Discussion Question Week 1-Mon/Wed Class (PD)


Preparation: Research Resumes using the internet. Take notes.

First Response: Please provide us with the URLs (web addresses) for three sites that you felt provided useful information for resume building. Then for each site, tell us why you liked this site. What are three different types of resumes and when might you use each one? Now please start a resume of your own and attach it to this message. You need to at least have the three following: Objective, Work Experience, and Education. If you cannot attach a resume to your comment, just copy and paste what you have to the best of your ability. This is Due by Wednesday, August 14th before class (6pm).

Second Response: Please read two of your classmates responses and visit the sites he/she shared. What did you find helpful about the sites? Why? What could be improved on? Why? Please review the attached resume and answer the following questions: What type of resume choice did he/she choose (out of the three listed in his/her response)? Why is this type of resume a good choice for the field that he/she is going into (see Objective)? Or why might another layout be better? Based on the work history in the resume, what types of skills do you believe this person should focus on selling to prospective interviewers (i.e. detail oriented, good team player, etc.). What and why? And how might they better sell those skills? Do you have any suggestions for improving the information added to the resume or to the layout of the resume? What and why? Responses should be at least 200 words. These are due by Monday, August 19th before class (6pm).


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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%A9sum%C3%A9 My first site defines what a resume is. It gives the three styles of resumes and a brief description of each. Chronological: focuses on your work history, functional: focuses in your skills and experience and hybrid: combinations of both are the three types. What I really found interesting about this site is that it has information about how to get another review of your resume before you submit it. I know our instructors are helping us, but for many these tools would be helpful. http://jobsearch.about.com/od/resumewriting/qt/resumeformat.htm I liked this site because it gives several information links to specific resume aspects. If you are struggling with only one aspect of your resume writing this would be helpful. What I did find interesting about this site is that it lists a fourth resume type. A “targeted” resume focuses specifically on the job you are applying for. http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/ways-to-get-your-resume-noticed/ I like my third site because it gives you tips on how to get your resume noticed. The one I found most interesting was Quantify your Achievements when possible. Give specific “stats” of your stated work history. Provide result examples.
    Seeking full-time, permanent employment with a progressive organization that offers opportunities for career and personal growth.
    Interface College Of Spokane, WA June 2013 to Present
    Computer Applications with the intent of completing the CMAA Certification Program
    • Proficient in front desk, successfully managed a broad range of administrative responsibilities for retail and automotive businesses
    • Working knowledge of computerized processes and data entry procedures.
    • Strong communicator with excellent organizational, problem solving, time management, and follow through skills.
    • Notary of the Public in Washington State
    • Completion of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 course, keyboarding 40 wpm, ten key 232 kspm
    Cobalt Truck Equipment LLC, Spokane, WA June 2004 to Present
    Parts supervisor: I am responsible for the daily operations of the automotive accessories and equipment parts department. My duties also include customer service, cash reconciliation, shipping and receiving, merchandising, inventory control, purchasing, invoicing, and assisting the accounting department
    Schuck’s Auto Supply May 1997 to June 2004
    Commercial Manager: managing the operation of the wholesale customer center. My duties included taking phone orders and executing deliveries. I began my career as a delivery driver and worked my way up through merchandiser, cashier and parts counter customer service.
    Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho September 2010 to present
    Troop Leader: organizing meetings and group outings, teamwork with co-leaders, managing and organizing troop sales activities.

  2. mariaortizcaleroics

    In this first site, http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/564/1/, it gives the definition of what a resume is. I found this site to informative as to what a resume should look like, what it should include and what are the expectations for a resume. I didn’t realize that you should keep your resume to a page but there are some instances where an employers are accepting longer resumes. It also gives other resources on how to develop a resume through this site. In the second site, http://susanireland.com/resume/how-to-write/, it gives you 10 steps on how to write a resume. It also gives you three different resume formats, chronological, functional, and combination. I liked this site because it gives you several good tips and many different topics of interest to help build a resume and cover letter. This site was very helpful in all aspects of putting together a resume. In this third site, http://www.gcflearnfree.org/resumewriting, what really stood out from the others is the step by step in every category to developing your resume. And the interactive tutorial in each of the resume samples. It was very helpful.
    To obtain an office administrative position which will allow me to utilize my existing skills and enable me to acquire new abilities.
    Lead Cook Aramark Services, Inc. Fairchild Air Force Base 2006 – Present
    Domestic Engineer Calero Household Spokane, WA 2000-2006
    Housekeeper Final Out Cleaning Spokane, WA 2000 -2001
    Diploma Mira Mesa High School San Diego, CA 1994
    Certification Pacific Medical College San Diego, CA 1996
    In progress Interface College Spokane, WA Currently

    1. Maria
      I found the first site you chose to be interesting. It had a ton of navigational links to help choose, write, build and present your resume. It was interesting that there are some instances that you can use a two page resume. I didn’t think you could actually call and as if they accept two page resumes. I like the second site because it has several other interesting points about how to infiltrate miscellaneous items into your resume, such as community service. The third site you chose was very simple to understand and gave minimal definitions that everyone can understand. I especially liked he interactive portion. I will have to remember that I can also change up my objective to reflect the position I am applying for.
      I see your objective says you want to utilize your skills but, I didn’t see you that you listed your skills. I would try to figure out how to highlight the most important pieces to make it one page. You resume could be different for each job if you needed to high light different skills. I liked that you used the term “domestic engineer”. It is very clever. Its shows you have personality. That is not always easy to see on paper.

