Week 4 Discussion: Both Classes

Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY)

Preparation: Please review the TMAY on the website in the Professional Development section (there is even a link on the discussion board).

First Response: What does TMAY stand for? What are the main parts? Now type up your TMAY. If you’ve already done one, redo it. What did you do differently? What did you add? What did you take out? Why? (Only for 2nd Mod Students–Danielle, Jason, Slavic, and Maria). Responses should be at least 250 words.

Second Response: Read two of your classmates responses. If you were a perspective employer, what questions would you have about their work history? Why? What would you be impressed by in their TMAY? Why? What skills does this person have? Is he/she selling these skills with his/her TMAY? What types of interview questions might this person anticipate in an interview, base on the information he/she provided in his/her TMAY. For example, he said, “I am proficient in Word”. You might ask the question, “Which version of Word and are your Microsoft Certified?” Responses should be at least 100 words.


First response is due on Wednesday, October 16th by 6pm.
Second Responses (2) are due on Monday, October 21st by 6pm.


First response is due on Thursday, October 17th by 6pm.
Second (2) responses are due on Tuesday, October 22nd by 6pm.


30 responses

  1. TMAY stands for “tell me about yourself.” When you are applying for a job this is what a prospective employer will ask when you start an interview. They are not really asking to hear your life story it is more of what soft and hard skills you have. First you want to get into your past meaning, what type of education or volunteer work you have done or what you are studying at that moment. Next would be the present, this would be where you are currently working and or going to school. They want to hear about any certifications you may have gotten or about any skills you can bring to the workplace. Then it is time to show off your portfolio, remember to talk about every piece in detail and try not to skip over anything.

    My name is Austin Graham I am currently working a full time at Twigs and am going to school for Web design at Interface College of Spokane. I am working on getting my Microsoft Certification and hope to continue on to the second semester. For the second semester I will be taking a course in Dreamweaver that I am really excited about. I cannot wait to use and study this program I think there is a lot you can do with it. I’m not sure if I am willing to move for a job it would all depend on how much the job paid before I make any rash decisions. I would like to work my way up in the company if possible. I’m always willing to learn new things and am looking for better opportunities all the time.

    1. You mentioned that you were working on getting your Microsoft Certifications but you didn’t mention any, which ones are you getting?
      You say that you can’t wait for second semester because you’re doing Dreamweaver and said your excited, and that there’s a lot you can do with it, does that mean there’s not much you can do with Microsoft Certifications?
      Also you mention some hard skills but didn’t say much about your soft skills, what are some of the soft skills do you have?
      Also what other hard skills besides the one that your about to gain in Interface?
      I as the business guy i’m spouse to act like, i like how you are wiling to work your way up.

    2. I have read the word HOPE or HOPING in a few responses. I would never use the word hope. I would use plan or working towards etc. The word hope sounds like you are leaving it up to someone else. It’s all YOU! What soft skills have you learned by working at Twigs? Have you learned to handle high pressure and fast paced environment? Do you work with a group well? I agree with Calvin on expanding on your certifications. The statements “I think”, “not sure”, and “if possible” should be modified. If you are not confident in what you’re selling (YOU), the interviewer will know.

      1. Nice, Danielle. I agree. “Hope” makes it seem like it isn’t something you are currently working toward, but something you “hope” will fall into your lap. Nice catch on the iffy wording as well.

    3. I don’t think you named any of your soft skills, which I know you have. You should of gone into detail more about your work at twigs and your past work history. Also I think you could have said a little more about what you’ve already learned going to interface. I also agree with Danielle, don’t use the word “hope”. I may have used it to but its really good advice. Like I said to Calvin, be confident in yourself. Confidence in yourself, your soft skills, and your hard skills is a big part of why an employer would hire you. They want someone who knows what they are doing and are good at what they do.

