Week 3 Discussion: Both Classes


First Response: Write a prophecy letter to yourself for after you have graduated from Interface. What will you accomplish during that time/before graduation/after graduation? What changes will happen in your life? What will you learn? What certificates will you have? Is there a raise or a new job in your future? A vacation? A new home? Marriage? Find an image, online, that you can put into your letter that will show one of your accomplishments. This could be anything. If, for instance, you write that you took a vacation to the Bahamas, you can find a pretty Bahamas picture for the letter. Place the link in the text.

You can format this letter in anyway that you like. It can be a normal, formal letter (Dear Everyone in the Future, Dear Future Calvin, Dear Future Self, Hey! Austin! Yo! Yvonne!), it can be like a newspaper with headlines: Danielle Buys a Sweater! Jon Gets Raise! Maria Buys Stock in Microsoft! Jason watches Football! Monica Gets Foot in the Door at Dream Job! Etc.

Second Responses: What do you think of their letters? Their creativity? What would you add to their accomplishments? How can you help them achieve their goals?



First Response is DUE by Wednesday, October 9th before 6pm. These must be 200 words!
Second (2) Responses are due by Monday, October 14th by 6pm. These must be at least 100 words.


First Response is DUE by Thursday, October 10th before 6pm. These must be 200 words!
Second (2) Responses are due by Tuesday, October 15th by 6pm. These must be at least 100 words.


29 responses

  1. Dear Austin,

    By this time (3 months after graduation) you have found a job in your field with full benefits and paid vacation, this job pays 15$ to 20$ an hour. While you were in school you came up with ways to manage your money better and got your life a little more on track. You have learned all you need to know to be good at your job and have passed all your certification tests. You can now being to get yourself out of debt and start a new chapter in your life. You would like to find a place of your own weather it’s a house or an apartment. You and Jessica are doing great and you have started to make plans for your wedding, all your family and close friends will be there. HawaiiWe will take a honeymoon in Hawaii for two weeks, this is the first real vacation of your life and you get to spend it with the women of your dreams. You lucky dog! When we come back we can start our new life together, buy a house, and plan on having kids in the future. You will work to provide for this family and slowly work your way up to the best position possible for the company you are working for. You also might be able to pick up freelance work on the weekends to make some extra cash. You have all the tools to make all your dreams come true you just have to use them to your advantage and make the best of your time in and out of school.


    Your Old Self

    1. Austin
      You have such great plans. It will be difficult to keep yourself on track. You WILL have roadblocks. What makes you great is how you handle them. Print your prophecy blog out and frame it. Hang it up somewhere you can see it every day. It will be imperative to remind yourself of why you are working so hard and where you want to go. It is great you have someone by your side to walk this path with you and support you along the way. I am terrible with money as well. I am still learning myself. What has been very helpful and inspirational for me is Dave Ramsey. If you haven’t heard of him, check it out.

      1. That is a really good idea to print out my prophecy letter and hang it somewhere where I will see it.

    2. Hey Austin
      I like how you chose to go not years into the future but months that idea worked in your favor. i also like how your future includes Hawaii in it, everybody’s dream in my family is to do the same so you’ll have to tell me about it. i also love the picture you got it shows off the beach and the ocean quite well, do you plan to surf while your on your honeymoon, or go diving? Also i like how you tell your past self how much you’ll be making so he can better plan for the future hes about to have.

      1. My girl and I both surf, she learaned in Hawaii and I learned when I lived in Folrida. It has been years since we have surfed but it is knid of like riding bike.

    3. Sounds like you have everything planned out Austin. Hawaii would be an awesome place to go on a honeymoon but I think I would prefer New Zealand. Full benefits and paid vacation is definitely something I am looking for when I graduate. Ive never had a job with paid vacation and it would be amazing! It sounds like you have things planned out and I hope that things work out that well. You wrote this letter like its something that could easily be achieved. I wrote mine more on my dream job that I will probably never get. Its still nice to dream though, right?

  2. Dear Maria, you have done well with yourself. You have survived going back to school after being out for over 25 years. Congratulations!! Who knew this would happen?! After deciding to make a change in your career you have accomplished one of your goals of getting a job in the field you went to school for. You sold your home in Spokane, Washington and now live back in San Diego, California, the place you grew up. Being back in San Diego with your entire family and friends you now realize that it was definitely worth the separation period. You own a home in Rancho Bernardo, California. beachIt’s not as big as the one you had but that’s ok as long as the family is back together and you have a roof over your head it’s all is good. Your son has made the adjustment to a new high school better than you thought and is still proud of the fact that remains a star player. He has succeeded more than your expectations and that is awesome. Your oldest son is now living back with you and you are so happy that he continues to do well in his studies. Your husband has also graduated from school and got a great job at one of the well-known golf courses in San Diego. After a few months of adjusting and getting settled into your new surroundings you take a well-deserved vacation in Hawaii. You were there once and enjoyed it so much that you decide to go back again. This time around you will be able to stay longer and the since the kids are grown you won’t need to worry about finding someone to watch them while you go out on a special date with your husband and enjoy a nice walk on Waikiki Beach!!!!

