GoodBye! (Tues/Thurs Class) Week 6 Discussion

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye…

First Response: Please list your classmates by name and tell each one of them individually what you appreciated about them or learned from them. goodbyeThen tell us what you wish for those who are moving onto their 2nd semesters. And share with those who are returning to Core for the 2nd Module some advice for the course.

Second Responses: Please read at least two of your classmates’ answers. Please comment on their messages. Have fun with these!

First Response is due by Thursday, October 31st by 6pm.

Second (at least 2) responses are due by Tuesday, November 5th, by 6pm –even if you are finished with Core.


13 responses

  1. Jason…what a treat you have been in class. Just kidding, it’s been great to be in class with you. It actually has been a lot of fun working with you. I know I ask quite a few questions, so thank you for being patient with me. I know it’s not always easy. You are probably excited to be finished with Core and I know you will do just great. Keep up the good work!
    Slavic, I have enjoyed being in class with you. You were pretty quiet in the beginning of class so I wasn’t too sure that we would hit it off (I am kind of obnoxious and loud at times I know). The newsletter was a lot of fun to work on with you guys. Congratulations again on your wedding! If you decide to take a break after this semester, I hope it gives you some time to relax and come back with a fresh mind.
    It will be weird to move on to a new class without you two in it, I hope the next class (if there is on) is as much fun as this one has been with you guys. Good luck with your next semester and hope to see you both at school!

    1. Since this is my last blog response, I’m going to do this once; you are all obviously done with me? I didn’t mean to be that bad. I will miss everyone and the every other day interaction. I wish everyone the best in LIFE and maybe we’ll chat in the hallway GOOD LUCK.

  2. Starting May 15, 2013 / there were three
    Slavic – Well you and I started this a little over five months ago along with Jamie, she left never to return. But we stuck it out lord knows I thought about taking a leave because it was too much too fast. Now we will be moving on to the next step in our assent to the top of our ultimate goals. You will do well in the next course you have very strong work and study skills not to mention your aptitude to learn. I will miss joking with you and laughing at Dawn (Toner is low). Best of luck in the next chapter of your future and I’ll see you in the lab.
    Moving on to Monica/the new addition

    Monica – What can I say, it’s only been a couple of months since you joined Slavic, Dawn, and I we’ve had some good laughs and fun times working together. I hope you get new fellow students that are as much fun; I know Dawn is looking forward to new students (maybe). If you thought word was fun you’re going to love Power Point, just pay attention to when it comes to Rehearsing Timings. I will say in the short few months I learned a lot about you and your true love in life – Cheewie and of course Ricky with whom you don’t share the cookies.
    Thank you all I will miss everyone and the daily updates about kids, spouses, and beloved pets.

    1. Jason- I love the picture of Chewy on there! It looks so much like him. I guess I do talk about him a lot and Ricky. What can I say? They are my two loves. And I promise I shared the last batch of cookies. I hope that my next “classmate” is as much fun as you guys have been. Thanks for the advice on Power Point and the upcoming courses. I hope Dawn can stay patient with me. I am excited that you guys get to move on to your next chapter here at school. Good luck and I’m sure I will see you around!

    2. Honestly Jason, it was really great to have been with you in class. It was never boring. We had plenty of fun! By the sound of things, our class seemed a lot more entertaining and fun, than the class next door.We will definitely see each other around at school no doubt! Wish you all the best in school, life, and family.

    3. Jason,

      You have made a huge improvement over these 12 weeks and I hope that you will continue to strive in your next classes. I hear that Bob has everything on First Class, so you may need to sharpen your e-mail checking skills on there! 🙂 I know you will do great. I don’t care what anyone says, you are one smart guy, and I will miss having your snarkiness and your movie references that only I get in my class. Have a great christmas!

  3. Monica- yes I am quiet when I’m around new people, I hate it. I am trying to get better at that =). It has been great having you in class with us. I don’t I could have handled Jason all by myself. Well with Dawn. And about you asking so many questions is totally fine! I mean that is why you came to school in the first place, to learn, and you do that by asking questions on things you don’t understand. The only stupid question is the one left unasked. Yes I am definitely looking forward to my break! I wish you all the best in your semester to come! Hope everything works out in you favor!

    Jason Jason Jason… It’s a surprise to me on how fast we have been through these 6 months! It feels as if we have just started no too long ago. We had plenty of good laughs together! I hope when I come back that I will have someone like you in the class to laugh with so the time here won’t be too boring! You have gone a long ways since we just started so keep up the great work and you will do just great in your courses to come! I still think about that one day you were talking about “you people”… cracks me up!

    1. Since this is my last blog response, I’m going to do this once; you are all obviously done with me? I didn’t mean to be that bad. I will miss everyone and the every other day interaction. I wish everyone the best in LIFE and maybe we’ll chat in the hallway GOOD LUCK.

  4. Slavic- You definitely are breaking out of your shell. It usually takes me a little time and then I basically never shut up, so just be thankful you are that quiet =-) And Jason is quite the handful so it was nice to have someone to share that burden with. The week you were gone was torture, just kidding Jason. In all seriousness though, it was great working with you and thanks for helping with all my questions. You are going to have a nice break and come back and kick butt in your next semester. Maybe we will even be in the same class? Good Luck with everything!!

    1. Haha would much rather be talkative than sitting there all quiet, but thank you! I’m sure you all had a great time without me! I know I did 🙂 no offense. I’m not taking as long of a break as I thought I would so we woun’t be in class together, But we will see each other around I’m sure! Good luck with the rest of your Core programs! Ask questions when your stuck, and don’t get behind! I have no doubt that you will do great!

    2. Monica, I am so happy you are staying in my class and it isn’t being canceled. I look forward to spending 12 more weeks with you. 🙂

  5. Dawn, thank you so much for all you have taught us! You are by far the best instructor I have had! I admire your sense of humor you have! It has made class interesting and for me, a great place to be! Thanks for all the help you gave us and the patience you had with us! I hope the next batch of students won’t give you too hard of a time 🙂 especially Monica 🙂 It was a great to be in your class and to have been your student! Wish you all the best for you and your family!

    1. Ahh Slavic, you made me tear up! No fair! I’ll miss you too. You will need to keep me updated on the …um… news you told me today! I hope you have a wonderful winter and that summer brings you joy 🙂 You have been a wonderful student, and I will miss having you in class.

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