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Do an internet search on “current resume trends” – read at least three articles and summarize what you find after you give the links. Copy and paste three URLs of the sites you find. Do you agree or disagree? How do they differ from what is in the PD website or what you’ve been told by myself or Margaret, if they do differ? Will you use any of the information, if so, what and why? Your results should be trends in the last 2 years.

For a bit of extra credit, find a sample resume you really like and attach it and tell us what is great about it and why. Then, find a sample of a bad resume and attach it. What changes (just a few) could be made to make it better? I’ll give 30 pts of Extra Credit for this!

First response should be at least 200 words and is due on Thursday January 9th. Second response should be at least 75 words and is due by Tuesday, January 14th by 6pm.


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  1. Hi Dawn
    I did some research on the internet about the resume trend, and I found several samples that are interesting and some that are not so powerful. In Professional Development they teach us the importance of building a strong resume for our job interview. A resume can be a blueprint of our experience and work history. Yet, like a blueprint it can be a good or bad depending on how is presented or written.
    In my search # 1: This is very interesting, concise, and effective. I can use this for myself. The web is http://about.com
    In my search # 2: This sample is easy and very organized. Is one sample that we can use as well. The web is http://resumegenious.com
    Search # 3: This page gives us a complete resume gallery that we can search and choose from when we are going to do our resume. I can use these samples. The web that I found is: http://www.gcflearnfree.
    The resume that I can use because is similar the one in Professional Development is: :
    The second option that in my opinion is not very professional is:

  2. I don’t see a link to the one you can use or the link to the one that isn’t professional. Can you repost those for me?

    The second link you gave me looks interesting. It’s a resume builder, though, and not really a trending site. What can you use from the about.com website to help you on your resume? What can you use from the third site? Be specific. What did they specifically say that you can use on your resume? Now try to find a website that gives you a list of resume trends. Which of these trends would you use? Try searching: Resume Trends

    1. detail of how we can build a strong resume is good but I was not impressed. A good resume that:

    2. The one that it was not professional was the like a free sample of how to build a resume washttp://stagelightingprimer.com/images/bad_resume.jpg

      This in my opinion is bad. The others that I found were more like a resume builder which in my opinion were some interesting.
      http://www.robertghalf.com is one resume trend that is very interesting because explain easy steps of how we should build or what to do our resume like in PD, Margaret said that the resume is our passport for succeed and get a good job and that the presentation has to be top #1 which I agree. In this website show us what some tips that we can use to build a better resume, such as cover letter, summary, the length that needs to have in a good resume. The other was http://www.snagjob.com this web is fantastic because has the basic that a resume needs to have this is personal information, work experience, education, qualification and achievements. This web is very similar at what PD is teaching us when building our resume. The third website http://www.examiner.comb this web is good as well explain in little detail of how we can build a strong resume is good but I was not impressed. A good resume that:

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