Week 2 Discussion (Both Classes)

In Orientation and in the weeks leading up to your admission to Interface College, you heard, a number of times, the term AHA mentioned and explained. It stands for Attitude, Hard Work, and Attendance.  Some of you are at the beginning of your program and some of you are finishing up CORE in a few weeks and heading into your second semester.  It is a good time for everyone to consider their goals and what these terms mean to each of you.

Write an essay in which you describe what AHA means to you.  (Min. 200 Words)

  • Explain how each of the three elements is important for your success. (Instead of saying “I need to have a good attitude”, explain what kind of attitude will be helpful for you to be successful
    • i.e. “I need to adopt a more positive attitude, looking at each task and assignment for what I can learn from it instead of seeing it as work or a burden.”)
  • Using your own past life experiences, give examples of lessons you have learned about Attitude, Hard Work, and Attendance
    • i.e. “In past jobs I have had, I didn’t believe it was important to be to work early or on time, and my employers had to remind me of what the work hours were.  As a result, I now can see that attendance is important if I am going to be successful in a professional job where I am expected to get a job done regardless of how long it takes.”
  • In your responses, evaluate what other students have said about AHA, and discuss any lessons you can learn from their experiences. (Min 75 Words each)


The first response is due by 6pm on Wednesday October 2nd before class.

Respond to two of your classmates by Monday, October 7th by 6pm. Please note–if you do not reach word count for your initial post or responses or if you neglect to answer the question/prompt, you will need to revise it to get attendance credit.


The first response is due by 6pm on Thursday October 3rd before class.

Respond to two of your classmates by Tuesday, October 8th by 6pm. Please note–if you do not reach word count for your initial post or responses or if you neglect to answer the question/prompt, you will need to revise it to get attendance credit.


26 responses

  1. I believe that having a good, positive attitude, along with positive thinking, at work will reflect on what you do and make you a more productive employee. This can determine how well you get your projects done and also how other perceive you. If you show a good attitude, you may increase your chances for promotion or a raise if you are a positive role model for others within your work. If you have a good attitude, your co-workers will as well, making it easier to communicate and get along in the workplace. What is so important about being dedicated to your work? There is nothing more important for your career than hard work and dedication. You don’t have to love what you do, but you should be dedicated and care about doing the best you can. If you don’t care or have the drive it won’t get you anywhere in your career. Hard work is how you get ahead for so many reasons. Working hard is going to help you prepare for the career that you choose. Hard work mean paying attention to details and learning more as you go along. I believe that showing regular work attendance shows that you are a dependable person, and therefore also reliable. A reliable person who can be counted on to attend regularly will not need to be constantly watched because he will tend to do what is expected of him. The attendance of a person not only affects their individual success, but also the team’s success. Punctuality and regular attendance is important as it teaches the ethics of hard work and doing a good job. In my past and current job, hard work and attendance played a big part of my advancement in my positions within the work place. By showing dedication and being reliable helped me by getting more hours than others that did not show dedication and were not getting to work on time.

    1. I’ve learned that if you strive for a good AHA it pays off, if what you say is true, which i do believe to be true. That means working hard will pay off in the end even if it doesn’t pay off right off the bat, it will pay off. so your also saying since you showed up on time you got better hours than those who didn’t show on time, that’s good to know.

    2. I agree with the fact that if you show up every day and give a little more than expected you will have better chances for promotion and advancement. If you only do the minimum at anything in life that’s all you should expect in return. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little pride in the things you take on, and with that effort employers take notice that you’re just not there to take up a seat and due allotted amount of work hours. I have worked with lots of people who would say not my job because weren’t getting paid extra for the effort. But there also employers who also take advantage of take charge people.

    3. I really like what Maria says about missing work with regards to fellow employees. When people regularly call in sick into work, at that moment all they are thinking about is how they are feeling. When, in fact you are actually disrupting an entire office. You have to remember that every person is part of a vital team that keeps everything working together as it should. If you miss a day, then everyone else has to work harder to keep things moving. Which also means they can’t get their job done?

