Week 3 Discussion Mon/Wed Class

Presentation Topic

For your final project each of you will present a PowerPoint Presentation to the class. Answer the following questions:

  • What is your topic or what topics are you considering?
  • Will your presentation be persuasive or informative?
  • Why did you choose this method?
  • What are you using to gather information about your topic?
  • Will you look primarily on the web for your sources, or do you have sources of your own that you will be using?

Remember if you use information from another source that is not something you created – you will have to give credit to the owner. Therefore, you will have a last slide named references or Works Cited where you give the author’s name and the link (if found via the web) to your source. This does not have to be in an academic format, but if you use a picture from http://www.fakesource.com/pictureofcow.jpg, it should read: Fake Source–Picture of cow: LINK HERE at the least.

What type of media are you going to be using?

Read “Avoiding Common Mistakes in an Introduction” on PRES 33 in your books (towards the beginning of the book). Have you ever seen a presentation where one of these mistakes was made? If so, explain. If not, tell us which mistake you want to avoid, and how you will prepare not to make that mistake.

First Post: Minimum of 200 words. Due before class (before 6pm) on Wednesday, Jan. 22nd.

Second Post: (two of them) minimum of 75 words each. Due before class (before 6pm) on Monday, January 27th.


29 responses

  1. I was going to be a real nerd about it and do my PowerPoint presentation on SimCity 2013. I think that it would be both persuasive and informative; I want more people to play so I have more people to play with but I would also want them to know how to play because it gets pretty intense. I played all the other SimCity’s religiously! And this last one is the best by far! I’m thinking of getting a lot of information from just playing the game, and the internet. I also have the guide for the game but there have been so many updates I’m not sure what is actually valid in it anymore. For the media I was going to take screen shots and record video of the game play from my own cites that I have built. I just hope I don’t bore anyone with my whole presentation that would be a laugh. I want to start with a history slide that shows all the SimCity’s in consecutive order. Then I’m not really sure where to go from there that is all I got so far. But I’m sure something will come to me sooner or later.

    1. Did you read those pages in the book? Don’t forget to answer those questions!

    2. Hey Austin since I was asked to do this would you kindly tell me how many times are you going to practice your presentation and what kind of hand out are you going to bring, like the game booklet or something of the sorts because Sims city 2000 is what got me into games that had building involved so I would like to know how 2013 is different than Sims city 2000 also what’s the same?

    3. Austin I’m very curious about your presentation about the video game Simcity. I love learning about new video games, when I have the time. I am interested in what it is you actually do when you start to create a city. Do you own the land already or do you have to purchase it? Are you relying on other people to hep you build the city or is it all up to you? Are you going to have handouts for us while you are doing your presentation? How long have you been playing simcity? It is obviously something you like to do. I’m looking forward to learning how to play.

  2. My topic is going to be About the benefits of massage and the massage types. My inspiration is that my sister is a massage therapist and has the information and resources to help with the information. The presentation will be informative. I was trying to choose something that could help others with the misconceptions about the different types of massage and its benefits. I am using the web for some information but most of the graphics and information will come from articles, books, and Information my sister has learned through her training and experience. I feel very strongly about the benefits of massage and I hope to help others understand a little more of the facts.
    On the question about” avoiding mistakes in an introduction” I would like to say that at my work we have meetings everyday and they usually start with “I’m sorry I’m new at this” Or one bad joke or another. I do have to say that my line of work in the restaurant really isn’t that big of a deal because they aren’t official meetings but I can see the problems in this type of introduction. I know that singling people out to answer questions really feels like they are being picked on. Some complain about it all day. I wouldn’t want to put anyone in a spot like that. Being informative and professional is the mane of the game as far as I can see.

    1. I have to say Suzie, that I am looking forward to your presentation on massage. I have been in a couple of car accidents in my life, and my chiropractor has referred me to a massage therapist before. I have always had the therapeutic massages, that help with scar tissue and injuries. I am interested in the other types of massage. I am also quite curious about the benefits of massage besides what i already know. I think its great that you have a sister that is a massge therapist, I bet you has a wealth of information and experience to help you woth your research.

