Professional Dress Discussion Week 2

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Preparation: Please research professional dress for interviews using the internet. Make note of the sites that you think provide the best information. Please find three images online that are professional looks, but are not necessarily right for the interview; copy the links to these pictures and paste those links into your discussion post. Please do not copy the link directly from google. Go to the website it is found at and right click on the image. A short-cut menu will appear. Choose “Copy Link Location” *in FireFox; I’m not sure how to do it in Internet Explorer anymore. Paste the copied link location into a Word document so you can come back to it later.

First Response: Please type up a new message tell your classmates the ideal professional look that one should try to portray in an interview. Remember to think about everything from head to toe. Then please look at the above pictures and explain what is right and what is wrong with these looks for an interview (hint: there is room for improvement with each picture). Now attach your three picture links to your response. Responses should be at least 250 words.

Second Responses: Please read your classmates’ responses and reply to at least two classmates. Do you agree or disagree with his or her recommendations for professional outfits? What would you add? What are some things that everyone should do (or not do) for appearance that aren’t visible in pictures (i.e. scent)? Why? Do you agree with your classmates assessment of the above pictures? Now critique the images that your classmate attached, what is proper for the interview and what should be changed? Explain in detail. Responses should be at least 100 words


26 responses

    These were the three images I found when researching professional interview clothes. With the images if found I think it’s important, to me, that you put a splash of color or some of you personality that’s appropriate into your interview outfit. A pop of color can make you stand out other than just wearing the basic black, brown and grey choices. The second image link I have shows you things not to wear. Like shirts with words written on them and also absolutely no jeans, especially ones with holes. And also dress shoes and of course no flip flops. To me, I wouldn’t even choose sandals. You can wear nice jewelry but nothing with skulls or things like that and no short skirts. For men, I say a nice blazer and button up and a nice fitting pair of slacks and black shoes and socks. You have to pick an outfit that is presentable and clean. The way you look can make it or break it when it comes to interviews. Looking back at the first picture I posted, it shows you more stylish outfit choices with splashes of color and the second half of the pic focuses more on business sheek style.

    1. What, if anything, do you think is wrong with the pictures above?

    2. On the first website, I think the women appear to all be professional in their appearance and ready for an interview. I would recommend however though, that the women with the dress with no sleeves should probably have longer sleeves. I don’t feel sleeveless is quite appropriate for interviews. I definitely agree on the site for what not to wear. Never, ever wear jeans to an interview, for sure, never ones with holes in them. Flip flops do not belong in a work place, not even open toe shoes should really be worn. Skirts should be below the knees and writing on shirts shows that you might not be taking the interview very serious, therefor, why would they give you the job then?

    3. I agree with your assessment that you can still show your personality with a tasteful splash of color. Make sure the color is not to “loud”. I wouldn’t wear a neon headband. I would make sure it was a lot more subtle than that. In the last picture you posted the man is not wearing a blazer. He looks to casual, same with the ladies in the first picture on the left side. I think these would be ok once you had the job. The picture of what not to wear is right on point. These looks are for possibly for girls in high school. Thy are not for an interview or even work attire.

    4. I agree I would try to add some color too. Just cause I feel for one that even though professional it would be boring, but not too much. Also agreed with what not to wear and there thing that I found you should wear and some people don’t like stockings some feel its too hot out, or that the interviewer won’t notice that your not wearing them. To me its important to dress your best to show the interviewer that you serious about getting the job.

  2. ‎ This web site was good cause it seem to have good tips about everything from what you wear says about you to guide lines for each gender. This is important because it’s the first thing that the interview will see and judge you by. I like that especially for the women not to copy business attire from TV because that usually not appropriate for an interview. Also it says that even if the jobs dress code is not that casual that you should still dress up. To that you don’t need to spend a lot on a good outfit for an interview that it should look neat, clean and match. I liked this website because it had a list of what not to wear like having your skirt too short, too much make-up, men wearing earrings, rumpled and stained clothes. Plus it also had what to wear for different interview occasions like if you are going on a job site, or an event in the evening. This site was interesting cause it told you what colors were good to wear to an interview, cause wearing the wrong color no matter how good it looks can leave a bad impression depending how conservative the company is. Also the article connected about the “10 Interview Blunders” was good, like I didn’t realize that for instant your handbag may make a difference or if you didn’t wear hose or not, not only does it matter what you wear but the details count just as much.

    1. How about the pictures I posted? What is wrong with each of them? Also, from the sites you posted, what do you think would be the perfect interview outfit?