  2. Attitude is very important. If you think something will be terrible it most likely will. As in the customer service book, when you have an expectation going into a situation or looking at a situation it twists your experience. When I get up in the morning and don’t want to go work and I tell myself it’s going to be a horrible day, It effects my attitude towards my day, my coworkers and my customers. Have a great attitude and your interactions throughout your day will be positive.
    Hard work is different for everyone. I expect more from myself than others. You may be working hard and giving it your best and I would not see that. I would like to tell you that hard work will get you further in life and promotions. In my current job it has not been that for me. My hard work has been taken advantage of. Others know I will work hard and they work less. That is why I have chosen to make a different path and work hard for myself. Work Hard towards a goal that’s mine and will pay off for me instead of others.
    Attendance is overlooked by most. It is an accomplishment. Future employers think highly of someone they can depend on. I take attendance very seriously, just ask my kids. School is every day no matter what. Unless you’re dying, get up and go. I can also say that at my current job I do use my tenor. I am not always on time and don’t always clock back in from lunch on time. It’s very disappointing and a big reason why I am at interface. I want to regain my passion and want to get out of bed and do something I love.

    1. Danielle, I agree with you with hard work is different for everyone. I too expect more from myself but also with the others I work with. It does get frustrating when you know you give a 100% when others around you do not. In my case it did pay off and I am fortunate enough to have the people around me take notice. In the long run it will work out for you. You have a great attitude and show such great dedication that I do believe it will positive for you. Having a great attitude to start off the day is sometimes hard and it is one the toughest things I deal with at times. And you like you it is true that if you start off with a good one your day will turn out to be a positive one. Sometimes it is hard to stay positive when you get work and others are not. When I’m in that kind of situation I try to turn things around and make them laugh and try to make their day a little easier by giving positive feedback on anything that they have done throughout the day to let them know that they are appreciated.

    2. “If you think something will be terrible it most likely will.” I have to disagree with you (or perhaps just your wording) there because I often expect the worst of experiences, and they usually come out much better than I expect. I don’t know what I expected coming into Interface, but I was absolutely petrified. Regardless, my time here thus far hasn’t been nearly that bad. However, I can say that if you’re absolutely certain you can’t do something, then you probably won’t try, which definitely will affect how your experience goes, so I guess you are right. You did say ‘most likely’, after all, so I guess I don’t disagree after all.

  3. What dose AHA mean to me? Well we all know that “AHA” stands for attitude, hard work, and attendance. But that does that mean for school and life outside of school after you find a job? Attitude, hard work, and attendance can do more good in daily life then we even thought possible. Having a good attitude can bring people up, keep them motivated and keep a level head on your shoulders. Attitude is everything, when I go to work sometimes all it takes is one person to be in a bad mood and everyone else at work is right there with them. Having a positive attitude makes it easier to work with you, no one wants to work with someone who is mad all the time. When you’re in school I think that a positive attitude is even more important, because if you don’t have a positive attitude you are not going to want to learn anything. Let’s say that you have a math course, if you go in into that math class with a bad attitude like: “I hate math, I’m so horrible at it.” Then you are clearly going to do badly in that class. If you go in with a mindset that says, yeah I’m not that good at math but I’m going to learn it to the best of my ability then you can begin to learn to have fun doing something that you don’t really enjoy doing. Working hard for what you want gives you confidence and for me anyway makes me feel good at the end of the day knowing I worked hard for what I have. If we all worked hard to achieve our goals then the world would be a much better place. No one wants to work with people that do just enough to get by. I have worked with so many people like that and at the end of the day you just end up losing respect for them. We need to realize that the harder we work the more it’s going to pay off. Attendance it the most simple for me I think, it is really easy to just simply show up for something but is that all we have to do? No, showing up is part of it but if you do not make the best to your time while you are there showing up seems pointless. In school if I was not to show up even one day I would miss an entire lecture that could put me weeks behind if I let it. So attitude helps others around you because you are fun, and easy to work with, hard works is something we just have to do in our daily lives if we want to achieve our goals on one is going to achieve them for us. Attendance is important but we cannot forget to have a good attitude and work hard while being there or your attendance will be in vain.