    1. Congratulations on the future home in San Diego! I have a couple friends who live in California, though I’ve never been. It must be nice! I’d be afraid of the earthquakes, probably. You’ve lived there before, are there a lot of earthquakes in that part of California? Did you find a nice job when you moved there, thanks to your Interface education? Either way it’s good to hear that your husband secured a nice job and everything seems to be going well! Hopefully your second trip to Hawaii will be just as fun (if not more) as the first one!

  3. Dear Calvin
    This is Calvin from the future just wanted to tell you everything you’re doing in school is worth doing because I’m enjoying my life, O by the way remember how you always wanted to go to E3 well I’m in flight to there right now wish I could tell you about it but well you know I’m not there yet. Well so far since school I have a job that is a start to my life. And did I mention that I’m set up the Wi-Fi at E3 calvin that’s right your welcome you get to do your dream in 6 years so, ya a lot has happened since school you finally have some time away from everyone after 2 years you have your own home and your favorite, you have a hedgehog and you have 2 pugs. Well after all sense this is the future you I’m going to give you a confidence boost, you have a nice friend if you know what I mean that you hang out with all the time (wink, wink) nothing serious yet but I have a feeling that it’s going my way. So after all you have lived through life is looking good right now but I’ll have to let you go my flight is about to land have a good time at school o wait I did so, I don’t know why I said that well this is goodbye, you’ll see all that I have said come true soon so look forward to it.

    Sincerely Your Best Friend And Mentor,

    1. Hey Calvin I really like the way you wrote your letter I thought it was pretty creative I like how you set up the Wi-Fi at E3 that was a nice touch, I thought it was a specific detail that stood out. Are you sure you want a hedgehog? They sound like a lot of work. Keep that in mind! I really like how you were writing your letter to yourself while you were getting on the plane, I liked that a lot! I couldn’t really like of anything creative for my letter I thought of it as a motivation exercise then anything.

    2. Calvin, can we switch dream jobs? It would be so much fun to work for E3. Not to mention the insane amount of money you would make. I really liked your creativity but your taste in animals is appalling. My friend had a hedgehog and it was a terrible pet. I love all animals but wouldn’t want either of them as a pet. You’re an extremely smart kid and I think that if you work hard maybe one day you will be working for E3. Or maybe you’ll get a job at some video game development company and get rich. Stick to school and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Von,

    Hi! You graduated! Wow! You’ve become a semi functioning adult! Good job! At the moment we’re hoping to eventually move out. Maybe room up with Tree at some point in the future.

    Other than that you’ve done nothing of importance. Sorry.

    But! We played a lot of Pokemon Y! And Animal Crossing, of course. As mayor we of course couldn’t just abandon our post simply to go off and become a trainer! No way. Of course, we played other stuff too, but…you know how we are. We can only concentrate on a couple obsessions at once, haha. We also got a new tablet. We drew a lot after we got it (no surprise there). It was really swell! This one is starting to break again, though…you’ll have to get another. Sad face. But it served us well. We’ve gotten in a lot of studytime, anatomy and stylewise! We’re really improving! Maybe someday we’ll have a nice solid style that we can be proud of. It actually seems possible, nowadays! We of course have a lot of studying to do still, though! After all, artists never stop improving, yaknow? Right now we’re concentrating on big cat anatomy, since we stopped for a while to concentrate on other stuff. We can actually draw big cats not facing the side, now! Woo!

    chokuaberryOkay wow I got super sidetracked, sorry. This was supposed to be like. About Interface or something. Sorry. Uhh well we did pretty good with that, too. As I said before, we graduated, so that was pretty cool. Mom is pretty happy about it! I think dad is too. We got a lot of web design stuff down and we’re pretty good at it! Of course, even with the education we got, we’ll need more practice, but we’re doing alright. I made some pretty spiffy petpages with my new knowledge! I mean our new knowledge, hah.


    P.S Stuff is hard. But we’ll pull through. Don’t you worry too much, you and mom already started a silly little business thing together and you’ve had a few people interested already! So it’ll be okay.

