Introductions – Monday/Wednesday Discussion


Preparation: Knowing yourself.
First Response: Welcome to Interface! What do you want to be when you grow up? What are you hoping to be when you leave here? Did you know that recent studies have shown that most people change careers at least 4 times in their lives? Could you envision yourself doing something else? Becoming a CEO? Flying an airplane?

Have you gone to school before? Where? How long ago? (If you want to disclose that information!) Then tell us something about yourself that we couldn’t guess just by looking at you.

Second Response: Please read some of your classmates’ responses and reply to them. Engage them in a conversation about their interests and yours.

First response is due by the end of class on Wednesday. Second responses (2) are due by Monday, 1/13/2014 by 6pm (before the start of class.) You can respond to me. For this post, there is no necessary word count, but future blog discussions will have word counts (for instance, it will say your initial response must be 200 words and your replies have to be 100 words, or something of that nature.)


43 responses

  1. To be honest I would love to grow up and be a video game programmer like blizzard or Visiosoft but to my demise I probably won’t make into those but my hopes and dreams art shattered just yet I shall get a job involving computers which also is a life dream of mine, I love computers and I love the insides and out, the hardware to the software, all of it is my favorite. I would never be an airplane pilot because I don’t like heights at all. I went to west valley high school three months ago and now I’m in interface. I’m like all typical highschoolers who were awkward I hated school all was there was issues and regrets I didn’t fit in with any of the crowds I was my own group I was called an alien in my own class because of how different I was from everyone else, granted I was in AP world history when I was a freshman with other freshmen who actually knew world history quite well. Besides that I am like any other teenage I play basketball and football whenever I can even though I’m quite lazy. I enjoy playing video games and I love Cosplay, which is where people dress up as different things from like anime to manga to TV shows in a big convention, well that pretty much me in a nutshell o wait I also build computers from random pieces that I collect from my aunts scrapyard and what is left over from other computers I’ve worked with before. Something you can’t tell about me just by looking at me, I am the oldest of five children in my family and I have two different sets of parents also I don’t do well in front of people even though I can talk to a bunch of people in a group it’s something about being in front of everybody that makes me feel uncomfortable. Well I think that’s me in a nutshell for sure this time well most of me there are plenty of other things I like but I won’t bore you anymore.

    1. Also I’m really bad a punctuation, im sorry for anybody reading i forget to use punctuation a lot.

                1. to where you cant read it anymore

        1. Flavor Flav!!

      1. Also if you can’t tell i can’t sit still.

    2. It’s OK Calvin. We all have problems. Yours are just easier for us to read. 🙂

    3. Calvin I think you are extremely smart and you’re on the right path to achieve your dream. Even if you don’t program video games I think you’ll enjoy working and building computers. Maybe a job scout will see you one day and hire you on, you never know. Although I’m not a huge video gamer I think we have a lot in common and I think we should go cosplay together sometime, maybe at Emerald City Comic-Con.

  2. I am Austin I am 26 years of age and am currently working as a cook downtown at Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar. I would like to be a web designer when I am done with school but I could see myself coming back to Interface in order to learn as much about computers as I can. The I.T. program sounds like it could be a lot of fun just learning about how a computer works. I did know that most people change careers up to four times in their life time. It seems like a few if you ask me, but with the type of work I’m doing right now there is a lot of turn over so it seems to make since. Just in my 26 years I have changed careers twice. And after I finish school hopefully for the third and final time, but you never know what life can offer. I don’t think I could ever be a C.E.O of anything, when I think of that I think of some snobby rich guy that sits in an office and makes so much money he doesn’t even know what to do with it. I’m not that greedy, I just want to make enough money in life to be comfortable and have a few nice things. I’m pretty simple that way.

    1. Just to let you know, I love Twigs. It’s one of our go to places for girls’ night out. Martinis and gorganzola fries =). I don’t think I could be a CEO of a company either. I would like to advance in whatever career I chose to go into, but I would not want to be responsible for a whole company. I just want to do my job, help who I can, and go home to my babies without having work follow me home.

    2. Austin I think that getting out of school and getting a job then coming back later to learn as much as possible is an amazing idea. I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently. Once I finish this year I’d love to get a job as a computer technician and then come back to Interface to get my A.A. I’d also like to take some web design classes because I think they would be a lot of fun. I couldn’t make up my mind about choosing CATS or the web design classes. Why did you choose web design and not the computer tech course?