    2. i agree with what you said under your first picture to not make interview attire too casual. you dont want to look like you didnt put enough effort into how you look. its important to present yourself well and look clean and well dressed. i like how the site has a section of what your clothes say about you. that seems interesting. the second site was great. i loved how it tells you things not to do and they are all important. wearing something too short sends the wrong image. you want to present yourself as professional. also another thing i would add is to not wear that much perfume. the third site was a good one too. i liked how it helped you with matching your clothes. its important to not have too many crazy colors going on because that can be distracting. great blog sharelyn!

    3. I definitely found the first website extremely helpful in what and what not to wear in an interview. It was everything for what not to wear down to personal hygiene. What I also liked is that it mentioned, do not smell like smoke! So many people will smoke and then walk into their place of business and smell terrible and then help their customers. There is nothing more disgusting, then a smoker talking or breathing in your direction, especially in an interview. I also liked that on the 2nd website they had mentioned not to chew gum, bring cell phones or iPods. That is a good thing to remember because those things all are distractions and your potential employer might think that you are not very interested in the position.

    4. I agree with your views of how to dress on an interview because whatever you decide to wear it is the first impression that stands out to your possible employer. I also agree with you on the fact that you should not copy business attire as that on tv because it is “tv” and not everything portrayed on there is accurate. I also believe that even though the dress code is casual you should still dress to impress. In your second site I too believe that you should not wear a skirt too short or too much make-up. In the third site you chose it listed the 10 interview blunders which pointed out the “don’ts” of what not to wear. All the sites you chose were very helpful and right to the point. I agree with all the choices you made.

  3. When it comes to a job interview, I believe that it is a chance for a person to present and prove himself/herself. Your knowledge and competitive skills are necessary to get you the job, but your interview attire also plays a significant role. I believe that the first impression created in the mind of an interviewer is through your dress and overall make up. The picture you create will greatly influence your chances of being hired. I believe that most employers form a first impression during the first seven seconds of a meeting. You should be clean and neat, including your fingernails, teeth, shoes, hair and face. Empty pockets, no bulges or tinkling of coins/keys etc. A light briefcase or portfolio case. No visible body piercing (noise, eyebrow, tongue, etc.) wear minimum jewelry and cologne/perfume. I think for men they should wear a dress suit in solid color, navy or gray, a white shirt along with a tie, one that suits the suit color. A simple belt, dark dress socks and either black or brown shoes. For women, I think dress suit in dark colors, such as black, navy or dark gray. If you wear pants, they should be creased and tailored, not tight or flowing, with a long sleeve blouse. If you choose to wear a skirt it should cover your thighs when you are seated. A skirt that ends at the knee when you’re standing looks chic and professional. I believe the classic black pumps are appropriate for any job interview. It should be a medium heel that is not too difficult to walk in and wear pantyhose to complete the look. In the pictures above the two middle pictures are the wrong type of dresses to wear. The one on the left looks like a dress you wear on an evening out or to a party. The outfit to the right is too short, I think if the length was a little longer it would be appropriate. The purse in the top left picture is too big in my opinion. The guy in the suit on the bottom left I would have to say is the wrong color to wear and the top right would have to be the tie color and design, I think it should be a solid color. The lady on the bottom right, I would have to say her hair color and her necklace. Here are three pictures that I found to be helpful in what is appropriate or not for an interview.

  4. I chose this site because it gives you tips on how to dress for an interview and for the workplace. I did not know there is a difference between business professional and business casual. In an interview, if you’re not sure what to wear go for business professional. I chose this site because it gives you a detailed interactive tool of what not to wear. Just because you look good, doesn’t mean you are dressed professionally. I enjoyed this power point presentation about professional dress. It gives head to toe details of what to wear for men and women. In a nutshell “Keep it neutral, Keep it clean, and keep it covered” For women: Hair should be cleaned and styled, just out of the shower or a messy pony tail is not recommended. Light neutral makeup and simple accessories. For example keep you jewelry to a minimum and no dangly earrings. Wear a matching pant suit or skirt and neutral leg wear. You shoes should be polished and if your wear heels, make sure you’re comfortable walking in them. My first picture is business dress, but I think the white top is cut a bit low. The lady in the second pic looks good, but has too many accessories. You want the interview to focus on you not your clothes. The women on my third picture also look nice but too casual for an interview. Her slacks are a bit too long and she should be wearing a matching jacket.

