Professional Research – Both Classes (Week 3)

Professional Research

Preparation: Research a career of your choice on the internet.

First Response: Tell us about the career you researched. Why did you choose this job? Please provide us with the hyperlinks to three sites that you felt were the most informative on this career path. Tell us why you chose these sites. What should we know about this career? What should we think about while we read the sites you sent us to? (For example, you might research Networking jobs and then have us comment a variety of different theories of security for a company, or you could research Freelance jobs for your career, you may have us discuss why choosing to do Freelance work would be the best choice for your career. I’m looking at you, web people!) Responses should be at least 250 words.

Second Response: Please read two of your classmates’ messages. Please visit the sites that were provided for you. Now please reply to your classmate. What did you learn about this career? What questions do you have about the career? What do you have to say in response to the items that your classmate asked you to think about while reading the sites he/she sent you to. Responses should be at least 100 words.


First Response is due by Wednesday, November 20th by 6pm. (It should be 250 words.)
Second Responses (2) are due by Monday, December 2nd by 6pm. (These should be at least 100 words.)


First Response is due by Thursday, November 21st by 6pm. (It should be 250 words.)
Second responses (2) are due by Tuesday, December 3rd by 6pm. (These should be at least 100 words.)


30 responses

  1. I researched Medical Office Assistant as my career. I chose this career because it is the career that I am going to school for. The first site I would like you to visit is . I found this site informative because it gives you a great description of what a medical office assistant does on a daily basis. I am very excited about my career choice and where it will lead me. This site also has several other links to relative articles. The research is almost endless.
    The next site to visit is . I found this site helpful and informative because it gives federal statistics on my career choice. I encourage you visit the information tabs. This site was additionally helpful because it gave extra stats on income, job growth and similar occupations. All of these aspects are very important while choosing a new career. I want to know that I will have a stable income, that my career is in demand, and that I will have growth potential if I choose.
    I also enjoyed this link . It is a quick tool with an extreme matter of fact result. I think some will be surprised to see the information in such a manner.

    1. It looks like you know what you’re getting into in this job field the current outlook has raised 31% in the last few years, which is awesome considering our economy now a days. Based off the sites you gave us to look at it seems that you only need a high school diploma to get an entry level job in this field, since you will have a college degree in this field would you think that you could go out for a higher position right away? All in all I think that you found a lot of great information on the jobs you want to obtain which is the best place to start.

    2. I enjoyed your second website the most because it seemed to give very good federal stats. I agree, it is very important to know that your job is in demand and what you could make if you were to go anywhere and do this profession. The third website was very helpful. It shows what you need to make to take care of a family of two or a family of four. I also like the fact that it tells you how to get assistance if you might need to take care of your family and maybe the best way to do it even if you don’t want to ask.

  2. The career I chose to research was medical office assistant. I chose this career because I will be starting the MOA program next semester and the reason why I am going to school. I am hoping to further my career in the administrative field. Having had an administrative job in the past I decided to get back into it. Unfortunately, the programs I learned back then are no longer around. So therefore I must learn start from the bottom. One of the first links I looked at was I liked this because it gave the pros and cons of the medical office assistant field. It also included the job overview and how to stand out. Another thing that caught my eye was the information regarding education options and skills. It’s good to know that I have chosen the right path in furthering my knowledge and learning the proper skills required. The next website I found helpful is In this site it gives the definition of medical administrators and what type of training is required. Another great piece of information to know was where the training can lead, what skills should a medical administrator have. It also shows related careers and articles that can be helpful on your career path. The third site I chose is . As with the other sites it gives you an outlook on the medical office assistant career . What really stood out in this one is prospects of the career. According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), medical assistants will enjoy an employment increase of 31 percent from 2010 to 2020. That is an awesome forecast for us all choosing this field!

    1. I really liked the first site you choose to post getting the pros and cons of anything is always a great start, I tried to find a pros and cons list in my career choice but I was unsuccessful. I never really know what is was that a Medical Admin actually did so I found the second site you posted very informative, you will have to get to know other programs that the office may use that differ from what you have already learned. Do you think that you will have a problem learning different programs that they may use in certain offices?

  3. When is did the research for this job field I just typed in Web Design jobs into Google and it came out with a lot of sites that were offering jobs in the field. But I did find an article that was about the ten best places to look for web design jobs and I figured that was a good place to start since I’ll have to find the job first. I choose this job because it directly relates to what I’m going to school for and this particular site had a lot of good information that was straight to the point. The second site I found was about the responsibilities of a front-end web designer which included having knowledge of HTLM and CSS coding and a strong focus on creating mobile apps and web sites. All in all there was good information in this site but is wasn’t very extensive. The last site I looked at had a lot more information and it was more about entry level web design as a whole. It had information about where you could get education in the web design field, any software skills that you are required to have to be a Web Designer, job duties, and the salary you would expect. The job duties for a entry level designer range from building and maintain web sites to fixing and trouble shooting them. It also stated that the web design field it growing at a steady pace with 22% in growth over the past ten years, which is good. Entry level web designers can expect to start at about $45,000 a year and top out at over $100,000 a year.