  3. When I grow up, I want to learn how to become a master chef. Not so I can get a job as a chef, but so I can beat this one chef that I hate on Chopped. She’s a judge and is really judgy, like, if everyone likes something about the dish, she has to say, “I didn’t like that part of it. I think you could do better.” Like it’s super easy to come up with good food when you are given canned chicken, black garlic, licorice candies, and papaya. Gosh
    One day, I’d like to be something different. I’d like to be someone who got paid to stay home and play video games. Or an integral part of a focus group, who gets paid big money just to watch movies and judge them. I wouldn’t want to fly an airplane though; landing scares me enough when I’m a passenger. I’d probably go into some sort of seizure if I was the one doing the landing part.

    I went to school before! I have about 8 years of college under my belt. If I wore a belt, that’s where I would put it. I graduated in 2011. I think. It’s such a blur now.

    You probably couldn’t tell this by looking at me, but I like to write poetry. It has been a long time since I’ve written anything, because I wrote SO much in school, I took a break, but I wrote a few new ones the other night for fun. Then I went to bed at 6am. That may be something else you can’t tell by looking at me (though I do always look tired). I am a night owl.

    Welcome to my class! I hope to get to know all of you well!

    1. I love to bake, don’t really like to cook, But my husband’s really picky, so it takes the joy out of the cooking part. I like just about anything but don’t know if I could be creative with such crazy ingredients either. My son keeps telling me he wants to be a chef or a baker but he is just as picky as my husband. I told him he would actually have to try stuff he might not like so I’m not so sure he with be a chef.

    2. That is an awesome reason to want to be a chef; I just wish I could get my hands on some of the ingredients they get to use on those shows. Like Buddha’s Hands! They are like lemon but sweet, people use them to make custards and other desserts of that nature. Some of that stuff is really hard to find here but it would be really cool to learn how to use different kinds of ingredients from around the world. I just don’t know how they come up with some of that stuff. Black garlic and licorice candies?? What kind of dish could you possibly make with that is beyond me, but someone had to do it.

      1. Exactly. Whenever I look at the box ingredients, I decide what I would try to make. Of course, I don’t know all of the techniques or fancy names, but I do pretty good. I know what you mean about the ingredients. There are so many times I want to try to make something, but have no luck finding anything I need. Do you know how hard it is to find scallions sometimes? Walmart doesn’t even have them. I have found them at Fred Meyers and Safeway, though. I mean, for years, I thought scallions was just another name for chives! Hahah. I love experimenting with new flavors, too.

  4. Hola todo el mundo, me llamo es Will (hi~ will!)

    I want to be a carpenter after I age a few more years, but in the meantime, I plan on leaving interface college as a computer technician. I did not know that most people change their careers 4 times in their lives. I can envision myself doing a lot of things, inventing, writing, drawing, producing movies and the like, but I think inventor has the nicest ring to it. It’s closest to my goal of a carpenter, in that what I make would be used to bring people joy and happiness for years to come.

    I have gone to school most of my life, actually, from Ephrata, Moses Lake and Seattle, Washington to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a lifetime ago though, so I don’t usually think about it. Lotta hard times, lotta good times, but mostly just time spent and wasted.

    Something you probably would never guess about me by looking at me…hell most the people who KNOW me don’t know this, is that I’m a friggin romanticist >.>

    1. I think a carpenter would be a great thing to do. I’ve helped build two houses in the last 20 years. My husband, son, and I built a small bathhouse on our property this last fall and will be building a cabin this summer. I love the building. My son keeps trying to invent stuff and his mind works like that but his ways of doing everything half-assed.I always hope for him to become rich and take care of me.

      1. ahahaha, sounds like a rich life suzie. yeah my father was a carpenter, as well as automechanic and alot of other things…think jack-of-all-trades, only better…would that be an ace-of-all-trades? or king? in anycase, it’s something ive wanted to do ever since i was young. i remember helping my dad build a dog house for our neighbor, and it was probably the epiphany that led my dream. i loved the way to wood smelled, the way it felt under my hand after i had sanded it down…yeah…still, i can understand where you son comes from probably, i myself have multitudes of ingenius ideas, only to either be forgotten moments later, or, if remembered, left to congeal into a physical manifestion of my ineptedtude and lack of knowledge to make them come to fruition….i have this idea for virtual reality glasses, but while i know the general concept, i lack the knowledge, skill and funds to create a physical version, much less a working one. if thats the case, then yeah, your son probably just needs to work on something else for the time being, or dedicate himself to the research of one specific invention, and how to invent it.

