Week 1 Tues/Thurs Class – Creating an App for that?

If You Could Create an App

If you could code and create any app you wanted to create, what would it be, and why? How would you learn to create one? Find two websites that talk about or show us or allow us to create apps. Try to find sites different from those of your fellow students. If your app idea already exists, how would you improve upon it? What would be the sole purpose of this app? Can you think of any apps that could be created for job hunting that could be helpful? If you did create it, how much would you charge?

Your first response should be at least 200 words and is due by Thursday, September 26th by 6pm. Your second (2) responses should be at least 75 words and are due by Tuesday, October 1st before the beginning of class.


10 responses

  1. I am completely blank on what app I would create if I had the opportunity to create one or the knowledge of creating one. It seems to me that every single idea has been taken already. I mean, there are thousands of apps out there. Most of them are worth the while and there are plenty that are just plain stupid and ridiculous in my opinion. Although I have no idea of what I would create I have found a few sites that would help someone go about creating one if they would like to. The first site is an actual app builder, it has a lot of the different categories there that you can go from or you can chose to build your own. After the registration it takes you to a page were you go about creating an app, editing, customizing to your choice, and also publishing and downloading it to and smartphone device. The second side is more technical in my opinion. It gives you steps to take when you are creating your very first app. I know for a fact that there are already apps that help someone in job searching. And I believe most of them are free.

    1. But are those apps for job hunting any good? Are they even worth the space they take up? Free or not?

    2. I agree with Slavic on the fact most of the good ideas have already been taken. Although you could probably upgrade kinda like BASF they don’t make the products you buy, they make the product you buy better. But if I understood how to do it I probably would come up with something innovative and helpful for all mankind to enjoy. But the assignment got us to look up things on the interweb and invoke thoughts about it even if we don’t know anything about said subject. If you ever watch the Show Fast’N’Loud you would understand the Interweb references.

    3. I agree with Slavic. There are so many different apps that seem completely useless and all the good seem to be taken. The only reason I came up with one is because I remembered The Big Bang Theory episode where Penny came up with the shoe application. I like the first website because it actually shows you how to build an app. If you come up with a great idea, that’s wonderful. But if you don’t know how to build one, then it’s kind of pointless.

  2. If I could create a new app, it would be an app on shoes (thanks to Big Bang Theory). This is how it would work. For example, if I was in a public place and I see someone’s shoes and I like them I would take a picture. I would then use the picture in my new app to find where I could get that exact shoe. Too many times when you happen to see a shoe you like you ask the girl (or guy), “where did you get those shoes?!!) And they reply, “I don’t remember, I’ve had them forever”. This is the story of my life. Call it an obsession, yes, but I’m totally ok with it. I’ve actually downsized quite a bit. Two websites I found were, http://www.zoho.com and http://www.artandlogic.com . I found both of these websites to be very helpful in creating apps. I personally don’t think my idea is an actual app but I would love to be the first person to design this. The sole purpose of this app is to find shoes and who wouldn’t want more shoes? I think designing apps for job hunting would also be very interesting to design. There’s not a lot of easy to maneuver websites for job hunting, but I like the shoe idea better

    1. That’s funny. When I was writing this post, I was totally thinking about Penny’s app! I think it would be a cool app and I wonder why no one actually made it. I wonder, as well, if the Big Bang Theory has already copyrighted such an idea for an app? Perhaps no one has done it because the tablets/phones/apps aren’t sensitive enough to really work OR no one wants to take the time to update it with every new shoe that comes out. I bet you would have to try to work with the shoe companies so they could send you the images/prices/etc of all their shoes. Or you could just gather up catalogues. I am just trying to figure out how it would work.

    2. Monica its nice to see that you do spend a little time in front of the idiot box from time to time, Dawn had to explain the App Penny was talking about. That sounds like it would be a cool App but could filter it with a certain criteria so you get pics of shoes from payless not the high end shoes. It kinda sounds like the App that some of our youth use to figure what type of pill they just stole from mom or dad. It is sick world when our future leaders of tomorrow focus on these sort of things and not the education they need.

  3. If were to create an App, I would probably make one that you input a certain criteria as far as your job search needs with classified job ads websites. It would filter out junk job offers and only show the real creditable offers. Then it would take your Resume and Cover Letter an adjust them to fit the job offer you wish to apply for, now granted you have to know what it takes to make a Resume and Cover Letter as well the Thank You Letter. Considering I had really no idea what an App was until I asked my daughter she gave me a quick rundown of their uses. So I guess my App would have to be upgraded from an existing App.
    I know it sounds lazy to make an App of such nature, but honestly hasn’t everything gone to the lazy way, seriously you can type away with misspelled words and use spell check and it all goes away in a couple of clicks. Why would you make the App? Can you make money if you make it public?
    So after looking at these two websites, maybe you can make some money.
    Thank you,

  4. I like Jason’s idea on how to design an app that focuses on certain criteria for job searching. Too many job websites are so broad and I have had a hard time when looking for work on general websites when they don’t narrow it down for you very well. It’s very true how everything has gone in the way of laziness. That unfortunately, is just how things are now days. That’s why we have cell phones and apps, right?

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