Life is Stress. Talk about it amongst yourselves. (Both Classes)

Stress Relief. Find it!

Stress is a constant in our lives.  A little amount of stress is good and needed to keep us alert, sharp and focused.  However, all too often our stress levels get elevated and out of control, especially when you are in school and the holidays are approaching.

This week, you need to find a minimum of three (3) websites that deal with managing and reducing stress.  You posting should be four (4) paragraphs.  The first three (3) paragraphs should be headed by the website and then a brief four or five sentence synopsis of what you learned about managing and reducing stress in your life.  The last paragraph will be an explanation of the best ideas you found and the ones you would like to (will?) put into practice in your own life. Like such:

Website Title – Link

Paragraph about it

Website Title – Link

Paragraph about it

Website Title – Link

Paragraph about it

The Best Ideas (or whatever you want to call it)

Paragraph (or list of) these items with explanations.


First Response is due by Wednesday, December 11th by 6pm. Minimum Words: 200
Second (2) Responses are due by Monday, December 16th by 6pm. Minimum 100 words.


First Response is due by Thursday, December 12th by 6pm. Minimum Words: 200
Second (2) Responses are due by Tuesday, December 17th by 6pm. Minimum 100 words.

Remember, this assignment is part of your online attendance. Do it. FIRST.


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    In this website I learned that excessive stress in a workplace can interfere with your productivity and impact your physical and emotional health. Finding ways to manage workplace stress isn’t about making huge changes or rethinking career ambitions, but rather about focusing on the one thing that’s always within your control: YOU.

    In this website I learned workplace tips. This is site is very helpful on how to effectively cope with job stress. Identify your stress triggers. Your personality, experiences and other unique characteristics all influence the way you respond to and cope with stress. Another thing I learned is how to tackle your stress triggers. Once you’ve identified your stress triggers, consider each situation or event and look for ways to resolve it. Sharpen your time management skills. In addition to addressing specific stress triggers, it’s often helpful to improve time management skills — especially if you tend to feel overwhelmed or under the gun at work.

    In this last website I learned that stress can significantly affect your physical health. Increased stress can lead to using unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, comfort eating, poor diet choices, inactivity and drinking alcohol to manage their stress. APA warns that reliance on such behavior can lead to long-term, serious health problems

    In all the websites I chose. I learned all kinds of different ways on how you can deal with the stresses of life. All three gave great tips and solutions you can do to help relieve the stress you may have at work or just everyday things that go on in your life. Some of the things I think I would try are:
    Set realistic goals. Work with my co-workers and leaders to set realistic expectations and deadlines. Set regular progress reviews and adjust your goals as needed.
    Make a priority list. Prepare a list of tasks and rank them in order of priority. Throughout the day, scan your master list and work on tasks in priority order.
    Protect your time. For an especially important or difficult project, block time to work on it without interruption.
    Get other points of view. Talk with trusted co-workers or friends about the issues I’m facing at work. They might be able to provide insights or offer suggestions for coping. Sometimes simply talking about a stressor can be a relief.
    Take a break. Make the most of workday breaks. Even a few minutes of personal time during a busy workday can be refreshing. Similarly, take time off when you can — whether it’s a two-week vacation or an occasional long weekend.
    Have an outlet. To prevent burnout, set aside time for activities you enjoy — such as reading, socializing or pursuing a hobby. Take care of yourself. Be vigilant about taking care of your health. Include physical activity in your daily routine, get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy diet.

    1. Maria you had a lot of good information here, I really liked your last paragraph you had so many ways to reduce stress that seemed to work very well. It really is amazing how easy it can be to lower ones stress even though we don’t think it is. Just something as simple as a hobby or communicating with others can help a great deal. I guess that is why I have so many hobbies they take your mind to a new place and amerce you into a new mind set because you are taking your mind off your stresses.

    2. I like the websites you chose to use in your blog response. They all had some very good information. I do think it’s important to do pretty much all of the things you listed in order to keep stress at bay. Taking breaks, having an outlet, choosing realistic goals, etc. They’re all very important. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and realistic goals will help you to accomplish more of them and not get so frustrated that you can’t accomplish them all. Having an outlet is definitely important too, so you can take out any anger or frustration you have thanks to stress.

  2. Mayo Clinic –

    Relaxation techniques can be very useful for managing and reducing stress levels in the body. Most are at no or little cost and can be self-taught including such things as Autogenic relaxation, Visualization, Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi. Using these techniques you can slow your heart rate, reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow to mayor muscle groups, and improve your overall health. Being healthy and stress free go hand in hand, having to much stress can have a horrible effect on your body and your mind.