    2. So is your sister an independent massage therapist? Does she work for a company? I too believe there are a lot of benefits of massage therapy. I had a couple prenatal massages that I absolutely loved. If your sister has her own business, will you be providing anything from her business in the presentation? I hate when people say “I’m new to this” or something similar, especially in a business setting. It makes the audience wonder why they were put in the position to present in the first place. And on the point of using humor, it definitely depends on the topic of your presentation in my opinion. Good luck on your presentation!

  3. I am going to do my presentation on house cats. I have always loved cats, had them as family pets, and am intriqued by their behavior. I also have two cats at my house, and love them like they are my children. My presentation will be informative, and I chose this method because I think I will enjoy giving information, than trying to persuade someone of something. I will being using the web for my topic information. There is so much out there on the internet nowadays, it will be fun doing my research.

    The mistake I want to avoid is to not begin by apologizing about any aspect of my presentation, such as how nervous I am, or my lack of preperation. When I talk in front of people I do get nervous and it shows. I also do say sorry to people in my life pretty regularly, it a habit even if I have nothing to be sorry about. I will make sure I am well prepared before my presentation by knowing my topic well. I also will be nervous naturally but I won’t verbalize it. I know that once I get into my presentation I will be calm and and forget my nervousness. I will practice talking slower, not rushing my presentation.

  4. My topic of choice is LOL, League Of Legends, I choose this topic because I wanted to show off one of the most played FTP, Free, to play out right now, also for the reason this is the game that I spend most of my day playing and I would like my school buddies, cough cough Jon, Will, Austin to join me in playing because the game may have a mode where you can play with randoms, but it’s more fun to play with friends whom you can talk to. Well my PowerPoint will be both persuasive and informative, because either one alone isn’t as both of them together. I’m using my brain and the game itself to gather information and the games website http://na.leagueoflegends.com/ . I’m using the interwebs to gather more information.
    I’ve seen a presentation that had humor in it that failed quite hard like failed so hard that most of the people kind of just laughed at him for failing so hard at a joke that the rest of his presentation no one really paid attention they just kept making fun of said person, for all of you thinking that it was me your wrong it was one of my friends , that I may have laughed at a little too.

    1. Calvin, I think League of Legends is a great presentation for you. It’s something you are insanely knowledgeable of and I think it will be an amazing and extremely informative presentation. Do you think you are going above and beyond what the project called for just because you are so interested in the topic you chose? Also, will you be using game video and sounds to show us what it would be like to play the game? If not, I think it would be a great idea.

  5. My topic is Warframe, an online multiplayer game that is in beta stages. I will be presenting an informative presentation because I just want people to know about it. What they do with that knowledge is up to them. My information comes from the game itself, the wikia of the game, and the games official website, as well as youtube.com music, videos and my own recordings, so yes almost all the information comes from the net.

    In highschool some guy, can’t remember his name, gave my phys ed class a presentation. He was from animal organization, vets and stuff. He epicly bombed that presentation. It was almost graceful how well he did it. I honestly fell asleep after 5 minutes. This guy started off with a seriously inappropriate joke about dogs and reproduction, in what was strangely reminiscent of beavis’ voice from “Beavis and Buthead” which was seriously creepy. So I plugged in headphones and passed out. My buddy woke me up when it was all over…3 hours later….so yeah no…anyways one of the mistakes I want to avoid is apologizing, as I am one of those people who tend to apologize for everything. In order to prepare to avoid this mistake, I plan on practicing a lot, so I don’t get anything wrong.

    1. Will if you sell me well enough I will start playing this game with you. I really need to branch out on my game playing for sure, I feel like I don’t play enough video games now a days and it is really depressing. Have you given any thought as to how you might set up the layout of your presentation? I have not really figured out how I am going to so mine I was hoping for some ideas.

      1. i want my layout to be simple, with little in the way of the actual things im trying to show. and it really is a fun game, the choices in weaponry and warframes is really nice, and they have an “active alert system” in place, which i will cover more in the presentation, but it’s really cool….or at least i think it is. i will also be talking about the downsides to playing warframe as well, so after my presentation, you should be well informed of the…issues…of the game

    2. So the common theme between us guys is videogames what is the main point of your presentation and why did you pick warframe over like every other game that you play? Also what is warframe about that makes the game so fun, or so playable, or keeps people playing it over playing other games. Well why does u want a simple layout over a more complexed one? Also what’s your in game name so I can join you for research purposes for my PowerPoint?