    1. Well from the websites that you have provided Austin I have learned about what it takes to become a web developer like the responsibility’s and the requirements like you said HTML and CSS programing is needed which like my job means programing is required. I have also noticed that the website that says where to find the top ten job points out like quite popular places to look at, like coroflot shows lots of pictures and ideas to show off on a website and then there’s authentic jobs that shows what jobs to go for. All in All I feel like you did a good job researching your job.

    2. Austin, from your blog and the websites you chose I learned a lot about what it takes to get into the web design field and what the job’s would be like. I know a little about web design and I’ve done some HTML before, especially when people still used Myspace. I thought it was interesting that the web design field is growing so quickly. 22% over the past ten years is a lot, especially when most other jobs aren’t growing but decreasing. I also didn’t realize that the starting pay is so high. I guess that’s why you chose to go into web design. I did notice some typo’s in your post though. You should really proof read what you write.

  4. The career I chose was computer repair technician; because this is the field I plan on going into. Computer repair technicians work on, shockingly enough, computers. They assess, repair, maintain and troubleshoot computers for both companies, and individuals. Job duties can include examining and repairing computer hardware and peripheral components, testing functionality, assessing, and troubleshooting operating system malfunctions, disassembling and reassembling computers, working with colleagues to resolve computer-related problems.

    As a computer repair technician, you won’t be working with the public on a regular basis, although you may be working near customers, or with clients or supervisors to help meet their computer repair needs, so you need to know good customer service techniques. Other skills needed include knowledge of computer parts, mathematics, written, and oral expression, reading comprehension, oral comprehension, organization and manual dexterity as well as critical analysis and complex problem solving.

    Environmental demands include location, as you may be working in a shop, at a company or in someone’s home, lighting, work hours, movement, hygiene.

    Computer repair techs usually work on 4 different styles of electronics;
    • Desktop computers
    • Laptop computers
    • Server computers
    • Tablets, mobile phones, and other mobile media systems

    Most computer repair technicians have either an associate’s degree or a certificate verifying that they have the knowledge and skills to complete the job adequately and on time. One such certificate is the Comptia A+ certification. In order to get this certificate you need to pass two tests, one based mostly on software application and troubleshooting, and the other based mostly on physical repair and replacement.

    1. The first website you chose was very good at describing the definition of what career choice you picked. The overview of the job was detailed and very informative. I really like how the outline was organized and easy to understand of what the job entailed and how it prepares you of what to expect. It’s interesting to know that repair and maintenance technicians can work in a variety of industries. It’s good to know that there are a variety of places and that you can also be self-employed and own a store or work from home. In the second site was short but to the point. At least it entailed how much a computer repair technician would be making and listed the education and job skills requirements. The future of computer repair technicians isn’t that good according to this site. Maybe you should look into a different career.

    2. Will, I thought your post was very thorough and well written. I realize that most computer repair jobs are very private and you won’t have to work with the public but not all jobs are like that. Some positions may include talking customers through the repairs themselves. I agree with you that a lot of computer techs have associates degrees or certifications but there are also a vast majority of people that are self-taught and have never taken classes before. I thought the web sites you chose were very informative but I would have liked to see a site that explained what the job would be like. There was a lot of information on the skills you need and the stuff you would be doing but I didn’t see anything about specific jobs. Like what kind of pay should you expect, how long do most people stay at a job, and how quickly is the job market growing (if at all).

  5. The career I researched was computer programming, I chose computer programing because low and behold I like computers and I like how they work and for the fact that video games are also programed so two birds with one stone even though they are programmed differently they are both programed which I like to code and work with computers. I chose these sites because each of them all talk about what a programmer does but more importantly how much he makes. I just kidding they talk a lot about what and how a programmer does in his everyday life on the job. Also each of them tells the requirements for the job and how much education you need. While you read the sites that I have posted think about how much fun it would be to program computers and how much you could make if you were good at your job. I would chose this job because it best suits my life style I get to work with computers for my job which I said before is my favorite thing and I wouldn’t have to do too much human interaction as most job where you have to have conversations to make money. Also computer programming is my choice because I wanted to know the ends and outs of computers and laptops, to figure out how they work so this job would complete my goal by letting me work the ends and outs of different computers and software’s. this is why I want to choose to work as a computer programmer.

