Week 6 Discussion Tues/Thurs

Choose your own topic – Technology

Preparation: Research a technology topic of your choice on the internet.

First Response: Tell us about the technology you researched. Why did you choose this topic? Please provide us with the hyperlinks to three sites that you felt were the most informative on your topic or brought up an issue with the topic. Tell us why you chose these sites. What should we know about this technology? What should we think about while we read the sites you sent us to?(For example, you might research cell phones and then have us comment on proper etiquette for cell phones). Responses should be at least 250 words.

Second Response: Please read two of your classmates’ messages. Please visit the sites that were provided for you. Now please reply to your classmate. What did you learn about this technology? What questions do you have about the technology? What do you have to say in response to the items that your classmate asked you to think about while reading the sites he/she sent you to. Responses should be at least 100 words.

First Response is due by Thursday, September 19th by 6pm. Second responses are due by Tuesday, September 24th by 6pm.


12 responses

  1. Toys of Yesterday
    Wouldn’t it be great to start out old and grow younger as we age? How do we compare the toys of yesterday to those of today? It is a matter of generational thinking, as well as the needs and wants of children. Not so long ago toys were simple, well built and served a purpose—then you would put them away. What we can learn from the toys of the past is play patterns and how to “learn as we play,” and to take that combination into the future. We all remember our favorite Barbie, Hot Wheels car, and board game to this day. The history of toys is made up of all sorts of contrasts and lies somewhere between the needs of the child, the interest of the historian, the desire of the collector, and last but not least, the involvement of the adult in his childhood, the magic world from which he can not bear to be excluded forever by the mere act of growing up. I know this all too well being a Dad of a 15, 14, and a 3 Year old.
    Toys of Today
    The toys of today are changing. The economy, technology and the internet, as well as people’s lives, have a great influence over toys. As a stay at home Dad, I know this every day. Technology, the internet and today’s fast paced lifestyles has given us the need for more sophisticated toys that really challenge our kids’ imaginations, skills and knowledge. Toys have become more than just a fun thing to pass the time, but a way to learn, grow and experience life with a good, creative, fun, affordable and reliable toy. In the past, a toy would take up to two years to take to market. Now, toys are conceived, designed, manufactured and distributed within six months.
    Toys of the Future
    The future of toys is pressing towards the combination of the past, present and future with generational thinking, philosophy and psychology. Basically all the aspects of life to teach a child what they will need later on. The technology of toys is increasing, as well as the needs and demands of the world. The character of a toy with its functions and mechanics gives the utmost variety to creativity, as well as the imagination of the child. It will teach children to be themselves and to unlock their own special ways of uniqueness, to teach them ways of manipulation and production of a theater of life, to show them options and possible solutions to problems. Are the toys of the past of actuality? Are the toys of the present of fantasy, and will the toys of the future be both? We will soon see.

    1. I really appreciated Jason’s second website. It was very interesting to see a website devoted so much to toys and games. I never realized there were so many different types of toys. My 16 year old son was never much of a “toy” kind of kid. He was always more into games and puzzles. His favorite thing to do even now in his spare time is play with his Rubik cube and yo-yo. The stimulating article was on the impact of technology. It’s true that most toys were advertised on TV and now it’s all internet. And there is definitely more information regarding environmental and social improvement when it comes to toys. Funny they talk about social improvement when most technology is hands on one to one. I don’t get it….

    2. I know, I look back on the toys I had and I think, “I was born in the wrong era.” Of course, I always think that. But I think back to when I was a kid and seriously, my first video game was Pong. PONG. Now, my kids wouldn’t know what to do if we didn’t have internet. I told them the other day that there were times when my youngest was a child that we didn’t have the internet at all. We had no need for it. However, the down side of all these cool gadgets is a lot of kids don’t use their imaginations anymore. They don’t know what “playing pretend” is. My kids don’t have a lot of gadgets and play pretend a lot, but usually they pretend things from video games.

  2. http://www.howstuffworks.com/smartphone.htm
    The technology that I chose to talk about and that really intrigue me are smartphones. The reason that I chose this topic is because smartphones are just completely awesome! They are extremely handy and these days I can’t picture myself without one. I think it’s safe to say that more than half of Americans own a smartphone and would never go back to a regular phone. Anything you can possibly think of can be done on a smartphone. It’s like a personalized minicomputer in your pocket. As it says in the first link I have “Think of a daily task, any daily task, and it’s likely there’s a specialized, pocket-sized device designed to help you accomplish it.” And I completely agree with that. The reason I chose the first link is because it tells us about a few of the things that we can do on a smartphone instead of having a device for each task separately. Why have different devices for separate tasks when you can have all of them in just one smartphone? The second link that I chose is much like the first one but more in depth about a few tasks that you can perform on a smartphone. Such as, voice- to- text and –text-to- voice, which allows you to speak into your phone and it types out what you said. I wanted to find a downside to having smartphones so I did. The third link is exactly what that is. One thing I thought was true and worth mentioning was that they are a very big distraction. They may distract us from some of our daily activities, distract us when we’re driving, we might be having a conversation with someone and all of a sudden find ourselves checking emails or what not. I really liked this sentence that is in that article “We seem content to ‘do’ something on our phones rather ‘be’ present during many of our daily interactions and activities.”