      1. change does to do and u to you

    3. Will, I would like to start playing Warframe with you. I just watched Calvin play some of it and it looks like a lot of fun. Soon I will get a new computer and I’ll even play some SIMS with Austin. So are you going to put any gameplay video into your PowerPoint? I think it would be a good idea if you weren’t planning on doing that yet. I’m hoping to learn a lot from your presentation and hopefully I’ll be able to start playing it soon.

  6. My presentation is going to be about mountain biking, it will be both persuasive and informative I chose this topic because it is a passion for both my husband and I. The information I will use will be from magazines, graphics from the internet; such as maps where we like to ride and use my own resources that I have experienced. It’s a great way to get exercise enjoy the outdoors and just enjoy nature one of my favorite things about mountain biking is it’s a good way to get the heart rate up, loosen up and stretch your muscles and climbing those hill does get easier each time. My favorite part? I love to go as fast as I can downhill going up can be hard work, but it’s definitely worth the trip down. In the summer time on a really hot day we go pretty early so that we can avoid the heat it’s amazing to see the different wild life that are out at the different times of the day. I thought my husband was crazy when he first introduced me to mountain biking, but then it became a good habit and I enjoy it the more I ride.

    1. I have always had a passion for the outdoors. I guess being a farm girl has something to do with that. I used to go horseback riding when the sun was coming up all summer long and can see the splendor and the peacefullness of it all. I learned how to ride a bike when I was real little but to my dicouragement my son wouldn’t even get on one till 2 years ago. He never had any accedents to make him scared or anything so I didn’t unerstand. We bought him a bike 6 years in a row to try to encourage him but it was not gonna happen. I couldn’t imagine not riding a bike as a kid. Finally in Middle school they got a grant for bike rentals for P.E. and he was too embarrassed about not knowing how that he ask us to teach him. Now he wants to be on it all the time. He’s no daredevil which is good but boy is it good to be able to ride together.

  7. I think I will be doing my powerpoint presentation on the science fiction t.v. show, Farscape. I watched the show when it first aired in early 2000 and fell in love with it. I think my presentation will be both informative and persuasive. Ill give the background and facts about the show but I’ll also state the reasons that someone might be interested in watching it. Most of my information will but coming from my knowledge of the show but I will also be using a few websites like IMDB.COM or Wikipedia. I chose this top I became it is something I have extensive knowledge of and I think I could make an ont powerpoint out of it.
    As for the common mistakes in a presentation, I see these mistakes made on a daily basis, especially on television. I dont see powerpoint presentations that often but I know that one of the biggest mistakes people make is apologizing for being nervous. Im quilty of that too. Television breaks every one of those rules though so maybe that’s not a great example. I see gimmicks and humor used a lot in presentations and they do need to be used carefully. Humor can be a tool or a weapon, I hope I use it properly in my presentation.

    1. I don’t even think I have ever heard of Farscape I don’t know why. Hopefully you can get me into a new show I’m running out of things to watch. Do you think you could persuade us well enough to get us hooked? Hopefully I can get some people to start playing SimCity so I have more friends to play with. Do you have any idea on how you are going to set up your presentation?

      1. haha farscape is a great show, unfortunatly i only ever saw up to episode 3 of season 1, so i dont know much about it anymore. as for getting me to play sims? hahaha! sorry man, i dont play sims. my reasoning is thus;
        if i already have to live one boring, uneventful life in reality, why on earth would i want to do that in a video game?

  8. The only topic I am really currently considering is my art, but I am not entirely sure on that one. My art style is much too cutesy and not very good and I’m a bit nervous to show it off. However, I can’t really think of much else to do a presentation on, so I’m sort of unsure. If I can’t think of another topic I’d be okay with doing, I might have to just go with that.
    Regardless of the topic, my presentation will be informative rather than persuasive. I’m better at informative essays and presentations and whatnot than I am with persuasive, and I think a persuasive presentation wouldn’t come out very well. And if I do use my art as the presentation subject, then persuasive wouldn’t really work anyway.
    If I do use my art as a topic, then I’d be gathering information from myself, since it’s my art. I’d be primarily using the internet for my topic, since I post much of my art online.