    1. The depth of how your attitude should be has basically simplified how your attitude should be in all cases, like down to the very core of the idea. I have basically have learned that Attitude means the difference of pass or fail, or promotion or fired. Also that interesting that you skipped school and now realize that you missed a lot of information that may or may not have put you far behind the rest of the class.

    2. Austin, I agree with you 100% on your point of having a positive attitude makes it easier to work with. In my experience with that has shown that it does make a lot of difference of the work environment. By being positive and giving it your all it helps with the others around you have a good attitude also. It may not seem important to some but to those that understand that it helps them achieve their goals and makes it easier them easier to work with. Like you said having fun doing something that you really don’t enjoy shows that you have pride in what you are doing and helps motivate others to do the same. I enjoyed your post you have a good outlook on how it should be to get your job done well.

    3. I agree with you one hundred percent that a bad attitude will affect the people around you. I see it all the time, not only in a work environment, but in every day life. Attitude spreads like wild fire and that can be a good or bad thing. You can use a positive attitude to uplift everyone’s spirits, or use a negative attitude to bring everyone down. I try to be positive even when things are going terrible. I’ve found that if you just keep a positive mind set, eventually things will start to get better.

  4. Each of the elements of AHA are important for success in any aspect of life, but especially in school and work. I can’t expect to do well in either if I don’t practice each element. I need to cultivate a good attitude towards school, making sure that I don’t consider the work and school hours a burden, but something more akin to an opportunity to learn and better myself. I need to work hard to finish my assignments on time, turn them in, and do them well. I need to be sure that I come into class and lab when needed for as long as needed. I also need to make sure I do my online assignments, as they count for my online attendance. If I do all of these things, I will be successful in my education, and in the future, my employment. I know from my past experiences that I need these things to be successful, as I didn’t do them as a student in the past and failed horribly. I had a negative attitude toward school; School was something that was boring and got in the way of my free time. I didn’t work hard. If I did my work I did it lazily. I didn’t turn it in. I didn’t have good attendance, either. I skipped school often when I could. Though even if I did attend, I didn’t do much other than doodle. I was a very bad student and failed many classes because of this. If I want to do well and be successful, I will need to change that.

    1. I really like how you said that you realize that your school hours are not a burden. That’s something that I think a lot of people struggle with. Most people view school as a chore and not a learning experience, they need to be aware that you can’t learn if you look at your experience as a burden. That was one of the key factors for me after I enrolled in school, I wanted to make sure that I saw this as a learning experience. We all need to look at our time here as productive or else at the end of the day we won’t feel as good about ourselves, attitude is everything.

      1. I agree, you can’t learn if you look at your experience like it’s a burden. When you think of school or work as a burden, you spend most of your time just waiting for it to be over and doing things to pass the time. When I was in middle school I spent most of my classes just doodling and not paying attention because I wanted time to go faster and I didn’t care about school. I failed a lot of classes because of that. This time I’d like to think of class differently and get something from it instead of wasting all the time away not learning anything. Attitude is indeed everything.