    1. Yvonne Olmo
      I like how your future has video games galore in it sound like a lot of fun to me especially the Pokemon y because Pokemon was my first game i played on a handheld system, then you go on to tell your past self about interface, which was kinda funny the way you worded it into your letter. i also like how you tell your past self all about your art work and how you talk to yourself expecting your old self to understand what you mean because of it being you that i believe is quite creative.

  5. Dear past Self,
    You may not believe this, but I am you from the future. I know the dangers of contacting my past self and the catastrophic paradoxes that may enfold, but I don’t care. I have to tell you that you are doing the right thing being in school. Stay at it and work hard because I am writing this letter from an office at your dream job. That’s right, I am now an employee at Google. I’ve been here for just over a month now and I love it. Slide I work in their I.T. department and any computer issues that arise, I’m the go to man. Interface taught me so much and also showed me that I can do more with my life than any of the dead end jobs you used to work at. I’m looking into buying a new home and have already been approved for a loan from the bank. This job is more amazing than I, or should I say you, ever dreamed. They have pin-ball games in the break room, free candy, and even a slide from the top to bottom floor. The paycheck is the best part though. I almost dropped dead when I got the first paycheck. I don’t think we’ve made that much money in a year, let alone a month. Keep up the good work and I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

    You (From the future)

    1. I like the back to the future reference about running into yourself and messing up the space time continuum. It would be kinda of neat to be able to warn yourself of things to avoid in life, without changing the course of action. But we can’t so I guess that’s why they call them life changes, and we are supposed to learn from them. I hope everyone attending school here graduates and goes on to live their out their dreams. That’s why we are taking that higher education to get better than entry level. But then again a solid economy needs hand workers.

    2. I liked your idea of going “Back to the Future”. You took the right step by realizing that you needed to get yourself in a better a place by going back to school. Your intentions of bettering yourself and reaching your goals is great. It’s great that your intentions of getting a better education will land you a job that you enjoy and give you a better opportunity of establishing a better income for you to buy your dream home. I hope you continue to stay on the right track and wish you the best of luck in obtaining your education.

    3. I also really enjoyed your idea of going back to the future. Your dream job sounds amazing! It’s good that you realized that going back to school is exactly what you needed to achieve your goals. It is hard to stay focused and to stay working hard. Jobs can become quite mundane and annoying, so it’s cool that you put your dream job in the prophecy letter to remind you to stay focused and driven. I definitely am thinking about changing my profession because if Google is actually that cool of a place to work, I so would love to be there too! Good luck with everything in your career.

    4. I like that you mentioned the fact that contacting your past self could cause catastrophic paradoxes and then went on to write a letter to your past self regardless. Working at Google sounds pretty awesome, so congratulations to your future self for both graduating Interface and obtaining such a job! What are you going to buy with all the extra money from your paychecks? Are you actually going to use the slide to get to the bottom floor, do you think? (I think I probably would at least once or twice.) How did you get your job at Google? Did you start out with an internship or something more like a mailroom job?

  6. To Do:
    MOS Office certificates
    Graduation with MOA certificate
    10 year anniversary with current employer
    Get Married

    Danielle, Congratulation’s on what you have accomplished! You have done great things for you and your family. You have come so far, why stop now? There is a new career out there waiting for you to apply. You have learned so many small things along the way that have made you a better woman. You are able to help your kids add pizazz to their power point projects. You were able to regain confidence in your customer service abilities. beerYour customers and your boss thank you for that! You don’t have to wear black pants and boots to work anymore. Go on a shopping spree and get yourself some administrative attire. Buy some boots too! Take time for you now, lose weight, buy a bikini and actually take a vacation. Save your money and go to Germany perhaps. You have been waiting for that chance for 12 years. I know it is scary to start something new. Remember to take one step at a time and you will get where you want to go. Remember that your husband (so cool to finally say that) is right beside you.

    1. Hey Danielle! That is really awesome that you have goals they are the most important thing to have I think, and if we accomplish them it makes in even better. I bet your kids like that you can help them with their homework, they must have the best power point presentations! I can’t wait to take a vacation that would be amazing, where do you want to go besides Germany? If your trying to save money maybe you could show me how, I’m horrible with money!

    2. I think that it’s so cool that you are able to help your kids out with their homework with what you have learned at school. I wish I could say the same but my kids know more than me still when it comes to PowerPoint and Excel. Still haven’t got a grip on it. I am sure you will do well in whatever job you obtain during or after school. Keep up the good work on balancing your life while going to school. I hope you end up married as you hope. Stick to your goals and I am confident that you will achieve them. Continue doing great customer service regardless of the negativity you receive from your current employer.