  2. TMAY stands for Tell Me About Yourself. It is the first question that almost every interview will start with. The thing is it really isn’t about telling personal things about you. (As I first thought) It is to tell the potential employer how your soft and hard skills will help their company.
    This is my first draft of my TMAY:
    I was born in CDA Id but I have grown up here in Spokane. I chose to pursue the job field directly after high school. I have only been employed by two companies in the same industry for the past 17 years. My department has YTD increased total sales by 52% over last year. I am thankful for my experience in customer service and management. Now, I am excited about pursuing a change. My younger brother opened my eyes to the opportunity of going to college. I have been attending Interface College for a few months. I plan on graduating in September 2014 with four Microsoft Office certifications and a CMAA certification. I am confident with the skills I have learned so far and I am excited about my new career path.

    My introduction greeting. I chose to pursue the job field directly after high school. I have been employed by two companies in the same industry for the past 17 years. Insert skills & portfolio here. I am thankful for my experience in customer service and management. Now, I am excited about pursuing a change. My younger brother opened my eyes to the opportunity of furthering my education. I have been attending Interface College of Spokane for a few months. I plan on graduating in September 2014 with four Microsoft Office certifications and a Medical Office Administration certification. I am confident with the skills I have learned so far and I am excited about my new career path.
    I am still deciding on my introduction greeting and refining my skills and portfolio presentation.

    1. What companies did you work for? A raise in sales of 52% that is awesome you sound like you know how to talk to people. Do you think that this experience will help in your new career field? What other soft skills do you have? What about hard skills? Do you think this career will do for your future? Are you willing to relocate if required? I really like the fact that you have only had two different jobs in seventeen years that shows that you are not a job hopper, every employer is looking for people to be lifelong employees.

  3. mariaortizcaleroics

    TMAY stands for Tell Me about Yourself. This is the most common interview question, and you can expect to be asked it. What it entails is your Past, Present, Portfolio, and Future. This does not mean tell them about your childhood and should not be too personal. What I changed about my TMAY was that I emphasized on my acquired skills through my past employments which I did not include in my first one. I left out some personal information that is not necessary to include. My TMAY: I grew up in San Diego, CA and moved here 13 years ago. Throughout my various customer service jobs I performed duties such as scheduling appointments, assisting unsatisfied customers on a professional level and resolved problems or concerns. I also processed legal documentations, typed and/or composed correspondence, brief reports and administrative projects. I also operated a multi-line phone system efficiently and recorded phone messages when clients preferred not to use voicemail. In my current position I obtained skills in preparing weekly work schedules for employees, handling inventory control and ordering supplies needed. Part of my responsibilities is also to make sure everything is ready for the next shift. I have developed very good time management skills due the fast paced environment. I have also learned through my current employment money handling skills, like how to balance out a cash drawer, make daily deposits and customer transactions such as cash, check or credit card. I am a quick learner and work well with others or independently. I am confident with the skills I have obtained through my past employments and believe that they will help me accomplish what is expected of me. I am currently attending Interface College to further my skills in the administrative field to further my career.

    1. Nice TMAY! If I were to offer some advice, however, I would mention that you seem to have left out much of the ‘future’ aspect of TMAY. After all, TMAY is all about past, present, future, and portfolio. You listed a lot of things you’ve done in the past and briefly mentioned that you’re currently going to Interface to further your skills in order to further your career, but the mention of furthering your career was the only mention of the future that I really noticed! Perhaps adding some things you’d like to do or where you’d like to end up career-wise would be a good idea?

  4. TMAY is Tell Me About Yourself. This is a speech like thing you are normally asked during an interview. But this is not a life story question this is what kind of skills in the field do you have like hard skills, like i have word 2010 certification and then soft skills as in i work well in groups . Personally i have many hard skills like i know how to use most basic computer programs from Microsoft and i know how to remove an entire computer and replace anything and everything in it and still have it running. But my soft skills are lacking quite a bit, i’ve never worked in groups well because when it comes to groups, its not that i dont trust anyone in my group i just wanna make sure if any were to bail on me to have their part covered for the most part. I don’t talk to people well, i just dont like anybody most of the time based off of how my life has gone im normally the only person i could trust whenever anything was the issue i solved it on my own. that would be why my soft skill are lacking quite a bit, mostly because of my choice but a little bit about things that i’ve gone through. That’s why i’m going through Interface because they are going to help me get over this hump of self pity and self protection from others. More or less to get me through my issues to become the better me that i know i could be.