  5. I’m hoping to be a manager or a team lead in the computer hardware and technical support field. When I leave school I’m expecting to start at the bottom of the food chain in the technical support field. I know that I won’t start at the top right out of school but I’m hoping that within a few years I’ll be in the position I want. I didn’t know that most people change a career four times that seems like a lot. I’ve had a bunch of jobs that I hated but the whole reason I started school again was to get into a career that I was happy with. The most important thing for me is to find a job that I enjoy. I don’t see myself changing careers again but who knows. I hope that I find a job that I like and have the options to advance in the company and make more money. I think the only reason I would change careers is if something better came along.
    The last time that I was in school was at University High School in Spokane valley. I dropped out when I was 17 so it’s been about 8 years since I was in school. I didn’t do very well in high school and the main reason I dropped out was because I was working and barely ever went to class. I think the way I look explains a lot about me. I’m kind of a nerd and I’m really into sci-fi and basically any type of music besides country. One thing that my appearance might not suggest is that I’m a gear head. I love working on cars and bikes, basically anything with a motor. Even though I’m kind of a short, skinny, punk guy I’ve done a lot of mechanic, construction, and landscaping work and I’m good at it and enjoy it. I don’t want to do physical labor for the rest of my life though. I’d like to keep those jobs as hobbies and side work otherwise I get burned out and don’t enjoy it.

    1. Good job going back to school. They say it is harder going back to school the longer you wait. It was for me at least. I would not have thought of you being into mechanics and landscaping. That’s why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You don’t let yourself see the total person. Do you prefer any of those hobbies over the other? Good luck in working towards your career!

    2. To be honest I would also like to be a leader or a manager of some sorts, because of all that power … I’m just kidding, it would be fun to be a leader because a leader has responsibility’s and commonly knows a lot about they are supposed to do. Also I’m glad you choose to go to school here because we are computer buddies we help each other out a lot.

      1. calvin, you’re crazy…but everyone already knew that haha. being a leader has it’s upsides and downsides, same as being a follower. personally, i just prefer to forge my own way, since i’m not a “Leading” person, and I’m too stubborn to follow anyone for a given length of time

  6. I want to make another carer change in my life. I would like to work in a medical office and also to work in billing and coding. I am hoping to find a job as a medical billier and coder as well as a office assistant and or receptionist if necessary. I am wanting my certifications in both programs.
    I graduated from high school in 1988 from Rogers here in lovely spokane.
    I have attended college before. I was at eastern washington university in cheney. I graduated in 1992 with a bachelors of arts degree in radio television degree with a emphasis in production and performance. After that I worked in the field for a year and went and got my nursing assistant training and certificate and have worked in that career off and on for 20 plus years.
    I can be very quiet in front of people I don’t know very well, such as giving a presentation in front of a group.

    1. Hey Kelly that is really awesome that you went to school for multiple things I hope to one day have multiple degrees in multiple fields as well. Not even to really get a job I just have this drive to learn things I find interesting like computers, culinary, web design, music theory. The more I can learn the better, we are always learning as people even when we don’t realize it. Like when we get to stand and give a presentation we learn how to speak to groups better. Even our relationships with people can be great learning experiences, never stop learning!

      1. Hi Austin,
        Thanks for showing me how to blog I guess I better get with the times 🙂

        Good luck in your career!


  7. I would like to work for a company that has a great repor with their customers and be able to still talk to those people. As for the 4 jobs in their life I went to school to be a nail tech while I was in high school and didn’t fiish the program because I was young and didnt think straight. I was a school bus driver for 2 years but found I was too intimidated by the kids and having all thouse kids lives in my hands. I worked at a medical supply place for two years but was heartbroken whenever one of the seniors died. I have been a bartender and server for 18 years and I love what I do but my body doesn’t. I’m getting that piont in my life for a change. I can see myself working in an office and building a client list and maybe even get into sales.
    I graduated from West Valley High school in 1987. I love to hike, ski, swim, atv ride, and scrapbook. I’m a dog lover also.

    1. Susie,
      I think its great that you want to stay in the customer service field per say. I am impressed only 4 jobs in your life that is very good! I get bored and need to be challenged at times so in between my 3 major job changes I have had other jobs in between since the age of 16. I think doing nails would be fun, and I know I have a good repoire with people ( not that I am full of myself). I just don’t know of I am that talented to do something for someone else likem that. It is not easy to be caregiver and get attached to your people (like I do) and than they die. I give you so much credit working as a server and bartender for 18 years, the public can be tough especially when they are hungry and or demanding. Of course the nice ones who appreciate your service make it wortht the while. Good tips don’t hurt either. I understand the wear and tear on your body, I’m there too! We both need occupations that are less physical!

      1. Unfortunately I’ve had more jobs than that but Those i consider my “career” type jobs. I don’t get bored with my job maybe, frusterated, angry, burner out but there is something to say about comfort and being able to do it in your sleep pretty much. I am out on a whole new limb with school and trying something new. it’s amazing where life takes you sometimes.