    1. I really enjoyed Slavic’s websites he picked regarding his topic on smartphones. I have to agree, I have become much attached to my smartphone as well. There have been days when I have forgot it at home and have gone back to pick it up at lunch. Cell phones are just a constant now in everyone’s life, it would be hard to imagine life without one. As much as I enjoy my cell phone, I have to agree with the third website the most. Cell phones are a terrible distraction in everyday life. Not only do people constantly talk and drive, they text and drive. I included. No longer are the days that we can sit around the dinner table and have a conversation with our family members. If you just sit in a public place and watch people interact like a mall or school, there is no interaction. People are just too busy with their modern technology of the week. Kind of makes me sad and wish things were a little more like the good old days.

      1. Yea I am guilty as well of being a little too attached to the phone. Although I am getting better of not using it as much when it isn’t needed. I think they are the worst distractions when driving and you text or are on the phone with someone. Messaging more than anything! People just don’t realize how fast something can happen on the road. I have a brother that caused an accident because he was texting and driving and I know he isn’t the only one but it has stopped me from doing that. Although I have to admit it does happen once in a while.

      2. I want a smart phone, but my husband is afraid to buy one because of how attached I’ve become to this tablet. If I get a smart phone, he says, he’ll never see me. I want to create an App or two.

    2. I completely agree with the last line in your post, everyone today is way too consumed with the phone or their facebook page or tweets. I still think a phone is for talking not texting or playing video games. Nobody understands how to communicate anymore whether it be verbal or handwritten. It seems just like yesterday that people actually wrote things down and we ran around with organizers that had our phone contacts, appointments, and other important information. So I suppose if you need technology it is kinda cool having a laptop in your pocket.

      1. Yea that’s true Jason most people these days really don’t know how to communicate. I have seen way to much people using their phone be it messaging or using Facebook or any other social sites to even ask a girl out on a date. I mean if you don’t have the courage to ask a question like that face to face how on earth will you communicate on a date face to face. The younger generation I believe is way to addicted to their phones. All you see these days is kids walking around looking into their phone. People are just too into their phones.

  3. The three websites I used were:
    Popular mechanics was always one of my favorite magazines growing up because it had the coolest stuff in it as far as gadgets go. The gadget on there I liked the most was Stainless Steel growlers to haul your beer in. They ended up comparing four different growlers to see how well each faired. Now I know that’s probably not technically a “gadget” as far as technology goes but it is still pretty cool to a beer drinker like me. And if you are a beer drinker, you can appreciate a growler as much as I do.
    The second website was very informative on a game console that houses ten game systems in one. I’m not much of a gamer but even I thought this one was pretty cool. My son has a few different game systems and having all those consoles can be a real headache as far as keeping everything together when it comes to cords and controllers. This new console mostly only contains older Nintendo games but those are the most fun if you ask me anyways. The newer ones are very hard to understand with all the graphics and controllers. This console made by Hyperlink ™ will also only run $99. I believe that’s a pretty good steal on a new technology gadget.
    The last website was very interesting. They had a solar battery keyboard which I thought was neat so batteries would be a thing of the past. There were a lot of interesting things on all these websites so it was hard to pick one topic. And I’m not very technically savvy so I thought what I found was pretty neat.

    1. Popular Science was a very fun and interesting magazine to read as a child, I always enjoyed the talks and pictures of the different inventions. As far as video games we have every kind of systems, from the original Nintendo to Wii’s, Xbox 360’s. But they are not spoiled, just well taken care of. I wish I was growing today with all the cool gadgets and video games, when I was growing up video games consisted of Atari pong that required like ten D batteries just to turn it on. By the way what is a growler? I thought that was what a dog did.

    2. What is a growler? I’ve never heard of one! Also, that video game console sounds very interesting. I want to thank you for introducing me to a new site–engadget.com looks like an awesome site to peruse. I will have to introduce it to my husband. I also like Popular Science; we currently have a subscription to Popular Science. I love all the cool gadgets they show.

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