  3. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Resume. This was my first website that I found that helped you build your resume. I liked this site because it gives you examples of masterpiece resumes that you can view. Also it shows and explains to you about the different types of resumes like chronological and functional for some examples. It has a section on telling you how to make your resume shine which was interesting to read. And it tells you that proofreading your resume is key. The second site that I found was http://susanireland.com/resume/how-to-write/. This was my favorite site so far. It tells you step by step how to write a perfect resume. I liked this site because it was very easy to understand. And at the end it provides you which 90 examples of resumes. The third site I found was http://www.how-to-write-a-resume.org/. I liked this site because it tells you about cover letters, resumes, and tools to find a job and interview tips. This site has everything you need! It provides you with the link to look more into each topic.
    My resume:
    Catherine Kaye
    401 E Magnesium Apt 53. Spokane WA, 99208. (509) 230-3510. caytie_kaye@hotmail.com.
    I am looking for a position where I can utilize my skills that I have achieved and where I can work well with others in a friendly environment.
    5/15/13 – Present Beneficial In-home Care Spokane, WA
    • Track client’s care on charts.
    • Assist client’s with healthcare needs like bathing, transferring and eating.
    • Clean client’s home and transfer to essential medical or shopping trips.
    12/15/12 – 5/10/13 The Montvale Hotel Spokane, WA
    • I received a raise after only working a month.
    • Clean hotel rooms and sanitize thoroughly.
    • Do laundry for the entire hotel and joined restaurants.
    5/10/12 – 12/10/12 Moran Vista Retirement Spokane, WA
    • Took orders and served residents food.
    • Trained incoming employees.
    • Set-up and break-down my own dining room.
    • Ran my own section of 30 residents.
    I Graduated from Havermale High School in 2010. I currently attend Interface College in the Medical Assisting program.
    References- Available upon request.

    1. Caytie I also liked this website it showed how to write different kinds of resumes and what to include in each kind so that you can get the point across to the person reading the resume. I used this web site as one of my examples cause it had a lot of information and good example of how your resume should look no matter what kind of resume you plan to write. I liked the second web site because it really went in-depth from looking for a job to write the resume for to adding community service and the other skills you have. I also like that each step went into a deeper explanation of what to put in your resume. I also liked what it said to put if you have gaps in your employment and what to do to overcome being discriminated for your age. The third site was interesting I liked and wondered about the “the tricks to get an interview” part a few ideas sounded good but a few I wondered about like sending a gift with the resume, and the post-it note idea to me something like that may back fire and you won’t get an interview. I know it says it would be a good idea but I wonder.

    2. Caytie, I really liked the first website you chose. It was very helpful when it came to the different styles and how to set up a resume. It gave a lot of information as to how to put a good resume together to fit your specific needs. As for your second website, it happens to be one that I chose also. As yourself, it is one of my favorites. I think that this website is very easy for anyone to follow and put a good resume together. The step by step is one of the most essential ideals of this site. Another thing that stood out on this site was the several tips and associated topics that will help build a strong resume. In your third site, not only does it help with writing a resume, but also tools to find a job and interview tips and tools. I liked how they have a resume building tool that enables you to create a resume without to worry about page margins, formatting, font type, etc. I like how it also includes a cover letter and thank you letter builder as well. This site is very informative in all aspects of putting together a resume.

  4. http://jobsearch.about.com/od/resumetips/tp/resumetips.htm
    I like the above website because it basically gives you step by step instructions on what you need to have as part of your resume. It gives you tells you to make sure you include resume keywords that connect basically to what you wrote on your cover letter. If you explained that you have Microsoft Office experience in your cover letter it also needs to be on your resume.
    This website basically is for the resume challenged. It is a site that I used when I put together my first resume in my early 20’s. You basically pick the type of resume you are looking to build ( chronological, functional, targeted or combination) and fill in the blanks.
    This website gives you the Top 51 resume building tips. I read through them and they are pretty good tips. Very helpful when you are stressing out on what you need to put on your resume, we all know when you start to over think it you are going to forget very important information, information that could cost you that job. This site reminds you of those necessary and important elements of your “perfect” resume.