    1. i agree with what you said when you said choose business professional. its always important to shoot professional over casual when it comes to an interveiw. i liked how your first site was easy to read and gave really good tips. the second site was good because it told you what not to wear. its important for people to know whats appropriate and whats not appropriate. i liked how you can click on each person and like you said its really interactive and thats helpful. the third site was interesting. the powerpoint was great and helps you undrstand more how to dress. i agree with what you said that it should be about you in the interview and not the clothes. and that is very true. you dont want to dress crazy out there and lose the attention of you. simple is better or less is more. great blog!

    2. I like the power point presentation too. It had a lot of things that you could wear for an interview. It had a lot of different ways to dress like from what to wear on a interview to casual looks and then pictures to quiz you on what type of dress the person was. The second web site cause it showed people wearing things and then you clicked on them to see what was wrong and how to improve it. So like I said it comes down to looking your best, dressing nice and if you have question if something is all right then ask someone or look it up.

    3. In your first site, as you, I did not know that was a difference in business professional and business casual. It is a very interesting point to discover. I do believe though it may be casual dress you should still dress up professionally as defined in the article. As to the second site, it details a lot on what not to wear, which helps out a lot. I also believe that you should always have a clean cut appearance and not overly dressed. I liked how you were able to interact. I also agree with what you said about the white top being cut a bit low. You should be covered up and not exposing too much. I too think that you want the interview to be focused on you and not yours clothes.

  5. My opinion about how to dress for an interview is simple; you want to make a good first impression to the employer! Appearance is the first way you communicate to others. Before you even say a word others notice how you dress and draw conclusions about you. Depending on how you dress your clothes may or may not give you an extra edge over other qualified individuals.

    These two Web sites helped me in my research on what to wear for an interview. For the most part they are pretty much the same. Guys, you should definitely wear a suit. Black, dark blue and dark grey would be the best choices. You should go with either a white dress shirt or light blue, along with a solid color, silk tie such as dark red or blue. Laced up shoes would be your best choice. Make sure it coordinates with your suit, and that they are cleaned and polished. Wear a good belt that matches your shoes. Make sure your socks match the color of your suit. For women, just as for the guys, you should also wear a suit. If not, then a skirt knee length would work also. Choose the right blouse! White, light blue, cream, yellow are colors that would be acceptable. For shoes choose closed- toe pumps. Make sure you they match your suit and that you’re comfortable walking in them. For jewelry I would say keep it at a minimum, wedding ring would be fine and also a necklace with an elegant pendant.
    As for the pictures I would have to say there are a few improvements needed. One improvement needed is the ties, Solid colors! The blouse is too open on the middle left picture. The skirts are too short on the other, knee length. Pendant on the necklace I think is too big. The suit color could be changed on the bottom right.

    Here are some pictures of what I would wear:

  6. Classmates: The Ideal Professional Look.
    As we all know you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, with that said lets go over a few pros and cons of the proper look.
    First Hair – If you wear it long (Men) tie it back in a ponytail and make sure it has been properly shampooed and conditioned.

    Second Facial Hair – If have facial hair trim it down close to your skin, don’t forget about that unsightly nose hair. For Ladies with facial maybe a light waxing.
    Third The Outfit – Depending on the job you are applying for a suit jacket may not always be required. But it couldn’t hurt, generally a nice shirt, tie, belt, matching slacks, and a nice pair of dress shoes.

    Interview attire for men is a full suit with matching jacket and pants. A crisp, collared shirt should be worn with a black belt and tie. Shoes should be a complementary color. However, a suit with mismatched pants and jacket is not a good choice, but is acceptable as business professional attire that could be worn to work on a daily basis.
    Business professional attire should be worn for the most professional situations at work, including meetings and presentations. Many styles that are acceptable for business casual attire are too informal for professional wear.

    Women’s Business Professional
    For women, the best choice for business professional attire is a suit in a neutral color with either long pants or a skirt. Women should wear either a collared shirt or a simple shell top underneath a suit. Shirts should be a relatively subtle color that is flattering to the wearer. With skirt suits, nude or black pantyhose should be worn. Dress shoes should be worn. Unlike interview wear, tops and bottoms do not necessarily need to match; complementing colors and subtle patterns such as pinstripes are okay.