    1. I very much identify with the fact that you don’t have many soft skills. I have a few but I am also bad at working in groups and talking to others, for a few various reasons. However I’m not sure that’s something you’d want to mention in a TMAY? Maybe just list whatever soft skills you do have or something, otherwise they may not be all that interested in you? Also be sure to mention more of your plans for the future and what you’re currently doing to work at it (though I suppose you did mention that you’re going to Interface, at least). You seem to have the past part down okay since you did mention you’ve worked a lot with computers and whatnot, though!

    2. If I could give any advice it would be to not be so negative. You do have a lot of soft skills, you just don’t realize them. It’s good that you mentioned that your going to interface and that your confident in your hard skills. Confidence is a MUST in the Tell Me About Yourself. If your not confident in your skills I don’t think an employer would be as inclined to higher you. It’s also good that you’ve recognized that your lacking a little in your soft skills and are trying to gain some. Interface is a good place for that. It’s small classes where you feel more comfortable conversing with others.

    3. I would not mention the negatives in a TMAY. Instead of saying you don’t work well in groups, mention that you like to take charge in groups and insure that the work is done correctly and on time (which is how it sounds to me).

  5. TMAY stands for Tell Me About Yourself. The main parts of TMAY are the Past, Present, Future, and Portfolio. It should be professional and centered around hard skills and soft skills, as opposed to more personal items of conversations such as childhood and whatnot. Past should be about your past education and past employment, as well as whatever experience you’ve obtained in the past. Present should be about where you are currently working or studying. Future should be where you plan to head and any other future plans you have concerning studies and employment.

    My name is Yvonne Olmo and I am nineteen years old. While I don’t have any past employment, I do have a lot of experience in Word, Dreamweaver, Powerpoint, various art programs (such as Adobe Photoshop, FireAlpaca, and Paint Tool Sai), some experience working with Access, Excel, and HTML, and a little experience in Flash and CSS.

    Presently I am attending Interface College for Web Design and I am working on obtaining certifications for Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint. I am also currently working on my artwork and am hoping to improve on my anatomy as well as style.

    In the future I also plan on getting my certifications for Dreamweaver and a few other web related programs. I also plan on continuing to improve my art skills, as well as getting into animation and working on that. I hope to do some work as a web designer, artist, and cartoonist (either concerning comics or animation).

    1. You sound like you have a lot of experience in the arts, is this one of the reasons you wanted to go into Web design? Do you think that the fact that you do not have any previous job experience will hinder you in anyway? Do you think it will help you in any way? Would you be willing to relocate if you had to? If you could be a car what kind of car would you be? I think that your extensive knowledge of other art programs will help in the Web design field you would be able to make a lot of things like buttons and tabs from scratch, meaning you will be able to personalize Web sites easier.

  6. So, TMAY stands for Tell Me About Yourself. Your TMAY should be composed of your past, present, future, and your portfolio. I believe your present and future are the most important because not everyone has a good past. What counts is what you are doing now and what you plan on doing in the future. Most of my past jobs have been in construction, landscaping, or running equipment. I picked up a good work ethic at those jobs and learned to be on time and not miss work. If your late or skip a day then it’s up to your co-workers to pick up the extra slack, and nobody likes to do someone else’s job. Currently I’m going to school at Interface College in Spokane. I’m currently studying the Microsoft Office 2010 core program and the class also covers customer service and professional development. In my second semester I will be learning about computer hardware. I have some skills that I gained in my spare time but school is teaching me a lot more than I could learn on my own. I’ve already learned more in Microsoft Word than I even knew existed. I hope to graduate and get a decent paying job once this first year is over. If things keep progressing the way they are, I would like to go back to Interface again while I’m working. I think more job opportunities would open up if I became well rounded in my computer skills. Meaning I would like to take the web design class and maybe even network and administration. I’m still working on my portfolio as I haven’t finished a class yet I don’t have much in it. I’m excited to see what it will look like at the end of this year though.

