Discussion Question Week 1–Tues/Thurs Class (CS)

Chapter 1

Preparation: Read Chapter 1 – What is Customer Service in the Customer Service text. Take notes as necessary.

First Response:
Complete the Opportunities for Critical Thinking. Be as detailed as possible in your answers. Explain why or why not for each answer. Your whole responses should be at least 300 words. This is due by Friday, August 16th.

Second Responses:
Please read at least two of your classmates’ responses and then reply to them with your thoughts on their answers. Do you have suggestions for helping them keep on track for those goals? What are some ways to help keep track goals? What are some small goals that this person can make to reach his/her larger goals? What types of personal rewards do you see for these goals? Do you have similar purpose statements? Responses should be at least 100 words for each classmate. These are due by Tuesday, August 20th by 6pm.


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  1. The definition of customer service is fairly simple. Customer service is anything we do for the customer that ultimately enhances their experience. Customer service providers must get to know their customers and strive to provide them with exceptional service each and every time. Customers’ satisfaction is the ultimate goal.
    Five examples of customer service are:
    1. Calling the customer by name
    2. Showing the customer that you care and illustrating courtesy and enthusiasm
    3. Excellent follow up
    4. Empathy in handling customer complaints and questions
    5. Well-explained instructions
    Five needs every customer has:
    1. Service: customers expect the service that they think is appropriate for the level of purchase they are making.
    2. Price: many products previously considered unique are now considered commodities. So being competitive in price is extremely important.
    3. Quality: customers want the products they purchase to be durable and functional.
    4. Action: customers want to know they are being taking care of and a priority
    5. Appreciation: customers need to know you appreciate them and their business.
    It’s necessary for customer service providers to maintain a positive relationship with internal and external customers because if internal customers do not see the importance of completely performing work and treating others with respect then you can not provide great service to your external customers.
    Customers use technology to enhance their own lives, so in turn they expect businesses to do the same.
    Customers’ expectations about price and their expectations about service go hand in hand and are fairly relative. Customers are willing in a lot of cases to not be as concerned with price, if the service is exceptional.
    The loss of current dollars is not the only concern when a customer is lost. Not only do we lose money, but we also can damage the business reputation, along we lose the jobs that our client provided and loss of future business.
    Ways in which you can become better customer
    1. Write compliment letters
    2. Write complaint letters
    3. Fill out comment cards and be truthful
    4. Do not expect more of others than you do yourself
    My definition of customer service is to go above and beyond customer expectations. It means listening to your customers and what they want. Our job is to relieve the customers stress as much as possible and help solving their problems.
    My definition of contentment is satisfaction or being happy..

  2. My definition of Customer Service is the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or service. Often, customer service takes place while performing a transaction for the customer, such as making a sale or returning an item. Customer service can take the form of an in-person interaction, a phone call, self-service systems, or by other means.

    Examples of Customer Service are:
    1) Showing the customer you care and illustrating courtesy and enthusiasm.
    2) Receipt look-up or “return by” date on store receipt.
    3) Empathy in handling customer complaints and questions.
    4) Calling the customer by name.
    5) Owner’s manual and frequently asked questions online.
    The Five basic needs that every customer has are:
    1) Service
    2) Price
    3) Quality
    4) Action
    5) Appreciation
    It is important to keep a positive attitude with both external and internal customers because external customers have the power of enhancing reputation and to bring new business to the organization. Internal customer relationships are important also because they are important to company success in providing external customers with what they need, by having positive relationships with internal customers we show them that we value their importance in the organization.

    No, there are other things an organization should worry about when they lose a customer, other than money. Here are some situations that may occur:
    1) Losing jobs that the client and clients provide. If business keeps going elsewhere you will not need some of the employees you have hired.
    2) Loss of reputation. The clients may share their experience with other clients and friends.
    3) Loss of future business.
    Some ways in which you can become a better customer service provider are:
    1) Become a better customer.
    2) Exercise rights as a customer.
    3) Write compliment and complaint letters or emails to share your experience.
    In my opinion customer service is the way we treat a customer or how we help them that may contribute to gaining a customer or losing one.
    Contentment- A state of happiness and satisfaction.

