Mon/Wed Week 1 Introductions


Preparation: Knowing yourself.
First Response: Welcome to Interface! What do you want to be when you grow up? What are you hoping to be when you leave here? Did you know that recent studies have shown that most people change careers at least 4 times in their lives? Could you envision yourself doing something else? Becoming a CEO? Flying an airplane?

Have you gone to school before? Where? How long ago? (If you want to disclose that information!) Then tell us something about yourself that we couldn’t guess just by looking at you. Why did you love high school? Did you? DID YOU?!

Second Response: Please read some of your classmates’ responses and reply to them. Engage them in a conversation about their interests and yours.

First response is due by the end of class on Wednesday. Second responses (2) are due by Monday before the start of class.


30 responses

  1. I want to be a kitten tamer. I think that would be fun. However, I also want to teach them how to do acrobatics and wear clown clothes. They will have to love the clown clothes. I think they will. Here is a picture of a kitten in clown clothes: Kitten in Clown Clothes Oh My! He is gorgeous.

    I loved High School. As Jon said, when I went. I was not a great student, because I was smarter than the average bear. By that I mean I was smarter than Yogi Bear. Yes I was. I knew how to take a pickanick basket at an early age.

    I can envision myself as a singer in a boy band, too. I think that when I turn 70, I will try out for one. Maybe reunite the Backstreet Boys, but then, they may be not alive anymore at that time.

    Something you couldn’t tell just by looking at me is that I wanted to be an actress when I grew up. It’s true. But then I realized I hated rejection and so I stopped wanting to be an actress.

  2. When I grow up I want to be a cartoonist of some sort, maybe. When I leave here, I just want to be a slightly functioning adult. I did not know that! Wow! I could not envision myself doing anything else, as my talents are very limited. Being a CEO would be super boring. Flying an airplane would be super scary.

    I have gone to school before now, at SCC. Something that maybe couldn’t be guessed by my outward appearance is the fact that my third favorite color is pink. My first favorite is red. I didn’t love high school, I hated it. I didn’t physically go, but I hated it anyway.

    1. Well, technically, you didn’t physically go to SCC either (all online!). And I don’t know what your fourth favorite color is. What is your second? You didn’t mention your second.

      I always have a hard time picking something about myself that people don’t know about me. For instance, I always want to say something that isn’t really anything I’d ever share. It is like I want to shock people. Does that make sense? Why is that always the first thing that comes to mind? Anyway, it was nice meeting you.

    2. I think thats cool you want to be a cartoonist. My daughter did a report on Walt Disney once. He did not suceed with his first characters. Look at his legacy now? Red is a great color. My phone and my wallet are red. I am liking the electric blue and lime green these days too. My brother didn’t become a functional adult til he was 22. He is still a work in progress but has come a very long way. Your time will come……..

      1. Yeah, I’ve done a bit of learning up on Walt Disney and some of his first characters were just awful, really. But he’s not exactly the kind of cartoonist I want to be, though his art is fairly inspiring. I’m more…’dorky Cartoon Network cartoons’ material. Electric blue and lime green are great colors! Almost as good as red. And I sure do hope my time will come, someday. Thank you for the response!

  3. I would love to work at E3 as either a booth manager or as the people to set up the internet for the entire event. I’m hoping to at least be able to get a job in computer hardware and, or software.i did not know that most people switch careers 4 times in their life. I could envision myself being a video game programer, but i could not be an airplane pilot for the fact I’m afraid of heights. I went to West Valley high school, for high school, 3 months ago and now ism in Interface. Well i pretty much hated high school while i was in high school, because the obvious reasons I'm a gamer and a nerd in high school terms so i was made fun of quite often because of it. Well something you can't tell by just looking at me I'm the oldest of 5 children and I enjoy playing basketball. Also i build computers and other electronic things in my spare time to have fun.

    1. Man that sucks that you were made fun of just for being yourself. If you would have been in my school I would not have stood for that. Your a smart kid though and I think that you’ll find a job you love. You’ll be RICH!!!

