Week 5 Discussion 9/9/13

Mock Interview Experience

Preparation: Completion of Mock Interview.

First Response: Tell us about the job you interviewed for. What type of job was it? What types of skills did it require (both hard and soft). Overall, how do you feel you did on your mock interview? What did you do well? Why? What will you be working on for improvement? Why? What do you think you’ll do to work on improving this? If you were the employer, would you hire yourself based on the interview you just did? Why or why not? If you were to write a Thank you letter for this interview, what would highlight in your letter? Why? Responses should be at least 250 words.

If you have not yet completed your Mock Interview, please use an interview you had in the past to write your response.

Second Response: Please read two of your classmates’ messages. Please provide them with suggestions for improving those items that they want to work on for next time. Based on the job they interviewed for, do you think that they are highlighting the right material for the thank you letter? Why or why not? Is there anything you would add to the letter? Responses should be at least 100 words.

Monday/Wednesday Class

The First Response is due by Wednesday, September 11th by 6pm.
The Second Responses (2) are due by Monday, September 16th by 6pm.

Tuesday/Thursday Class

The First Response is due by Thursday, September 12th by 6pm.
The Second Responses (2) are due by Tuesday, September 17th by 6pm.


20 responses

  1. I interviewed for an Order Desk Clerk for PAML. It required many skills that I already have. Create orders as received on a daily basis, providing good customer service at all times. Create new customer accounts in Enterprise, confirming account information is accurate. Effective written and verbal communication, Distribution of supplies and correspondence to various departments, Ability to handle stressful situations caused by volume requests from both internal and external sources, Computer skills, Effective written and verbal communication, Distribution of supplies and correspondence to various departments ,Good telephone etiquette, Capable of acting independently within limits of job requirements.
    I feel I did well in my interview. I was well dressed and gave a firm handshake. I was a bit nervous even though I knew my interviewer. I used good posture and a strong voice. I did showcase my portfolio. However, I fumbled through it a little. I also forgot to print my resume on special paper and have an extra copy. I also need to include more of my skills and experience in my TMAY. I didn’t talk about how my past and current skills would benefit my potential employer. I would like to improve my portfolio content and organization. I have already begun giving my resume a little pizazz yet staying professional. I do not believe I “sold” myself to gain this position. I need more practice and confidence. My thank you letter would include additional interest in the position and talk about any skills I don’t feel that were highlighted.

  2. The job I interviewed for was a medical data entry clerk. The skills it required intermediate basic office skills, intermediate medical typing, intermediate medical terminology, intermediate medical collections, intermediate inpatient coding, intermediate document control, intermediate data entry alphanumeric, intermediate Microsoft Excel, Intermediate Microsoft Word. I wasn’t necessarily qualified for the position as of yet but I was thinking of the future. I couldn’t find an entry level medical office assistant position posting. I felt that I started off the interview very confident until I lost my chain of thought. My mind totally went blank in the middle of my TMAY. I was nervous and totally lost it. I did not give enough information of how I acquired my clerical skills. Some of my current job skills did not support the skills required for the position. I need to emphasize on my past skills and how they were acquired. I really need to work on my TMAY by including how I moved myself up in the companies I worked for in past and present to show that I am a quick learner when it comes to gaining new skills and experience. If I was the employer I wouldn’t have hired myself based on the interview I just did because I blew it on my TMAY and also because I am not qualified for the skills required for the position. I learned from this interview that your TMAY is real important when it comes to selling myself for the position I am trying to obtain and also I need to practice A LOT once I get it together. I also need to work on getting my portfolio set up into sections by adding labels and adding more pages of PowerPoint and Excel projects and/or assignments. If I were write a thank you letter I point out that I am self-starter and a very quick learner because I did not mention that in the interview.

    1. Maria
      I know you did better than you think you did. It will take practice and time to refine the interview process. Good job at looking ahead for a position that you WANT to have. If you go blank in your TMAY use your portfolio to guide you. It will help remind you talk about skills and attributes you have or are learning. In your thank you letter, instead of saying you are a self-starter and a quick learner, point out examples of those attributes. Say that you are successful in accelerated courses of study with little in class instruction.

    2. I completely agree with Maria on a few key points. I usually go into an interview feeling pretty confident. But when I sit down I tend to start getting really nervous and also lose my train of thought. Then I feel as if I’m jumping all over the place. I really do think the key is confidence. If you truly believe that you are a candidate for the job, you will walk in there like you own the place. Even if you don’t have all the qualifications necessary, I still believe it is possible to land the position. You have to believe that you are the best person for the job. As far as thank you letters are concerned, it is a good idea to keep them short and simple, but if there is something you forgot in the interview, and then maybe briefly incorporate it into your follow up letter.