  8. A happy person who loves what I do in my career field. A Graduate of Interface College with a diploma as a Medical Billing and Coder specialist . I did not know that, however I do know there are a quite a few people who choose not to fulfill the career field they chose. I envision myself being the best that I can in the career field I have chosen as I mentioned above. I have been to school before actually back in 1993 I took a nine month program at Interface Computer School at that time I was located on north Monroe. I love to mountain bike with my husband and go as fast I can downhill.

  9. When I grow up, I want to be a nurse. I have been in the medical field for 12 years now, and it will be a field I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. Seeing as though I have been doing more of the business side of my field, I hope to maybe work at a hospital or a medical office setting. It would be nice to have a 9 to 5 job where I can spend more time with my babies, and still do something I enjoy. I myself have already done a few different occupations already, but I find myself always coming back to the medical field. Being a caregiver, and doing what I do on the business end at work is all I really know now days, so I can’t really see myself doing anything else. I’m a nurturer by nature.

    I have gone to school before. I went to SFCC, and SCC to work on getting my nursing degree, which I will perhaps do someday. I have about 3 years of college. I also went to Alpine College to do the Surgical Tech program unfortunately as they got shut down, so I did not finish the program and can’t do anything with it. A couple things you wouldn’t know about me is that I am a big fan of all types of music. I love country music. I have a southern family and my mama is a huge country fan, so I grew up on it. My first 3 albums when I was little were Prince’s Purple Rain, Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi. I am also a huge Harry Potter fan.

    1. Britney,
      I appreciate what you like doing for a living. I am a nuturer by nature and I have aways called being a nursing assistant my fall back career, but I love what I do I just physically can’t do it anymore. I don’t think I have ever worked a monday thru friday job in my life and to would like to have a normal schedule like every one else I know. I have done shift work most of my life and it gets kinda old! I don’t have any kiddos, but I would love to have more”normal” hours. I have tried other occupations like you, but always come back to helping and taking of care of people. I am sorry you couldn’t finish your surgical assistant program that is frustrating. I know you will become a nurse if you truely want it, and just look at this as a stepping stone to prepare you for the future. You can do it!

      1. Thanks Kelly. The field is both physically and emotionally draining. I am definitely one whose work always tends to follow them home. I would like a position where I can show up, do my work and enjoy it, go home and enjoy my family and leave work at the door.

  10. When I grow up I want to do something related to drawing. Cartoons, comics, commissions, I don’t really care as long as I can draw for a living. I’m a cartoonist by nature and that’s all I’m really interested in career-wise.

    When I leave here, I just want to be a slightly functioning adult. I did know that, thanks to the last introduction post we had to do. I could not envision myself doing anything else, really, as my talents are rather limited and so is my tolerance for things I don’t like. Being a CEO would be really boring and beyond stressful, I think. And flying airplanes would be really scary.

    I have gone to school before now. I went to SCC for a little while, not long before I enrolled here at Interface.

    I guess that something you wouldn’t be able to tell just by my outward appearance is that it’s really easy to make me laugh. I laugh at the stupidest things, including puns, and my sense of humor varies wildly.

    1. I have two very creative people in my family, my husband abd my son. I have the passion for photography and artsy types of things but absolutly no skill for it. My husband and son have the skill and no passion for it. My son has been into drawing since he was little. It kept him out of trouble a lot in school because the boy can talk like crazy. He used to get into trouble because he would get his work done before anyone else then dirupt the class by talking. We had him start drawing instead and all his papers were turned in with cute drawings either in the corners or on the back. It worked though. All three of us are smart aleck types and practical jokers so you never know whats gonna happen at our house from saran wrap in the doorways to tape on the kitchen sprayer. It’s fun most of the time anyway.

      1. Haha, that sounds a lot like me when I was a kid! Except I still got in trouble for talking constantly, whether my work was done or not. But there were still a lot of drawings all over my papers, haha. Photography is a very interesting art! I have no talent for it, but I can appreciate good photography.

    2. The idea of creating something with your own hands would be awesome on so many levels because of the fact that what you made will either put into shows or into books kind of like how a video game company needs designers for games and they need programmers so there is so many possibilities for a person who can draw it’s not even funny.

      1. There really are a lot of possibilities, but it’s so hard to actually get jobs in any of those. Regardless the idea of creating something yourself and having it be out there in the world is still pretty awesome.

    3. Hi Yvonne ,
      My name is Gina, I’m new to the class and looking forward to getting to know all of you better! I think it’s awesome that you want to draw don’t give up until you’ve reached your goal and live up to your dreams. Good luck! 🙂


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