    Tai Chi for Beginners: Mediation in Movement Form –

    When people think of Tai Chi they think it’s something mythical like Tai Chi is all around us. When in actuality it is martial arts in a slower form that have great benefits to the body. Tai Chi can improve the quality of sleep, lower blood pressure, restore balance, strengthen your immune system, and lessen anxiety just to name a few. Peter M. Wayne of Harvard University says that Tai Chi is good for people “who want to feel a sense of calmness and don’t have the patience for sitting still.”

    Meditation for Beginners: 20 Practical Tips for Quieting the Mind –

    Meditation is the art to focusing 100% of you attention in one area. Health benefits include increased concentration, decrease anxiety, and give the feeling to overall happiness. It is recommended that you take at least to sessions of self-meditation a day. Beginners should remember to breath, always stretch first and experiment with different breathing techniques as well as different positions (sitting, lying down, eyes, open, eyes closed, etc.) If you notice when you are getting frustrated or stressed you should meditate when you get the chance to.

    I already do quite a bit of personal meditation as it is, but I would like to get into more of the physical side of stress relief. The Tai Chi sounded really fun! (I like martial arts movies.) Just the idea of Tai Chi being derived from martial arts makes me want to learn how to use it that much more. Not to mention all impressive list of health benefits that went along with doing it. I think it could be something I could get into.

    1. Austin, I found your websites very interesting. I think the relaxation techniques are a very good way to put your mind at ease. I think that it is also a great way to be healthy. I’m not very good at getting any kind of exercise done. But this sure seems to a good way to be at ease and stay calm and stress free for the time being. Medication is something I’ve never tried but seems to be a good concept of a stress relief activity. Too bad there wasn’t a way to stay stress free at all times. I think that stress is unavoidable no matter what.

    2. Austin I like your Austin I like your websites that you have found to be quite good. The ideas behind how to reduce stress I believe to be great, I also believe the relaxation techniques are very good and in a way amazing ways to relax and get a hold of the situation and to keep calm and not let all the stress get to your head and control your emotions and physical features. I think medication may be good a good way to relive stress but I prefer not to use any form of drug I’d rather handle the stress on my own. And again great websites Austin.websites that you have found to be quite good. The ideas behind how to reduce stress i believe to be great

      1. i dont know what happened but my post got all jacked up

    3. Austin
      I love that you chose an alternative medicine relaxation technique. That
      said, I am not sure the “quiet” techniques would work for me. I am
      not exactly a quiet person. I like all of the pointers in the second
      website. Like anything start slowly and practice at home. I guess the
      point of it is to slow down and breather deep but I may have an issue. I
      couldn’t help but think of saying “wohwaaaa” Your third site hit
      my life right on the head. I will be flagging this site to go back. I
      like that almost all of the tips were divided into sub-categories. It
      gives a new meaning to taking one bite at a time. Take each piece and
      separately and the stress wont seem to overwhelming.

    4. Austin the first website you chose I was also going to pick, but I saw that you had already chose it. I really liked the websites you chose. It seems you went with mire physical ways to detect and reduce stress. Things like heart rate and blood pressure can be used to determine stress and the levels of stress. I also like your site about tai-chi. I’ve never used tai-chi in my own life but I feel like it would be an excellent stress reducer. Meditation is also a great tip and it’s something I do on a daily basis. Almost every day I put my headphones in and listen to some good music to help me relax and reduce stress.

  3. Ways to Relieve Stress –

    coping stratagies are one of the best ways of managing stress, and range from writing, talking to meditation and exercise. Doing something I enjoy is one i use most often, although meditation and breathing helps when it get very stressful. It allows me to focus my mind, and relax my body. Yoga is also a good way to wind down and relax from what I’ve heard, never actually tried myself, not that limber.

    10 Relaxation Techniques That Zap Stress Fast –

    Slow down, and take a few minutes to notice whats around you. Watch the dog walking down the street, feel the air in your face, and enjoy each bite of food. spending time in the moment, even for a few minutes, can melt stress away. Make sure you pay attention to yourself as well. take a minute or two to mentally scan your body, and note how each part feels. Imagine each breath flowing to that part, paying close attention to the sensations in each body part.

    Stress Management –

    Identify your sources of stress, and look closely at you habits and attitude towards life. Also take a look at how you currently manage stress. Avoid stress as often as possible, and although not all stress can be avoided, you’d be surprised how much more relaxed you are after you learn how to avoid stress. Ways to do so include saying no to additional responsibilities, as taking on more than you can handle is a surefire way to a stressful life. Tell someone if something bothers you, often times people do things without knowing it’s offensive to someone. Make sure to be assertive, but also be willing to compromise. Time management is also another way to releive and prevent stress. Planning ahead to make sure you arent overextending yourself can alter the amount of stress you’re under, making it more manageable.

