Week 4 Discussion – Tuesday/Thursday Class

Final Presentations

For your final project each of you will present a PowerPoint Presentation to the class.  Answer the following questions:

  • What is your topic or what topics are you considering?
  • Will your presentation be persuasive or informative? Why did you choose this method?
  • What are you using to gather information about your topic?

Remember if you use information from another source that is not something you created – you will have to give credit to the owner. Therefore, you will have a last slide named references or Works Cited where you give the author’s name and the link (if found via the web) to your source. This does not have to be in an academic format, but if you use a picture from http://www.fakesource.com/pictureofcow.jpg, it should read: Fake Source–Picture of cow: LINK HERE at the least.

  • Will you look primarily on the web for your sources, or do you have sources of your own that you will be using?
  • What type of media are you going to be using?

Read “Avoiding Common Mistakes in an Introduction” on PRES 30-31 in your PowerPoint Book.  Have you ever seen a presentation where one of these mistakes was made?  If so, explain. If not, tell us which mistake you want to avoid, and how you will prepare not to make that mistake.

First Response is due by Thursday, December 5th, 2013 by 6pm.

Second Response is due by Tuesday, December 10th by 6pm.


6 responses

  1. My topic on my PowerPoint Presentation will be on Doggy Daycares. Everyone knows that I absolutely love my dog, “Chewy” and how much he loves his Doggyland Daycare. It was actually the first idea that came to mind so now I have to put the idea in motion. I think I am going to make my presentation both informative and persuasive. I think if I were going to be presenting this if I worked for the daycare I would want people to both use our facility and see why the dogs enjoy our facility. I will be using mostly information from experience with my own doggy daycare and I will also be utilizing online resources as well. I think I might check to see if the daycare will kind of let me interview them as well. I am not sure what media I will be using. I do have plenty of pictures but no video so I think I can use their Facebook page to maybe access a couple videos. The mistake I think I would probably make is if I were to comment on how nervous about the presentation I would be. I don’t like getting up in front of groups of people unless I know them really well. And I will have to remember to be wise with my choice of humor. Everyone has a different sense of humor so that’s important to remember. I haven’t been to any real presentations so I am not sure what other mistakes not too make other than what is already in the book. I am excited to do this PowerPoint presentation so hopefully it turns out the way I want.

    1. Hi Monica
      I think that you will be fine presenting the Doggy Daycare just because you love your dog. When you are in class you talk about your baby “Chewy” with love, so is going to be interesting and fun watching your presentation. Also, will be awesome to learn about this service and see your presentation the way you will be conducting with the audience about this service. In the other hand, doesn’t be nervous conducting the presentation because your personality is very outgoing so I’m sure you will be ok. I cannot wait to see the presentation. Good luck!

    2. I was looking forward to this presentation. I’ve seen doggy day cares, but have never used one. It would have been awesome to behold!

  2. I think that my presentation is going to be about the company that I work for Starbucks. This presentation will be informative because is important that common people like me that love to drink coffee know a little bit about their product and quality. The source that I will be using is going to be directly from the corporation and the District Manager for Spokane Amanda Jones.

    1. So will you be interviewing her? That is pretty cool! What will you take from the corporation? Images? Rules? Etc?

  3. I think that doing a presentation on Starbucks will be quite interesting. I have always thought that Starbucks is such an interesting coffee shop. There seems to be so much detail when they are making your coffee. It also seems like it is a very involved process. I hear that Starbucks actually is a very good company to work for. I am curious to see in your presentation if in fact that is the case. I am not a very big fan of their coffee though, so maybe you can sell me during your presentation why I should go there and not somewhere else. I am looking forward to see what you do!

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