    1. The websites that you chose were very informative. They all were good with the details of the job description, education requirements and the salary. According to all three sites, they claim that the number of computer programmers nationwide should expand by 12% between 2010 and 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That’s not a very high number. Also, job growth for computer programmers in the United States will be somewhat limited by the fact that programming can be done from anywhere. But it’s good to know that the continuing growth of the computer software business should translate into enough jobs for both overseas and American workers, according to the BLS. Good luck with your career choice.

    2. i was never a programming kinda guy, never really into that sort of thing. i like fixing things though, and i wasnt aware that it’s possible to repair some defects on the developer-lvl, so that was interesting. computer programmers get a good salary too dont they? computer repair doesnt pay nearly that good haha. while i could probably not do it, it does seem pretty fun to watch things comes to life like that.

  6. So for my career I chose a waterslide tester. Now you may ask yourself why I chose this career…..well….why not? This sounds like the most amazing job in the entire planet. You get to travel around the world testing the best and worst water slides. I wish you all could see the ginormous smile on my face right now. I chose these three sites because each one has a little different information on what the job is and how you could obtain a job like this. For instance, this site goes into what a water slide tester actually does. I thought the name was pretty self-explanatory though. this site goes into a little more detail and explains how you could obtain the most amazing job in the history of humans. It even goes into the training involved in becoming a water slide tester. this site has a brief overview and goes into the people that were actually hired for this position. I think this all was very interesting. I love the career I’m shooting for now but if I had a chance to travel around the world and ride water slides all day; I would jump at it in a heartbeat.
    So basically a water slide tester travels around the globe testing water slides. You need to be reliable and trustworthy. Your testing to see if the water slides are fun and safe and your mistake could harm someone else. So there is some stress on your shoulders, but what an amazingly fun job.

    1. Ok, at first glance my choice of words can be summed up with WTH? I did however keep an open mind give it a chance and take a further look. I can’t actually believe there is substantial information on this job. The sites you chose did give salary and education information. It doesn’t make much but how much fun would it be right? I did love the educational pie chart on the first site. It makes sense that you would need some sort of degree. You need several skills to present and write a professional report. “That was cool” probably wouldn’t cover it. You would also need to speak other languages if you were traveling abroad. Whatever actual career path you take, keep your imagination. It should be a skill listed on your resume.

    2. Jon do you honestly want to go to interface to become a waterslide tester …. Even though I know you choose this job because you thought it would be fun over realistic choices that you have talked about. The fact that you found three websites with actual information is quite impressive great job by the way, the inside job website talks about your salary and what it requires to become, heck for that amount of money I would become a waterslide tester and have a computer job also just because the fact it would be a fun job and pays great for just having to ride waterslides over and over again.

    3. that would be a really fun job, and to be honest, i would absolutely love it. it would be really fun to go around the world like that, but im not a huge fan of paperwork lol not sure if i could write a report on how a waterslide was beyond something such as “man that was wicked!” to be perfectly honest i never thought a job such as this even existed. kinda makes me wonder what other jobs might not be all that known. still, i salute you sir, for teaching me something new, and another large sum of money i’ll probably not make for a long time haha

    4. Obviously that isn’t what you’re going to Interface for, but nonetheless I think the job sounds pretty awesome, albeit rather terrifying for those with a fear of heights. All of the articles you chose were rather educational and explained the job and how to get it and whatnot fairly well, so good job on your researching! While it makes sense, I guess I never really imagined a waterslide tester being an actual job. It isn’t surprising how much you need to get into the career, since you need to make sure everything is safe! Nice career choice, even if that’s not what you’re going into.

    5. I think that the best website is the #2 because give a good explanation and very easy to understand what a Water Slide Tester does. Also give the job overview, education and training. I never thought about this job ever. When I was reading your Blog and felt excited about this job how fun should be for a person that like waterslides and of course to travel around the world where you can meet another people, culture, food and why not learn another language. I just think is great. Just keep on mind that this job also beside the fun safety is the rule #1 because people will be trusting on you.

    6. I thought it was interesting that you decided to research waterslide tester. I honestly can say I had never heard of that before so I thought it would be worth checking out. I did realize that it was actually a real thing. I guess someone has to make sure they are safe and more importantly, tons of fun! The second website I thought had a little more info on what you would need to do to be a good waterslide tester. It also is pretty neat that you can travel the globe doing an amazing fun job! Where do I sign up?

