better every day each customer different experience.

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