      1. I wanna be rich!

    2. I know I am showing my age but what is E3? Again with my age but I think you may know my son. He was a freshman last year at West Valley High School. You have younger siblings, are they in the ame school district? Crazy small world sometimes.

      1. E3 is like nerd heaven, basically people dress up as their favorite anime characters and movies and show off. yes my brothers are both in west valley , what is your sons name by chance?

        1. Isn’t that like SpoCon? His name is Caleb Healey

          1. kind of but way bigger and way flashier and way cooler. Also i have not met your son but i know a few of his friends is he a sophomore this year?

            1. Yes. I am sorry you know his friends…..

              1. well that’s why i …. hated freshman my senior year they thought they knew everything and your sons friend are pretty cool people.

  4. I wanted to be a billionaire when i grew up. Obviously that didn’t pan out. My goals now are a little more realistic. I’d love to get a computer repair job and eventually open my own computer store. We would sell and repair not just computers, but all kinds of gadgets. I could envision myself doing all kinds of things but my main goal is to find a career that I enjoy. I’ve worked so many dead end jobs that require tons of manual labor. I would love a job where I have my own desk in an air conditioned building. Maybe I’ll wear a suit to work and a new tie every day. Who knows, maybe I’ll even run a company. Although I have a hard time envisioning myself as a CEO and being in charge of a herd of people.
    I attended high school at University High in the Spokane Valley. I enrolled in 2002 and dropped out in 2005 due to low grades and poor attendance. I lived a very fast paced life and at age 18 thought that I had my whole life planned out. Then reality kicked me in the face and in one night i lost everything that I cared about. I was “emo” in high school but was never picked on. Even tho I dressed a little different, I got along with everyone in school and was never in any specific “clique”. Looking back now, I loved high school but I screwed it up tremendously. If I had the chance I wouldnt change a thing though. The events that I went through made me who I am today. Maybe I can share my mistakes with others so they dont have to make those mistakes themselves.

    1. It’s good that you have realized your past mistakes in life and intend to change them. You have a great attitude towards your goals and it sounds like you have a great plan ahead of you. I hope you continue to stay on the right track. I’m sure you will be able to share your past experiences with others to help them get through their path of life. Good luck with your goals and hope you succeed.

    2. That is funny I also wanted to be a billionaire when I grew up too. Funny how nothing goes the way we plan. I think that it is awesome that you want to own your own business, that would be that dream. I always wanted a job where I could wear a suit and tie. I hate coming home from work smelling like food and sweat, I can’t stand it. Remember to not ever let go of what you want, if you work hard enough you will achieve your goals.

  5. My kids always ask me what I wanted to be when I was their age. In junior high I decided I wanted to be a brain surgeon. That is until I found out how long you had to go to school to be one. No thanks!! I am hoping to have my Medical Office Administration certification once I leave here. I am really good at selling things I am excited about. Right now I sell automotive accessories and equipment parts. I know a lot about these things but they are not my passion. I do love helping my daughter sell Girl Scout cookies. I did sell Tupperware once as well. I loved it but I didn’t have the focus to allocate the time it needed to be successful.
    I have not been in school since high school. I was a very good student as I am now. I liked high school. I was very active in my school: friends, color guard, plays, etc. I have a great memory. Especially if I have written it down. I have tons of part numbers memorized and their location in the parts room. If I ever get lost I wouldn’t need my cell phone for a phone number. Trouble is, if you walk by me and tell me something, like your name, I’ll forget right away. I have to write it down.

    1. Being a brain surgeon would be crazy I don’t think I could handle seeing the insides of someone’s brain. I faint at the sight of my one blood, it’s pretty funny. I know what you mean about being good at something but not really enjoying. I love cooking food it’s one of my passions, but when I started doing it for a living I didn’t enjoy it as much as I used to. I have to worst memory in the world I find I have to write stuff down a lot in order to remember it. Do you have any tricks for getting a better memory? How old are your kids?