  7. Dear Monica,
    Congratulations on a job well done! Well, you never thought you would have made it through this, did you? Guess what, you did! You finally went back to school, graduated and working in a field that you absolutely love. You now work in a small privately owned doctor’s office with the greatest staff, which also has become great friends. The best part about your new job is that you’re getting to know the community and helping them in the process. It was long hours with working and school and raising your son all at the same time, but it was worth it. You no longer live in Spokane (yeah!!). You now reside in striking Missoula, Montana where you know you’ve always belonged. MissoulaYour son is almost finished with his senior year in high school and ready to conquer the world. This coming year, you will be making your first vacation ever on your own too visit friends in your old hometown of Chicago. You might even take your boyfriend if he’s fortunate. You’ve also just signed papers on owning your first home. One thing that has kept you going to accomplishing all this was remembering, “I didn’t always say it would be easy, I said it would be worth it” Good job!
    Your old self….

    1. I guess if Montana is your dream destination so be it, no one should tell you that you can’t go. To me it would sound like a tough market to break into, being a small town. But then again you would be that much closer to Chicago. You should take that trip by yourself and if Mr. Lucky doesn’t want to go, maybe you’ll find Mr. Right on your trip. Sometimes you have to leave things behind to gain new fortunes in the future. I hope all goes well and you achieve the goals you have set forth in life.

    2. I would actually want to do the same, go on with school. Just today someone told me that our credits could be transferred to a different college. So I would like to eventually continue my schooling in medical field to possibly become a nurse. Possibly finishing interface? I’m sure you will do just fine with that. I agree with what you said, you can only do one day at a time so why get ahead of yourself. I don’t anybody wants to be living from paycheck to paycheck! That is why I wouldn’t mind to continue my learning. Then getting my dream job.

    3. Boy that sounds really nice right now, small private owned doctor’s office with a great staff! It sure beats sitting here writing this right now! I think another great thing about the new job is the money that you are making, if not most important. I don’t have any kids of my own but I’m sure that it is really tough! Wish you luck in that. A vacation sounds really nice about now for me (again). My advice to you after graduating and getting your job is to go on a cruise! You won’t regret it! Especially with a group of friends!

  8. If I were to write a prophecy about my goals, well I would have to start by finishing Interface possibly with all the needed certifications. Maybe continue at school with other classes that pertain to what I have already learned. Then with a little luck I’ll land a quality job that pays well, and be able to but things like cars when the children start driving. And help with things like insurance, gas, senior pictures and the overall expenses that go with raising children. Then I guess I would probably but a new car and maybe move into a bigger house, then again things don’t look very good for that till government gets back to work. GilletteI don’t really think this is a prophecy thing as much as it sounds like a wish list or a bucket list. These things are all obtain able I guess I would just be happy not worrying about money paycheck to paycheck. But I’m sure there are a lot of people out there in the same boat as I am. I just look forward to taking care of business on a day to day basis, and try not to worry about tomorrow. Visit Fox borough Stadium or Gillette.
    Thank you,
    Jason C. Staker

    1. Jason
      Your prophecy would be better if I couldn’t hear all of the self-doubt. It will not be luck that will get you where you want to go. It will be having a plan with dedication and hard work. Since you are at Interface you already took a step in the right direction. Keep working and plan your next step. You only need to take one step at a time. Try to not get too overwhelmed with the bigger picture. It may help to plan backwards. If you want to go to Fox Borough Stadium, make a list of what you will need to get there: Money, car, etc. Then make a list of how to get each of those things and so on. You will be who you want to be in no time at all.

    2. I would actually want to do the same, go on with school. Just today someone told me that our credits could be transferred to a different college. So I would like to eventually continue my schooling in medical field to possibly become a nurse. Possibly finishing interface? I’m sure you will do just fine with that. I agree with what you said, you can only do one day at a time so why get ahead of yourself. I don’t anybody wants to be living from paycheck to paycheck! That is why I wouldn’t mind to continue my learning. Then getting my dream job.

  9. Jason,

    I tend to have to agree with you on what you have said regarding a bucket list and the not living paycheck to paycheck. It’s very easy to get discouraged with the way things are in the government but I have to agree with Danielle on this. There is a lot of self-doubt in this letter. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed thinking about the future, especially when you do have children and there are so many expenses that just keep coming with them. I think that living day to day and not trying to get to overcome with frustration, it might make it a little easier to achieve those goals and wants. Good luck!

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