    My favorite ways of avoiding and relieving stress are meditation, hobbies and taking a step back to view the world around me. Meditation helps, because as i focus more upon my breathing, everything else tends to melt away. It clears my mind and allows me to focus on what i need to get done. I use hobbies such as playing video games and putting together puzzles to relieve stress and sharpen my thoughts, especially after a long, dull day. Watching the world might seem boring to some, but it is always entertaining to me. Every channel in the world you can think of, free and right outside your front door.

    1. Hey Will I really like the first link that you posted it gave what I thought to be really simple solutions to stress relief. Like writing stuff down, that is something that I already find myself doing a lot. Any time I really feel stressed out I find that getting my feelings down on paper really helps. Another thing I found helps out a lot is letting your feelings out whether it is through crying, laughing, showing ones frustration or anger. But it is also important to remember that there is a time and a place to let these feelings out.

    2. Will
      I liked that the first site had so many links to a more detailed account
      of stress management. I never thought that writing would help stress. It
      does make sense though. Some times it just feels better to vent. Writing
      can be a similar outlet. I agree about your time management assessment.
      I really like having a schedule. It helps me to plan my week. I try to
      sit down with my family every Sunday and ask “What do we have going this
      week?” The third site had a great quote. Until you accept
      responsibility for the role you play in creating or maintaining it, your
      stress level will remain outside your control. A person should really
      evaluate how much of their stress level is caused by themselves.

    In this website it has information how stress affects your everyday life and how your actions contribute to your own stress. Also the webpage talks about how to identify where your stress is coming from and asked what causes this stressful thing to arise.
    This website has an interactive stress help which lets you think about your stress. This site has you locate where your stress is coming from and goes on to talk about how to reduce such stress from your life maybe removing yourself from the stressful situation or asking the stressful situation to leave you alone
    This website states employers need to provide stress free environments for the workers and most stress is caused by the work place, it states to have less stress make your work less stressful.
    Alright in the few websites that I looked through there are some helpful tips and tricks to reduce stress in your daily life, my favorite stress reducer is to adapt to the stressor meaning that since you can’t change everything to the way you like it to be change yourself to handle it better as in if someone is annoying you by talking to you, don’t think of them as annoying think of them as someone who is trying to better understand you.

    1. From the entire website the best that I liked was the second because it shapes best to our lives. When I start reading I realize that a lot of the thing that mention happen to me and make it thinks about my stress and level. I don’t know or never think how I can manage my stress to the point that I have conflict with myself. The lack of sleep, perfectionism, taking care to much responsibilities at the same time, trying to please everyone and getting involve in how to solve their problems not realizing that are theirs in not my. Life is so fast that there is no time to laugh or make jokes, and of course do some exercising that is never in my mind. So this website is great making me feel that I have to do something in order to manage my level of stress and feel better.

    2. Calvin the first site you chose was very informative. It helps explain stress and how it affects your life. I really love the second site you chose though. Anything interactive is fun for me and just the site helped reduce my stress. It also has a great table on the bottom of the page that has a ton of great tips such as removing yourself from stressful situations if possible. Your third site is also interesting. It goes into more detail about stress in the workplace and how it affects employees. You didn’t write your fourth paragraph though. You were supposed to write down your favorite stress relievers and I would like to know what they are.

    I found 3 website very interesting about Stress Relief and the way we can use to prevent it. The first site is :
    1) In this website give some good example of how we can manage the stress for example:
    -. Breathing meditation for stress relief.
    -. Progressive muscle relaxation for stress relief.
    -. Body scan meditation
    -. Mindfulness for stress relief.
    -. Visualization meditation for relief stress.
    Some of this technique helps to activate the body’s natural relaxation response.
    2) Second Site:
    In this website is very nice and easy to understand of how we can calm the stress, some of these technique are: laugh, connect to others, assert yourself and get active.
    3) Third Site:
    This last site has some technique of how to prevent or relief stress, but myself I found it very boring and not interesting.
    4) In my opinion, stress is part of our life in this day because life is very fast and we have to deal with this. One method that I think can adjust to me and reduce the stress could be cheaper and easy to reduce stress. All these techniques I think could adjust to my life very well.


    This website contains a lot of information on reducing, preventing, and coping with stress. It tells you to find the sources of your stress, start a stress journal, pay attention to how you currently cope with stress, and some ways to cope with it better. Things like avoiding unnecessary stress, altering situations, adapting to the stressors, accepting the things you can’t change, and more. The website is rather detailed and, I think, well written.

    This website is less in-depth than the first website, but it still has some good ideas. Meditating, breathing deeply, stopping for a moment to be in the present instead of focusing on what you have to do, reaching out to others for support, and tuning into your body.

    This website has a lot of links to different ways of coping with stress. Action-based strategies, managing performance stress, coping strategies…those sections have articles and whatnot about whatever section you’ve chosen, and looks rather in-depth and professional!