    2. The amount of education you have to take for being a doctor of any sort is part of the reason why the job never appealed to me. Otherwise I think being a brain surgeon would be sort of cool, and the pay certainly wouldn’t be bad. I’ve never thought of things like selling Tupperware as ‘fun’, but now that I think about it, it seems like it’d be pretty neat, especially if you had the right personality traits for it. Which I’m sure you do.

      I think it’s cool that you have such a good memory. Whether I write something down or not, my memory is about as useful as a pencil with no eraser. It’s frustratingly bad, so I am rather envious of you.

  6. I didn’t really know that I wanted to be when I grew up in tell I really thought about what I was good at in high school. I was the average slacker I never really cared to much in order to do well. But there was always one class that I really enjoyed and that was web design. I don’t know why but it always came really easy to me, I remember I finished the class with almost a month left and the teacher told me he had nothing else for me to do. I think it was the only class I ever did extra credit for just because I liked working with computers. I hope when I graduate that I can get a good job in the web design field, I would like to be a lead web designer someday. I also thought about getting my name out there by trying to find freelance work as a web designer and start my own business from the ground up. I have heard that people change careers up to four times in their lifetime I hope this is the last time for me. I could defiantly see myself doing something else besides cooking, I can’t stand doing it for a living anymore which is why I am in school.

    I went to Shadle Park High School here in Spokane and I also took online classes at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for two years. I did not like high school at all but, college is fun! My minor was graphic design and my major was video game art and design, I did not make it to the video game aspect to my college career. There were a lot of art classes involved, I am not the best artist in the world and I really had no desire to learn how to draw. So I dropped my classes and decided to go for web design.

    I hope that in the next five years I can get a great job in my field, buy a house and get out of debt. I am the biggest foodie in the world anything and everything is good, you got to try everything once when it comes to food. I also am a hopeless romantic, which is good because I met my girl last year and she is just as much of a romantic as me. I love video games, hiking, swimming, snowboarding, computers, comedies, and a lot of different kinds of music.

    1. It sounds like you will be sucessful if you stay focused. Shadle Park…..oh no! I take it you didn’t get crazy about the Groovy Shoe? I love food as well. Just have to remember how many burpies it will take to work those calories off. Be true to yourself and stay focused. You will do just fine.

    2. My husband told me to tell you that we have never gone to Twigs, because for years, we thought it was a Vegan joint.

      1. Did you think that was what you were going to eat? twigs?!

        1. No, we thought we’d have to eat vegan food.

          1. Yeah, twigs! lol

  7. I wanted to be an airline stewardess growing up. I thought it would be cool to travel and wear the uniform they had back then. I wouldn’t want to be one now because I do not like to be in an airplane. I do not like the idea of being enclosed and not being able to get out when I want to. I am hoping to get a career in a medical office somewhere in San Diego. After I finish school I will be moving back to my hometown. So far I have changed my career three times. So I guess the study is true for me. I went to high school in San Diego, California 29 years ago. I can’t believe how long ago it was. My class reunion is coming up next year and I will not be attending. I did not love high school. By looking at me you would not have guessed that I have a tattoo on my wrist. It’s a double infinity tattoo. It stands for the love for my husband and kids. I got the idea from the TV program Revenge. I never thought I would ever get a tattoo but when I saw it I just loved the way it looked and the meaning behind it.

    1. There’s a youtube video of a steward rapping the speech about buckling your seat belt’s and the floatation device. Its really neat that he makes a boring speech kind of entertaining. Check it out, he’s pretty good.

    2. Its funny even though i said i couldn’t envision myself being a pilot because of being afraid of heights, I also at one point in time wanted to travel by plane around the world to see the sights.

    3. I wouldn’t like flying and having to put up with people asking for something every five minutes. I’m glad you did not become a stewardess, then I would not get your help in class. It would be really cool to travel that much, I always wanted to see more of the world. Are you home sick? You are along way from home, I bet you can’t wait to get back. Do you have other family in California?

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