    1. With your background being construction and landscaping why the sudden change to computer classes ? You mentioned that you would like to go through web page design after your working, why would you want to go back? You mentioned that school has taught you a lot of skills what are those skills by chance, and how will they help you in your future? Why did you choose to go through Microsoft Office 2010 core program over all the other choices in interface? What job are you looking forward to like an entry level job or a higher up job, or in the middle of the two?

    2. It sounded pretty good to me, having worked in the landscape field you really don’t get the opportunity to build customer relationship skills unless you’re the foreman. Normally you don’t need a portfolio to get a construction job you just need to be reliable and have a strong back. So you will get all the help you won’t want on how to make a portfolio. I understand the change from labor to working in climate controlled office year round playing with computers and getting paid for it. Not having to worry whether or not you saved enough money for winter and will there be unemployment benefits.

    3. I really liked your TMAY and your explanation of it and what it is about. What really caught my attention is the fact that you said that it should be about the present and the future. And true nobody has a good past whether it is job wise or your personal life in general. My guess is that that is why most people go back to school! They didn’t like what they were doing or where they were at so there doing something to change their situation. I totally agree with you about missing work and other picking up you slack. It’s not a good feeling and it creates bad relationships with you r co-workers. Nobody likes a slacker. I also have worked construction for most of my life. There are many good skills that you learn there, but construction isn’t for me anymore.

  7. I don’t remember doing this blog topic the first time around, so after viewing the website we’ll give it a go. What does TMAY stand for? – TMAY means Tell Me About Yourself. It is the marketing piece that you use to sell your skills to an employer. It should not be overly personal, or overly long winded. The employer does not need to know every little detail or date. A TMAY is comprised of the following parts:
    What are the main parts? – Past, Present, Portfolio, and Future. Since this will be the first time doing this. Past- I worked in Quality Control from 1999 to 2001 with Telect\ Logan Ind. Then in 2001 I was laid off, sat on unemployment for a couple of months. Saw an ad for a QC position at a company named XN Technologies worked there from 2001 to 2005. Present – I currently attend school taking Microsoft Classes. Portfolio – Never really heard of one let alone had any certificates or degrees proving anything, other than references from past employees. But I will build that portfolio thanks to the skills I’ve acquired at school. Future – Obtain all the Certifications and skills required to get a top flight career in the field of studies.
    What did I do differently? – Considering I didn’t do it the first time there are no changes to speak of, sorry about that.
    What did I add? – Everything was added.
    What did I take out? – Nothing.
    Why? – No reason.
    Thank you,
    Jason C. Staker

    1. Jason,
      On your TMAY I believe you could have gone a little more in depth. Whereas some people go a little overboard on telling a potential employer about themselves, you, in my opinion, don’t say enough. I feel that if I was an employer and heard that TMAY it wouldn’t give me enough to go on. It wouldn’t really tell me enough about you. You do mention your previous work history but you don’t say anything really about you and how your people skills or maybe just mention a few attributes that you have. I probably wouldn’t say that I “sat on unemployment” either. It might come across to the employer that you might not be too concerned with working 🙂 

    2. Jason, I agree with Monica that you did not say enough about yourself. You need to talk more about your soft and hard skills. For instance, what have gained from working at your past jobs. Emphasize on your skills that you have obtained and go from there. Give examples of how you would use your skills that would pertain to the job you are seeking. In my case, I didn’t do so well in my first TMAY. I did not emphasize on my skills that pertain to the job I was seeking.