    How well any of the methods work depends on the person, but in my opinion, these are the best ideas:
    Going for a walk – Walks can be really relaxing and can give you some time to yourself. If you take a friend with you, that can be nice too, as it gives you some time to talk to someone and be social instead of concentrating on the stress in your life.

    Keep your sense of humor – Without laughter, everything seems duller, even things you’re okay with doing. If you allow yourself to have some fun and laugh and joke around, it can really help your mood.

    Get enough sleep – A lack of sleep makes everything worse. If you stay up really late, try to sleep in. If you wake up really early, try going to bed earlier. Don’t forget that sleep is very important, even if it seems to get in the way of work.

    1. I really like the last website, because in my opinion it fits best with our routines. We always say that we are stressed out about work, family, school. We never do anything about it until it’s too late. If we practice these techniques, not necessary on a daily basis, but more often than not we can reduce our daily stress. By taking a few moments out of our day to identify certain things that are stressors we can prepare ourselves and practice some of the techniques that were given as examples. Most of the techniques are very easy to follow and honestly don’t take too much time of our crazy schedule. By identifying stress and dealing with it in a positive manner we can add years to our lives.

      1. I agree with pretty much everything you said. You’re right about the fact that we never do anything about it until it’s too late. I don’t ever try to reduce or manage my stress, I just let it overwhelm me and then wonder why I’m so incredibly stressed out. Sometimes even then I just keep going without trying to actually make it better. Many people think they don’t have enough time in their lives to work on stress management, and while that may be true for a few people, a lot of stress managing techniques take very little time and can be practiced often without taking up all your time.

    I liked this site because it’s out of the norm. It gives a few unconventional tips on how to relieve your stress, Why not think outside the box or be brutally honest?
    I need to follow the tips listed here. I do actually leave the building on my lunch breaks. If I don’t “They will find me.” I agree that there is a place for humor in the workplace.
    This site is a bit crazy but I love it. It may be a printed list at my desk tomorrow. I can see myself scanning my face to my boss in the near future.
    You may look a little weird rubbing your ears or sipping water upside down but if it helps, go for it!
    I especially like the suggestion of procrastination. Make a list and don’t do a darn thing. Tis the season for making snow angels. I will totally be out there! Weather taking a long walk or taking afew deep breathes, find a way to distress. The one thing I didn’t see in these articles was to not take your work home with you. As the saying goes, “Leave it on the field”

    1. Danielle, I really liked last the site you quoted. It was very funny just reading it. I believe this to be a good read to get your mind off of the stress you may be under. Just reading it alone made me laugh and took my mind of things for the time being. I don’t think I would be hugging tress though. Another thing I don’t find myself doing is climbing a tree. That would be a disaster. Though I think I would be laughing my butt off just of the thought of me trying to climb a tree barefoot. If by chance I would try, I think I would bring a friend along so we both could laugh at ourselves. I believe that would be a good day 

    2. Danielle I believe your choices in websites for this assignment is quite great because they are informal and understandable and like Maria says the last website is a stress reducer by just reading it like laughing really hard at a joke that isn’t that funny to me is quite funny because I know people who do this stress or no stress and It makes me laugh a little, also the part about drinking water upside down makes me think a little like how does it reduce stress at all but then I realized that if anyone saw you drinking water upside down it would probably make them laugh then you would laugh then water would go out your nose which would restart the laughing train.

  8. Tips for Managing Stress
    The first website I chose has a bunch of tips for how to manage stress. There are also a ton of links that have to do with managing stress and anxiety. One of my favorite tips is accepting that there are events that you cannot control. So try to keep a positive attitude and make the best out of a bad situation.
    10 Practical Ways to Handle Stress
    The second site I chose is more of a ten step process to deal with stress. Figuring out where the stress is coming from and then finding out what you can control is a very good tip. Embracing your mistakes is also a great tip. That doesn’t mean that you can mess up on everything but don’t worry so much about being a perfectionist.
    11 Tips to Lower Stress
    The third site I chose is my favorite. It has eleven different practical tips to help reduce stress. Some of the things you may not think would be important or they are just no brainers. But not everyone knows the simple things that help with stress. Taking a nap, working out, or doing yoga are all great ways to reduce stress in your life.
    Some of my favorite tips for reducing stress are making time for hobbies or other enjoyable activities. If you have the money you can do stuff like going to a movie or getting a massage. Seeking out social support is also a great tip. Having friends and family that you can go to when your having trouble or just being around people with a positive attitude is very important.

  9. There are so many great sites chosen. Stress relief is very important! Especially around this time of year. I use laughter to deal with stress a lot. Even if I am a blubbering mess, I can laugh. It’s always good to laugh, in my opinion!

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