  5. Well AHA to me is a goal that I must reach to be successful in life because my attitude needs to be better for future tasks and goal for life, like to me having a positive attitude over a negative one makes a difference in everyday life, Being a positive thinker about everything allows yourself to believe you complete the task no matter how hard that task may be, for instance this task to me is hard but I believed I could complete it so I shall. Also hard work determines if your going to be successful also by if your lazy you’re going to be fired because if the jobs not getting done because you take forever to complete it everyone around you shall be affected, but if you’re a hard worker and you work to your fullest you shall get the job done on time and maybe lighten the load of others. Attendance is the biggest deal because if you don’t show up you can’t do your job and if you don’t do your job you’re fired. So to be successful you need to show up on time and always be ready for anything just in case something happens, you still need to be on time.
    Well seeing as I’ve never worked for a company, I’ve never really had to follow these rules until this summer where I went to Alaska to work for my aunt who wanted to get me ready for the “real world”. She set times I had to start working and when I was done working and she set a lunch break so I had all the restrictions as a job. Because of this I wanted to impress her so I was never late in fact I woke up early to be early to work. Also I worked to my full potential I know this because after every day I ate dinner then went straight to bed and relaxed for a little then went to bed I did this for a month before I had to go home.

    1. I think that’s awesome that you got to go to Alaska and work. What kind of work did you do there? It was cool of your aunt to let you come up there to help teach you about real world work as opposed to the work you do in high school. in school you have to be there at a certain time, have a good attitude, and work hard too. But the penalties for not completing those are not as severe as they are in the real world.

    2. That is great you got to go to Alaska. Even with “real world” restrictions working for family is nothing like the real world. With family you are a one and only you. In the big bad job market there are a hundred more of you lined up and waiting for you to mess up. I really do hope you carry the AHA lesson further in life with you. Learning and practicing it now will help you immensely. I am realizing that I have let go of my AHA in my current job. Remember to always hold onto it, even if you don’t like what you’re doing. It shows character.

  6. Attitude is extremely important. If you show up to class with a bad attitude not only will it affect you, but it can affect the people around you. The amount of work you put into your school is the amount of knowledge you’ll get back. Attendance is the most important, to me at least. If your not in class your not going to learn anything. Classes are so fast paced, if you miss a day it’s like missing a week. When i was in high school I didn’t think that AHA was important at all. I never showed up for class and when I did I was late and had a bad attitude. Hanging out with friends, playing video games, and partying was so much more important to me. Looking back now, I realize how much stuff missed out on. Things changed once i got a job though. In high school nobody cared if i showed up late. If i showed up to work late they just fired me and if I didn’t work hard enough they would fire me. It took years for me to get used to waking up early and getting to work on time. I’m a lot more interested in learning now than I was when I was 16. I enjoy reading science articles and watching documentary’s and different videos about stuff like neuroscience, astro physics, economics, theoretical physics, and my favorite……. time travel.

    1. A bad attitude will affect people around you no matter where you are. As the saying goes “what goes around, comes around.” It is great that you have realized how your choices early in life affected your present. Now that you have seen that I believe it won’t affect your future. I really try to teach my kids that decisions you make now will affect you later on. One simple thing can make the biggest difference in one’s life. Fortunately, my kids have me for the” been there done that lessons.”

    2. Attitude is more a part of the workplace now than it was I think even eighteen years ago when I started working. Jobs now days are a lot harder to come by than they use to be. When I was younger I wasn’t too concerned about going to work on time because I always knew there would be another minimum wage paying job I could get a week later. Now, being a single parent and making my own way for the last ten years, I grasped quickly that attitude is huge in deciding whether or not you’re going to keep that job.

  7. Yes I heard a lot about the AHA, honestly I thought that I was going to meet with a board of my peers to evaluate whether or not I was worthy of attending at Interface. Until I just meet with Kathy, that was the board. As far as the attitude goes I was and still gung ho about bettering myself. Due to my experience in the work field over the last fifteen years, I have learned that ATTITUDE reflects leadership period!!!
    Hard work to me is what separates most people from the LAZY it’s easy to not to do anything in life, I guess that’s why they came up with welfare and the lazy take advantage of it. If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it, the hard makes it worthwhile. I tell my children all the time that without an education you’re subpar at best.
    As far as the attendance goes, yeah I missed a day due to illness. But I didn’t quite understand the severity of missing time until I heard that my teacher was pregnant and only was granted two days of maternity leave. Seriously if the Prof. only gets two days why should I feel special?
    P.S. I think it is B.S. that she had to come back that fast, I have witnessed child birth four times and you need more than two days. Two days are what you take to get over a weekend drinking binge.