    Picture on the top left, looks too casual for business attire. Picture to the right, he has the right posture and looks good even without the jacket.
    Picture in the middle on the left, looks like a dinner party dress, the stunning young lady on the right looked professional in both outfits.
    Picture on the bottom left, he has a nice suit on that matches; but the hand in the pocket doesn’t display very good posture. The picture on the left was OK, if you managed a Biker Bar or a Hair Salon. what to dress like examples for both genders Guy looks nice but his appearance is bad.
    Poster boy
    Looks like business outfit, yet still on the casual side.
    More business type suit.
    Proper dress shoes.
    Improper shoes

    1. Jason
      I really liked your blog, very informative. I am not sure that I agree about men having long hair. Although it may be well kept, a man with a pony tail doesn’t come across professional to me. Men should be well shaved as well. I have not seen a professional what to wear picture of a man with any facial hair. I like that you posted a picture of a guy trying to look professional. He has a suit on but the bleached hair and excessive jewelry is too much. You want to show the interviewer that you are willing to tone down your personal look for the work place.

      1. I think that some men may not like how they look without facial hair. As long as it is well-groomed, I think it is fine. My husband has a van dyke and before any interview (or sometimes, he has to dress up for school) he shaves closely and trims the rest to bring it into some semblance of order. I think he looks weird when he shaves, though of course a hiring committee would not know the difference.

    2. Jason I always enjoy reading your posts and comments. You always have something funny to say and interesting opinions. Your description on how we men should dress is pretty good. All I disagree with is the long hair. I believe it isn’t considered professional. And I think a suit or jacket would be better in any interview. You must definitely get rid of those nose hairs. I think that the middle picture on the left wouldn’t be so great because of how short the skirt is. Based on what I read.
      I think hygiene play a fairly good part in an interview also. Having a nice scent coming from you. Some cologne, but not too much also. Clean and cut nails.


    Job interviews are your first impression with the company that you would like to be hired. In the first picture on the left, to me it seems that she has too many accessories. Her purse is way too big and overpowers her. The folder she is carrying seems a little bulky and has a disorganized look. The actual outfit that she has on does look very good though. The gentleman in the picture next to her looks very ready for an interview but would look more professional with a suit jacket on. The picture with the black nylons and pumps does look nice but the shirt is way too low cut. It almost looks like a cocktail party shirt. She should also cover her arms. Tank top shirts don’t necessarily look professional in an interview. The gal with the black skirt middle right is an appropriate outfit only if the skirt was longer and maybe with her hair up out of her face. The guy in the bottom left handed corner I honestly don’t really see anything that might need improvement. Hopefully he wouldn’t walk into the interview with his hand in the pocket. In the bottom right handed picture she has a very professional appearance except for the necklace which is definitely overpowering her. The shirt is also a little too low cut in my opinion for an interview. It’s simple, interviews are very important. You should have clean, short fingernails with no overpowering perfume and just a general all around a good appearance.

    1. I like your very detailed assessment of the pictures that are posted. I never thought about that the ladies purse is a bit over sized. Tank tops are definitely not a professional look and would most likely take points of in your interview. I also thought that that one lady had a necklace that is just way to big. It would be nice for a night out or something but not to an interview. The pictures that you have found really show of what to wear and what not to wear for an interview, but for women. The first ones are exactly things you shouldn’t wear starting from the short dress being so open and the hair is just a mess. The third picture looks like she’s ready to go on a date or something.

  8. I’m not quite sure if anyone got the point, MEN do have long hair not that it has to be business up front and party in the back. But if you keep it clean and maintained it doesn’t look so bad. I had long hair all the way down to you know. Well I shaved it all off to make a first impression on the commitiee so I was told. The fact of the matter is I have dressed up for said job interview for a Quality Assurance job and the first question was I willing to clean the bathrooms

    1. I agree and disagree with your opinion on long hair Jason. Long hair can look ok, as long as it is up and pulled back in a ponytail. But I do think in my personal belief, I feel that employers look down on long hair even though it does some unfair. I guess it would all depend on what position you are applying for and have to remember that when you are out looking for a job. My own brother has long hair and full sleeve tattoos on both arms and he hasn’t seemed to have too difficult of a time finding jobs. But he is a chef and they must not be too concerned since he’s in a kitchen. He also lives in Portland where I feel it might be a little bit more accepting than other areas.

  9. I like long hair, it looks better on a women. Now that i have talk to someone who knows what a VAN DYKE is. I still think that a first impression is the only chance you have. if you smoke try not to do it before the interview, no matter how much the nerves are. Always remember that the Resumes is the tool that gets you in the door.
    Thank you,

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