  7. The job I chose was a web designing job, as that is what I will be going into and that is what I’ll be learning how to do in Interface later on. When I search for web design jobs, many results came up regarding available ones, as well as a lot of websites regarding descriptions of what a web designer should know and whatnot.
    This website has a cool graphic at the top and also lists ten great places to find web design jobs. It mentions that most good jobs are listed online as opposed to papers and such. A few of the places it mentions are CrunchBoard, Yahoo Hot Jobs, and Coroflot.
    This website talks about some of the required education and software skills that web designers need. It also mentions the salary and the fact that web designing is expected to see 22% growth in web designing jobs between 2010 and 2020.
    This is a Wikipedia entry about web design and covers quite a lot of information on web designing.

    The keywords that I used for searching were ‘web design’ and ‘web designing jobs’ and ‘web design jobs’. If I do go into web design like I plan to, I will probably freelance. The pros to freelancing include the fact that I can choose how to advertise myself, work from home, and I don’t have to work for an actual company, which doesn’t appeal to me. There are cons of course, but that’s all right.

    1. I really liked the first article you chose. I did not realize all of the things that were involved in web design. I clicked on the Inspiration link and had a great time looking through the Conceptual Photos of Everyday Objects, Combined with Whimsical Drawings by Javier Perez. I think it would be great idea to use these skills, even in interior design. I realize working for a company doesn’t appeal to you. It still would be a good experience to get out there and work with others and develop you interaction skills. I know in this age of technology it may seem so but in my opinion , a computer can’t help you “network”. Many times a job or opportunity is only passed on by word of mouth

      1. Regarding your opinion that computers can’t help you network, I’d have to say I disagree. So long as you’re good and know how to advertise what you’re doing, the internet is an excellent tool for that sort of thing. Just because it isn’t outside of the computer doesn’t mean word of mouth can’t pass around. That’s how memes and various websites and other viral things go viral; word of mouth. To some it may seem that that mostly applies to stupid jokes and adorable things, but it applies to art as well, and web design is an art that is specifically made for the internet. I’ve seen web layouts become popular only from word of mouth, so I know that it happens, though it may be more difficult. Nonetheless I do not think I’ll require a job at a company. But thank you for mentioning it and telling me your opinion!

    2. Do you know what any of the cons are?

    I decided to research sports broadcasting since that is something I always wanted to do when I was little and married young and never went on to pursue my dream. I think that I am too old now to pursue that kind of dream and the older I’ve gotten I don’t think I would like being on television. This first website I found I thought was informative on the requirements to get into this profession. It tells you what degrees you need to have and breaks it down into degrees, experience and key skills. It also gives you a list of the best schools to go too.
    This website described very well the duties as a sports broadcaster. It also explains that only 90 colleges and universities offer degrees in broadcasting. I thought that number would be higher. It also gives you a list of the preferred schools. What was really nice was the average wage of a broadcaster was much lower than I had originally thought. All of this makes me sad, because I realize I was making really, (really) good money with my job for the last 11 years and thinking maybe that job wasn’t so bad after all.
    The last website had the setup where it had premade questions that you might ask when deciding to become a sports broadcaster. But it was very basic and didn’t really elaborate on the questions asked. I would not recommend this website to anyone with questions regarding broadcasting.

    1. Hi Monica:
      I think that the website is very good in my opinion gives a lot of information about a job as Sport Broadcaster, where you can work in collegiate and professional level. At the same time, you can work in local station where ever you live which is very good because you don’t have to travel if you have a family to take care of. The only thing that I see is that they request a 4 years program which is a little bit longer that you expect but not impossible. Anyone can reach their dreams if they really want to, so if you really want to be Sports Broadcaster you should go for. In these days all professional field requires Bachelor Degree because is very competitive.

    2. I don’t think you are too old to be a sports broadcaster; you are never too old to go after your dreams. Take a minute, sometime this week, to check out the men and women of sportscasting; most are past their prime. You are beautiful and have a wonderful presence. I think you’d do very well in that career, if you ever decided to go that direction.

  9. I chose to be Medical Assistant because I love to help people that was my dream a long time ago. My dream was to became a physician when I was 20 years old, but sometimes life goes to another direction, but here I am trying to reach my dream and work in the medical field as MA.
    The first site I visited was:
    In this site I found it very interesting because give the description of the job, shift and experience, but that was it. So I think that was ok but not very helpful.
    The second site that I found was: assistant
    In this one was helpful because also give me details of the jobs, hours and shifts. I think was very basic. I wouldn’t recommend that site. In my opinion there are more site that we can search.
    The last one was:
    I like very much this site for searching for job, because give you the information that we are looking for such as: About the employer (who are they), description, qualifications, experience, job location, shift paid hours and paid hours per week. In my opinion I found this site as the best have everything we need when we are looking for a job, I highly recommended.

    1. Do you think you will continue your education when you are done here? If so, will you try to reach for the doctorate? Which type of doctor did you want to be?

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