    1. Well, I don’t know who this Prof. was, but I am sure that the school had little say over how many days she decided to take off. It was probably a way for her to show her AHA. She was probably part-time and was striving to become more. One way to move up in the world of work is to show your employer that you are willing to have good attendance (regardless of the situation), take extra shifts (hard work), and to do so with a pleasant attitude.

      And how long it takes to “heal” after child birth is very dependent on how you give birth and how your body reacts. Perhaps this Prof. is the type of woman who bounces back from birth very quickly? We’ll never know. But please, do not judge an entire school based on the scant facts of one employee. Personally, I think Interface is a wonderful place to work. They are very understanding, and they treat their employees like the gold they are. I look forward to many, many more years here.

  8. I feel that “AHA” means different thing to different people depending on experiences and life stories. Attitude to me is probably the most important aspect you can have when it comes to work and even school. I have always felt that I’ve had a pretty good attitude when it comes to my work. I’m kind of known in my jobs as the cheerleader type or the person who seems to get everyone motivated. I feel that attitude definitely comes across both not only too your coworkers but also your customers. When it comes to hard work that is what will get you to move up in a company I feel. You can be just as good as the next guy but if you don’t keep striving every day to go above and beyond your employer might just pass up for the next. The one thing I need to work on is attendance. I have always been a little unmotivated at times when it comes to going to work if I’m just not feeling it that day. If you’re not serious about going to work, then how will your employer feel about you? I will work harder in the future to show my employer that I am serious about the job to help with possible future advancements.

    1. I agree with the fact that if you show up every day and give a little more than expected you will have better chances for promotion and advancement There’s nothing wrong with taking a little pride in the things you take on, and with that effort employers take notice that you’re just not there to take up a seat and due allotted amount of work hours. I have worked with lots of people who would say not my job because weren’t getting paid extra for the effort. But there also employers who also take advantage of take charge people.

    2. I think what has always kept me from calling in too often (because I was the same way at school. If I just didn’t feel like going, I didn’t–except in college) is my innate sense of guilt. I don’t like making other people work for me. It makes me feel horrible. Also, as a teacher, I worry that their teaching style may differ so much from my own that you didn’t learn what I wanted you to learn while I was gone. I don’t worry so much about that when Roy covers, because he is the one who trained me, but what if someone else has to? Also, I feel bad making Roy cover, because he is here so early and if he covers for me, that means he can’t leave until 9:30. So, I feel too guilty, often enough, to call in sick.

      When I worked at Hastings though, I was the same way. Especially after I started working in Receiving. If I wasn’t there that night to prep everything and get it ready for the stocking crew, that meant that there would be that much more work for the ICM to do the next day. Not only would they have to receive anything that came in that morning, but they’d have to start one whatever I didn’t get to the night before, which meant that they’d fall behind. There are some times during the year when that is OK and some times when it is a disaster. Right now, for instance, would be a bad time to fall behind at Hastings. All their Christmas items are coming in.

    3. I agree with you that attitude is extremely important. I still think that attendance is the most important though. If you don’t show up to work or school then you won’t be able to show a good attitude or work hard. Attendance is also something I have struggled with all my life. Dawn made a good point and it’s something I started realizing when I started working after high school. If you call in sick then your co-workers are going to have to cover for you. I hate making people do the work that I was supposed to do, and your co-workers hate it too. When you’re on a small construction site and you only have one or two other co-workers, missing a day could stop the whole job. Then your other job’s get pushed back and you start losing money. Attendance at Interface might be a little different than a job site because employees aren’t covering for you. School is extremely fast paced and when they tell you that missing a day is like missing a week, they aren’t lying. Plus, you’re paying for the schooling and if you skip then it’s your money that you’re losing.

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