    As for “Avoiding Common Mistakes in an Introduction”, I’m not sure I’ve seen any of those mistakes in action before. I could be wrong, however, as the last time I saw a PowerPoint presentation was in like…third grade or something, and I have an awful memory. The one I want to avoid the most I think is the thing about apologizing for my presentation. I don’t think the others will happen at all for me, but the apologizing one is a possible threat.

    1. Sometimes it’s hard to be confident in yourself when you are nervous but remember that all of us are in the same boat. Some of us have been out of school for a LONG time and it’s been since then that we have had to present anything. I think anyones art tells alot about them. Unfortunately I wish I had the skills but don’t. I can’t even hang a picture straight. I’ve adapted my scrapbooking pages so they look messy on purpose. I put pictures and stickers kinda cockeyed so it looks creative like it was ment to be there. Doing the presentation on the computer and in my head is the easy part but I am also very nervous about standing in front of everyone too. It will all work out the best for all of us.

      1. We all are guilty of being our own worst critic, but I think if you have a positive attitude it helps tremendously. I agree with Suzie, we are all in the same boat and it’s okay to be nervous, anxious ect when standing up in front of an audience. In the PowerPoint book on page ppt118 there are some good tips on “Rehearsing your Presentation” If you practice enough you will become more comfortable with what you are trying to convey. I tell myself take a deep breath and exhale, it actually helps! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

      2. Art does indeed tell a lot about a person, I can agree. I really like the idea of embracing your messiness and applying it to your scrapbooking and whatnot! That’s a really good idea and a great way to utilize your abilities. Art doesn’t have to be all neatness and perfection. Sometimes chaos makes for a masterpiece! Just look at Picasso, haha. I don’t think it’s that you don’t have the skills, I think you just have a different style by nature, perhaps.

    2. I think that showing your art for your presentation is cool. It’s something you like to do, and of course with the art being yours, you have adequate knowledge of it and it’s a great way to show people a different side of you and what you like to do. Do you have anything in particular you like to draw? I think I will have to avoid acknowledging my nervousness, because I absolutely hate speaking in front of people, so presentations are not my strong point.

      1. In particular I like drawing animals and other people’s characters (I feel it adds variety and forces me to draw things I normally wouldn’t draw for myself), as well as designing characters of my own. Anything fantasy is fun, too. Thank you for asking. I can understand hating to speak in front of people, it’s very stressful and nerve wracking! Not acknowledging your anxiousness can be difficult, especially when you want to apologize for tripping up or talking quietly, etc. Good luck with not acknowledging it!

  9. My PowerPoint presentation will be either on breast cancer or The Susan G. Komen Foundation. Breast cancer awareness is something that I hold very dear to my heart as a few of my family members have either lost their battle, or are currently fighting the disease.  My presentation will be informative, giving information on breast cancer, the foundation, but I also hope to persuade people to maybe look into how they can help with either the Susan G. Komen Foundation, or perhaps another foundation of their choice and ways to contribute to the cause. The reason I chose this method was because I am an avid supporter of breast cancer awareness as well as the foundation itself.  I will be using the internet as well as material I have received from the foundation. I would like to use video, pictures and audio to help make the presentation more interesting.  

    I have seen people make introduction mistakes before when I have seen presentations being done. I have heard “It is an honor to be sharing this with you”, to people explaining how they are nervous or that they didn’t get their presentation how they wanted, or even throwing a fellow partner in the project under the bus. It really does set the mood for how your presentation will be viewed. I will do my best to make sure that my presentation is accurate.  Breast cancer is not a funny topic, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be using much humor in my presentation

    1. Britney,
      I’m looking forward to your presentation and learning some things from it that I thought I might have known, but don’t. Unfortantely it is all around us. I have lost a family member from cancer and more than a hand full of fellow co-workers as well. I think you will do awesome whether you chose to do your presentation on breast cancer or The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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