    3. You did do it. With me. During our first mock interview.

  8. TMAY stands for Tell Me About Yourself. Probably one of the worst questions that I hate being asked! Something I am not used to being asked in interviews and have never been asked that. But I believe in my upcoming interview I will do much better than I have (hopefully). I think that there are a few important parts in TMAY. First off is your job history. Let the hiring manager know about the different jobs you had (if any). Another important part is your experience and skills! What are you good at? What skills have you obtained? What skills do you have that would be useful to the company? Giving some insight on where you are at right now would also be a good thing to mention. Are you employed or going to school? Last but not least is the future. Where do you see yourself in the future?
    My name is Slavic Nazar. I am 24 years old. I have been working quite a bit of construction in my past years. I worked two in half years for company called YMP construction; I was doing plenty of demo work, hanging sheet-rock, muddying/pudding, and steel framing. Mainly labor work. Another job I had was at Spokane Industries Steel Foundry. I worked there for about a year. I started off as a trainee but quickly worked myself up to a machine operator and having a crew work under me. Some of my skills that I am proud of are: I am a fast learner, I work great with others and never cause problems but do what I can to fix them, and I am bilingual.
    I am currently attending Interface College and going for my MA diploma. I have several certificates that i have earned so far.
    In the future I hope to prolong my schooling to eventually become a nurse. But for now I would be very happy with a job as a Medical Assistant.

    1. The last sentence bothered me most. It sounded like you were telling a potential employer that you are “settling” for their company. I think it is good to talk about your work history but only in the aspect of specific skills you obtained and how it will pertain to your current career goals. If your past job duties don’t specifically apply to your current career I do not feel it needs to be discussed. Only in the manner of I worked as a ? and I learned ? which will help me do ? for your company. I would definitely make a point of saying you are bilingual one of the first things said. I feel it is very sought after in today’s workplace.

    2. I am surprised that you haven’t heard the question of telling the employer about yourself. Or maybe because it’s a recent thing employer are now asking more of than in the past. I really thought your TMAY was pretty good and to the point. You didn’t go overboard on explaining yourself. Just mostly the job experiences and the fact you pointed out a couple good attributes that you have. So as a fast learner, and that you are bilingual, which is definitely a huge plus these days. I agree slightly with Danielle though on the settling for that position. I think you have to be careful when talking about a position you might want to do down the road. They might not feel you are very serious about the position.

    3. Slavic you did a fine job listing out your skills hard and soft, by listing the companies you worked for and the job duties from staring as trainee to having a crew working for you showed your aptitude and your leadership ability. Who cares what order you listed them in, that’s why you are here I assume to learn this knowledge to make that perfect portfolio and kill in your interview and land the career you want for rest of your life till retirement. I hope in the future the replies stay on the positive side of things from our fellow classmates. Dawn should be the only one critiquing.

  9. TMAJ stands for “Tell Me about Yourself”, which is a marketing tool used to sell yourself to potential employers. With that being said, an employer does not need to know everything about you. They need the basics. The main parts consist of the Past, Present, Portfolio, and Future.
    With my past work history, I have mainly worked in car dealerships, which has been a love of mine. It’s a fast paced industry with never a dull moment. Working in a dealership means you have to be ready for anything at any time. There are people coming at you from all angles all days, not only external customers but also many internal customers. It takes a lot of patience to be able to handle the stress of the daily grind.
    Currently I work for a trucking company in their logistics department. It’s definitely a more slowly paced atmosphere but fairly hard if you are not use to the accounting world, which I’m not. You work in a more closely knit “family” and it’s a lot harder to conform to this type of environment for me. The hardest thing is not dealing with external customers face to face on a daily basis.
    In my portfolio I will have certificates for Microsoft Word, Access and PowerPoint. I hope to also have a MOS certificate in there as well.
    For my second semester I plan on studying medical office and then moving to medical assistant. I hope to be working in a small doctor’s office with a family owned company.

    1. Monica, I believe that you did touch on all the bases of the TMAY except for your soft and hard skills. You did mention the environment for which you work and the stress levels. I think you should include what kinds of skills you have and how they will contribute to the job you are seeking. Also mention what kind of skills you have obtained while working at your current job. As for me I failed to mention my portfolio and my future plans. I did emphasize on my skills a lot. I have yet to get this TMAY the way it should be.

    2. I really like you r TMAY Monica. Short, sweet, and to the point. I think the questions that I might have asked if I was the employer would be things such as how long did you work with the company? What skills did you acquire with the time that you have worked at the company? How would you utilize these skills working with our company? What steps would you take in dealing with a difficult customer maybe? From what you have said it sounds like you have quite a bit of experience working with customers and customer service. I’m sure that you will have more than just one moss certificate when you finish up with your Microsoft programs!

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