Tues/Thurs Week 1 Discussion


Preparation: Knowing yourself.
First Response: Welcome to Interface! What do you want to be when you grow up? What are you hoping to be when you leave here? Did you know that recent studies have shown that most people change careers at least 4 times in their lives? Could you envision yourself doing something else? Becoming a CEO? Flying an airplane?

Have you gone to school before? Where? How long ago? (If you want to disclose that information!) Then tell us something about yourself that we couldn’t guess just by looking at you. Why did you love high school? Did you? DID YOU?!

Second Response: Please read some of your classmates’ responses and reply to them. Engage them in a conversation about their interests and yours.

First response is due by the end of class on Thursday. Second responses (2) are due by Tuesday, 11/12/2013 by 6pm (before the start of class.) You can respond to me. For this post, there is no necessary word count, but future blog discussions will have word counts (for instance, it will say your initial response must be 200 words and your replies have to be 100 words, or something of that nature.)


9 responses

  1. I always wanted to be an actress, actually. Until I was in high school and realized I didn’t want to go to a bunch of auditions, work in community theatre, or move to Los Angeles. At the time, I was also writing. I have been writing since I was a wee child. I remember, clearly, writing a poem about Mr. Magoo Mr. Magoo when I was in first or second grade. It seemed very long, it covered many pages, but it could have just done that because I wrote using huge, awkward letters. I thought it was funny and one of the best poems I had ever seen. I wrote a lot of poetry in high school too. One of them ended like this: All the open doors closed, and I cried my last cry. Love is like a rose, it always seems to die. Can you guess why I wrote that? That’s right. It was a break up. It wasn’t a good poem—most of my early poetry isn’t good at all. But that’s what learning is about.

    Learning is about trying and trying and trying until you are at least OK at what you are doing. No one (well, most people) can pick up on something the first time they try it and be wonderful at it. Some people may be able to, I guess, but most of us are not prodigies and have to work with what we have. Software programs are like that. You can start using it one day and feel like there is no way you could ever become proficient at it, and before you know it, it’s so easy! You may not know *all* there is to know about PowerPoint by the time these six weeks are up, but you will know more than the average user.

    One thing about me that you wouldn’t know just by looking at me is that I love to use alliteration. Do you know what alliteration is? It is when you use the same sounds at the beginnings of your words. For instance:

    The dog deviled the delightful daddy long-legs. It’s dangling legs dipped and darted away from the dog’s nose.

    That was alliteration. Don’t even get me started on consonance! 🙂

    1. Dawn,
      You crack me up, seriously! I honestly have never even heard of alliteration before. Maybe I have, just never knew what it meant. I think that you would make a great actress or maybe even a Broadway performer. I think you would be good on a stage because it seems you would have the stage presence to be a noble actress. Poetry is one of my favorite things to read in my downtime, but I am terrible at it! Writing in school was probably one of my least favorite subjects in school. I didn’t mind English, just didn’t like the writing part of it. But maybe I could give it another shot? Who knows?

  2. I always wanted to be a sports broadcaster when I grew up. I have always been a “Daddy’s girl” and a tomboy growing up so I have been around sports my whole life. I thought what can be better than being on television, meeting famous athletes and getting paid for it, not to mention traveling around the world at the same time. I am eager that by the time I leave here, I will have graduated as a medical assistant hopefully with one step closer to working in a doctor’s office. Since I am getting kind of old, this with any luck, will be my last career until I am able to retire (not that that will ever happen). I have learned over the years that helping people is my greatest joy so I don’t envision doing anything else now.
    I have not gone to any type of college before so this is my first go around. I don’t think that you can tell by looking at me but I am an accomplished musician and have been playing mandolin for years. I have performed all over the United States, including Disney World and even Croatia. I didn’t really love high school, in fact I thought of it as more of a chore than anything. I always got really good grades but was happy for it to be over. That’s probably why I am now in college at this age.

    1. Have you really been playing the mandolin for years? You should do your powerpoint presentation on your accomplishments! 🙂

  3. I want to become Medical Assistant and that is why I chose Interface College. I studied at Spokane Community College for three years. Did pre-requisites for Radiology Tech, and apply for Noninvasive Cardiovascular where I did two quarters, didn’t like it and again change my career for MA.
    I am original from Caracas Venezuela, came to the United States in December 2004. I am married, and have 3 children. Currently I am working at Starbucks at the Airport in the morning and going to school at Interface at night, is very hard doing this, but I’m sure I will manage and finally graduate very soon.

    1. I am sure you will do great at Interface. You sound like a hard worker, and you know what you want. You also seem to be the type of person who gets what she wants, no matter how hard it will be. I am happy to have you in my class and look forward to seeing you each day!

  4. Welcome to class Michelle! It’s been great to have another gal in class this time around. I didn’t mind the boys but sometimes they were a little boring. Anyways, I think your decision to come back to school and pursue your education is a wonderful idea! It seems overwhelming at first, but in the next couple weeks you will totally start to get the hang of it. Working those early hours and going to school would be pretty tough, I can imagine but once you are on the routine, it will work out! Again, welcome to Interface and good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Monica for your welcome, I am glad to be in class again as well. Learning and new things and keeping up with technology is one of my goals. Also, I feel fortunate that Dawn is our teacher because when you start new class one of our fears as student is to know if the teacher is good. I have to say that I feel little connected with her because her husband is Hispanic so probably she understand my culture. Thus, going back to school at night is hard especially when work is at 3:30 am, and the days that I have class I only sleep 4 hours. Hopefully, I will arrange my schedule and get on board again with the books. Thank you again Monica for all your help, it really means a lot to me.
      By the way, I didn’t show up on Monday night because is my birthday and my husband and daughter have a surprise for me that night. So, thanks for the good wishes and the welcome to Interface

      1. Happy Birthday! 🙂

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