  3. My mock interview was for a Cardiac Telemetry Technician. The skill it required is knowledge of telemetry, data entry, and customer service by answering phones and scheduling appointments, assisting doctors with interrogating and reprogramming of pacemakers. I felt the interview went well, that I knew what I was talking about and had knowledge of what the job expected. That I used the portfolio well but that I needed to use the divided. I was told that I needed to work on having more energy and enthusiasm, be less nervous. So for future interviews I need to try to be less nervous and be more confident so I show the interviewer that I really want the job. I don’t know if I would hire myself after the interview, I feel I didn’t tell the interviewer enough to express how much knowledge and the soft skills I have for the job. In the thank you letter I would highlight that I have been a telemetry technician for 5 years that I also did secretary work by answering phone, taking off doctor orders, scheduling patient to be picked up by patient transportation to go to various appointments. I also would tell them that I am a team player, willing to learn new things.

    1. thats good that you know all about what you are talking about! It’s important when coming to interviewing as you know. I had the same nervous problem in my interview as well. Its hard not to anticipate and interview. But being nervous is very understandable. Just try to stay confident especially if you know what you are talking about. Those are very good things to include in you thank you letter. Hard and soft skills are important. you seem like a very experience Telemetry Technician so even if you were a little nervous im sure you still did fine! Its also great that you would mention that you are a team player. thats important in the medical field. Overall great blog!

    2. Sharelyn, I agree with you on the nerves going on. It’s good to know that I’m not the only with that issue. For me it’s really hard not to be especially since I’m already a quiet person and don’t do well with talking in front of people. I really don’t know how to get over it. It’s great to hear that you have the experience for the job you interviewed for. You should be very confident with that kind of experience behind you. I also believe that you should really emphasize on your hard and soft skills. Like with all of us practice, practice, practice. Somehow we will all get over being nervous. You should be able to get the job you interview for with all the experience you have just believe in yourself and be confident about your skills.

    3. I guess the whole thing about acting too nervous or too comfortable is a person by person case study. Who did you mock interview? I feel you show more confidence in being comfortable, being nervous and walking on egg shells to me doesn’t show confidence. What did you mean by the “divided”? Other than that I thought you did everything you needed to, you had the thank you letter covered. Looking for work is like anything else in life you win some and lose some but you still need to keep that will to win every time. If working for living was easy, we wouldn’t have a problem with WELFARE in this country. Always remember nobody has the right to tell you that you can’t have what you want in life.

  4. I’ve interviewed for a few jobs in the last couple months and all the interviews went very well as I was asked to work at three of the jobs available. The first job I interviewed for was a Service Writer at a new car dealership. I actually was only going in to drop off an application and ending up meeting with the service manager and ultimately the general manager of the dealership that day. The one thing I feel I really did well in the interview was show my confidence. I’ve been doing the same job for the last twelve years so I was very confident in my abilities and was able to portray those to the employer. He actually did inform me in the interview that I do interview very well. Unfortunately, I feel that sometimes I talk too much and feel that is a little overbearing or obnoxious to some people, but it always seem to work in my favor. He also said that I am very comfortable and not nervous. Actually, I was extremely nervous and usually that is why I over talk. That was the good part. Then he asked for me to speak to his general manager and I said that would be fine. Long story short, the general manager was a total jerk. Throughout the whole interview he was very condescending and arrogant. I found myself getting extremely irritated and wanting to walk out in the middle of the interview. Which I have never wanted to do before in my life, EVER! I know that GM’s can be real jerks and after the interview, I realized that is the way they are and he probably did that on purpose to see how I would handle the stress. I would definitely work on that in the future so I can be more prepared for people like him. It must have worked because they called me an hour later and offered me the job but I declined because I just had a not so good feeling and didn’t feel it was the right place for me.

    1. Its good that they gave you feed back on how you interviewed. It seems like people have different reactions to being nervous like talking or laughing, but having experience in that field helps with confidence. Also just as talking can maybe over bearing for some people not talking even if you know the job can show that you don’t know it or are just not interested. I agree too that it would be really hard not to leave an interview if the interviewer wasn’t nice, I would expected him to treat me they way he would like to be treated, and that would be a hard situation to handle too. So it was probably good you went with your gut and didn’t accept the job cause if he treated you like that in the interview the how would he treat you as an employee.

    2. I enjoyed this; it’s nice to see others noticing that just because their looking for employees doesn’t mean you will be treated as such. Especially in the Car business I’ve heard that can be pretty rough work. It sounds like you did everything correct, maybe feeling nervous was the feeling that caused you to come off the way you did. As far as the GM being a jerk it’s probably like you said he was trying to rattle you, or he did it because he is a puke of a human being and that’s how he gets his kicks. You did the right thing by declining politely and moving on.

    3. Sound to me like your interviews went by pretty easy! I wish I was as talkative as you say you are in your interviews, instead of being quiet and not knowing what else to say. I hate it. I hope to improve on those areas in my interviews. As for what you should add in your interviews and what not, I think you have it down pretty good since you have been offered the positions after the interviews. I believe confidence and a lot of experience are really important when you are going in for an interview. As for the jerks, they’re everywhere and you’ll have to deal with them once in a while!