    1. i agree not everything turns out the way some engineer deigned it to work due to rushing it out to fast to get in the market place. So then you have a chance that it won’t work, and your a new customer to name brand you walk away with a bad feeling. That’s why research and development is so crucial in business with out it you need not worry about customer service, because you won’t have any. In business there is always someone else around to provide a service.

  3. (Reposted for Jason)

    Gee Wally,
    I’m so glad I received the book on Customer Service; I never would have thought that future customers could possible mean sustaining a thriving business. I know I have to take notes and give a fruitful thought on this assignment.

    I look at it this way; it is obvious (WHY) Customer Service is a requirement. Because everyone has a complaint, (WHO) any person who is upset”Customer is Always Right”. (WHAT) Anything that someone saw on T.V. or thinks they are being thrifty using coupons, and makes a big deal at the checkout line. Enhancing the customers experience is IMPOSSIBLE, until every single last thing for sale is perfect!!!!

    Don’t even get me started on the Medical personal, I still get asked why Cameron hasn’t been in for a visit to this day. (WHEN) All the Time. (WHERE) Valley Young Peoples Clinic in Spokane Valley or Liberty Lake.

    In short customer service will always be needed when the product doesn’t work and they need to exchange( which is always easier than getting the money back). If a Company would spend more time on R.D. and less time kicking it out. The world of Industry would never have come up the term RMA. Which means Returned Material Acquisition. Several companies have gone by the way side because of their product and Customer Service.

    It’s sort of like school what, who, when, where, and why is going to be broking down and gossiped amongst others, that will pass judgment.

    Thank You,

    1. Completely agreed Jason! Customers demand satisfaction, each and every time. Unfortunately as Slavic has stated, this whole customer thing is time consuming. But you are right, companies don’t or can’t seem to stand by their product as maybe they use before. It seems more and more companies as a whole make excuses as to why it didn’t work the way it was suppose too. My personal frustration is when calling a company to complain about their product or make a suggestion or to even ask a question, it is impossible to get a “live” person on the phone.. There is nothing more irritating than just wanting to talk to a human being and all you get is recording after recording. So yes, until companies start being a little more user friendly, customer service is always going to be something difficult to achieve if this is going to be the way it is now.

  4. You mentioned that customer service providers must get to know their customers. I completely agree with this idea. This whole concept is time-consuming. Getting to know your customers and attaining excellent customer service skills take effort and time. One cannot gain this skill overnight. Patience is needed in order to learn the details of the work that you do and how each of those details can be used to enhance the customer’s service. Taking this into consideration, I believe that a person with great customer service skills must be a quick and eager learner. The effort in learning all the things that are involved in this skill may become difficult; however, a determined person will rise above the challenges and become very successful in this area.

    1. I also agree with what Slavic is saying. Some of the hardest situations I’ve had to face over the years was keeping patience with customers. Even after years of helping the same customers, there would be times when I would really have to restrain in saying exactly how I felt about the whole situation at hand. In fact there were many times when I didn’t restrain and ended up getting myself in a small amount of trouble not only with management but also with the customer. The customer has to see that your main focus is them and without taking the time to really listen to them you are jeopardizing your relationship with them but also any possible future dealings with your business in the process.

  5. You are right that customer service skills are needed when the product doesn’t work and the customer needs an exchange. In this situation, it is highly important for those great customer service skills to have been attained already. Once in a sticky situation where a customer is frustrated, we as the employees must provide the patience and right attitude in order to solve the problem at hand. If the employee becomes agitated and impatient just like the customer, then that employee has not completely understood the motto “The customer is always right”. Yes, of course, employees need to think logically in those situations but they must also remember that excellent customer service skills are a necessity for a successful business.

    1. I agree with what Slavic had to say Customer service is a sticky situation if your internal customers don’t have a solid working relationship. The product will always suffer without solid management. Sometimes there is too much overhead too many captains and not enough firstmates. Then of course the cover your own business scenario, something comes back from the customer, mistake should have been caught several times before shipping. Instead of meeting with said departments in the process to find out why. They tell the customer their sorry send them a replacement( that probably is bad also) for free.

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