  5. The job I interviewed for was a medical office position. It was a receptionist job with all the basic knowledge of the types of things and computer programs that I have been learning in my Core studies. You had to be great with people since it is a front office position. I feel like I did really great on my TMAY and the thing that I need to work on most is not getting so nervous and being fidgety. Also eye contact as well because sometimes when I get nervous my eyes tends to wander a bit. All I can do about working on that is to just keep practicing, maybe in front of a mirror or with family or friends. Someone with more skill in the field may get hired over me but I would still go in with confidence as in any interview. I could work on adding new things to some of the things I say to make myself sound more qualified than I actually am. In the thank you letter I would just highlight some of the things that were in the interview that I felt like need to be brought up again and thank them for their time for interviewing me. But overall doing mock interviews are really important for practice and they help you get ready for a real life interview in the field that you want to go into.

    1. I agree it’s really hard to not be nervous for an interview even if you have the skills for the job. But you do need to practice and you will get better and more confident, so then you will have the confidence to ace the really important interview. A lot of the articles I have read on interviewing say to highlight your strengths. I agree that the mock interviews are good practice I have learned a lot by just doing then and the feedback we can get from them. The thank you letter is also good too to highlight things especially if your nervous and forget things.

    2. Caytie, it’s great to hear that you felt that your TMAY was strong, unlike me. I didn’t realize the importance of it until I did my mock interview. In the beginning for me I was confident until I totally went blank. It’s hard not be nervous especially since I have never been on a real professional interview. Like some, I just had a few questions and not get into detail about myself. It sounds like you are on the right track for interviewing except for a few touch ups on the specified areas that you feel need it, I would say that you have a good chance of getting the job you are interviewing for. Just keep practicing and I believe you will perfect it.

  6. The job that I chose to be interviewed for was a PowerPoint Specialist. Since I had only completed the core class for PowerPoint I decided to look for something that I know how to do. I suppose I didn’t quite understand the directions of finding a job to interview for. This position was in Denver Colorado, so I would have to move there for this position. But it turned out that it has to be something more realistic. Besides the fact that it wasn’t a good position to begin with, the interview was horrible in my opinion. I know I did really badly during the interview. I’m used to a quick and easy interview without any portfolios without resumes. Just filed out an application, came in for the interview, was asked a few questions about if knew how to do certain things and bam I was hired. There’s quite a bit I will need to improve on. For starters a better resume and cover letter. Learn a couple calming techniques because I hate interviews and I get really nervous. Take more time telling them about my work, the kinds of projects I did, skills that I have, all of that needs improvement. What I will do to improve in those areas is to practice interviewing with myself or with someone else to try to memorize the things in my portfolio and the things I should and shouldn’t say during the interview. I believe that way I will feel calm and not as nervous. If I was the employer I would definitely not hire myself.

    1. I am right there with you. Before my mock interview, I only had to fill out an application and answer a few questions. I have never dressed professionally either. I was given the advice that for my portfolio to make header pages for each section. And to use a separator that sticks out from the sheet pockets. It will be easier to navigate the portfolio that way. Let the portfolio guide the interview and it may help you be less nervous. We all have areas of improvement. I think that is why we have the professional development course. Can you imagine learning these things out in the real world?

    2. I understand where you are coming from with the being nervous part. Sometimes nerves take over and our confidence starts to diminish. What ive learned is that its crucial to just fake confidence. Making sure that you have a solid resume and cover letter is very important. i agree with you when you needed to talk more about your work and projects that you’ve done! thats the kind of stuff they want to hear. like danielle said, its importatnt to let that portfolio guide your interview and you will have way more confidence. but overall just hang in there and with more experience you will start to have more to add onto your portfolio. =]

  7. My mock interview, I do believe it was a job similar to what I’ll be looking for in the future. It required hands on with the computers as well as customer service, dealing with vendors current and future. So in a way it required a personal touch (Soft Skills) as well as the hands on (Hard Skills). Overall I felt it could have gone better considering I had no idea what a cover letter or even a thank you letter were. We ended taking more about how to spruce up my resume pros and cons. I don’t think I did anything well, my posture was wrong I was too laid back in the chair not sitting at the front edge knees together head straight up waiting for my biscuit. I can work on that I suppose, I just never realized at the time you had to act in that manor, until I got home and my 14 year old daughter she laughed at me made me sit down and do it the way they were taught in choir.
    Due to resume I would have considered myself, but after above mentioned poor posture maybe not due to customer service aspect. If I were to write a thank you, I would probably write how I appreciate the opportunity to interview for their company and gloss over lightly key points in my resume and then mention that I look forward to working with you in the future. Why, I’ve learned over the last few months how important it is all of it quite frankly. I hope you enjoyed the read as much as I did writing it.

  8. I wish I could have felt a little more relaxed during my interview. I was so tensed up and nervous I didn’t know where to begin or how to go along with the interview, besides a few thing I read before in our professional development section. Reading about what you need to do and actually doing it in an interview for me is hard. I also I had no idea what a cover letter was or a thank you letter that should follow an interview. I don’t think I showed any soft skills as well as hard skills. As I said in my first response it was a complete failure on my part.

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