    Audra Korling
    10101 East Main Ave. apt 34
    Spokane Valley, WA 99206
    (509) 808-4711

    I am seeking employment where I can utilize the skills I have acquired, and contribute to company goals.


    Mas 90 & 200 Travel Arrangements
    Type 71 wpm Outlook
    10 key Dictation
    Microsoft Office

    Riverside High School Chattaroy, WA

    Interface College Spokane, WA
    Medical Assistant – Currently enrolled, night classes
    Mastered MS PowerPoint

    Sterling International Spokane, WA
    Kali Smithson
    Administrative Assistant
    4/12 – 8/12

    Answered incoming calls regarding questions about the product they sold. Data entry of orders into Mas200. Responsible for putting show orders together and getting them shipped to the appropriate location.

    Williams Inland Distributors Spokane, WA
    Linda Brevik
    Administrative Assistant
    8/05 – 6/08

    Entered daily orders for major grocery store chains and small convenience stores. Answered multi-line phone system. Accounts Payable: entered vendor invoices, verified vendor balance, cut and distributed checks. Resolved invoice discrepancies, corresponded with vendors and responded to inquiries. Sort and match invoices and check requests. Accounts Receivable: entered cash receipts, reconciled cash accounts, daily bank deposits. Cash handling.

    Master Electric Spokane, WA
    Susan Korling 509-994-7255
    Receptionist 3/00 – 3/03

    Answered multi-line phone system, coded and posted accounts payable invoices to their appropriate G/L or project code. Data entry, daily bank deposits. Reconciled checks. Typed project bids. This business has closed.

    1. audra i loved the first site that you found. i liked that it had alot of links on it to direct you to all different types of resume building help. i love the easy step by step directions for resumes. very helpful. the second site was another good one. this would be a really great site for someone who has never created a resume before. it literally has step by step links to each part of a resume. it seems like it would be very helpful. i liked the third site because it had resume samples, resume formatting help, resume templates and resume builder. its a great site to help you remember whats important to put in your resume. i read through your resume and i think everything is put together really well. in my resume as well i need to not be so basic with mine. i think coming up with a more unique objective statement would really set your resume apart from the rest. overall i thnk you have presented your skills very well. especially for an office position.

    2. Audra I like the first website it had a lot of good information, like adding an objective, inserting keywords, making sure you make the technology you know stands out. It mostly covered the important basics so that you will stand out from the rest of the applicants that have applied. The second one was good I also used a site like this cause I didn’t have a clue how to write a resume and it really seem to help. I also found the last wed site too and thought it really had a lot of good tips thing that I thought would be good to know especially for the novice resume writer. For instant listing your keys for success, by showing the strengths you have and volunteer work you do. Making it brief and avoiding redundancy and maintaining a positive tone.

  5. Interface College Spokane, WA 04/2013 to Present
    Software Applications/Professional Development/Customer Service/Keyboarding
    River Valley Community College Claremont, NH 01/2012 to 06/2012
    Intro to Chemistry, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, College Success

  6. http://www.job-applications.com/resources/top-51-resume-building-tips/ I like this website cause it had a lot of good tips. Like don’t lie on your resume like telling people that you are more educated than you aren’t. Some of the examples of tips are, using good grammar, punctuation, and powerful verbs, keeping the wording professional, using it to get an interview. There are a lot of tips to use to improve your resume and to help sell yourself to the interviewer.
    http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Resume I like this site cause it how to write a resume and what to write in it, also it had how to write the three types of commonly written resumes. They are chronological, where your jobs are list in date order to show the growth that you have in a certain career. Functional show your skills and experiences you have, good for someone who have holes in their job history. Combination is a combination of the functional and chronological resume it shows certain skill and how and when the where they were acquired.
    http://career-advice.monster.com/resumes-cover-letters/resume-writing-tips/how-to-write-a-resume/article.aspx This website had a lot of good information from how to make your resume title to stand out, to make your job skills stand out and not have your resume to be as long as a book but to get the attention it needs to get an interview. All the website show how important it is to write a good resume so you will get the interview.
    1106 E Sanson Ave
    Spokane WA, 99207

    Holy Family Hospital Surgical Acute Spokane, WA
    Certified Nursing Assistant 01/28/2013 – Present
    • Help give compassionate patient care including bathing, vital signs.
    • Help the nurse with problem solving
    • Help with admitting and discharging patients
    • Efficient and reliable.

    Rockwood Retirement Community Spokane, WA
    Certified Nursing Assistant 10/2012-01/2013
    • Take daily vital signs
    • Help with bathing and dressing
    • Help with daily care, bringing to meals, light housekeeping

    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Lebanon, NH Intermediate Cardiac Care Unit
    Licensed Nursing Assistant/Telemetry Technician 08/2007-09/2012
    • Help nurse with patient care, doing vital signs, blood sugar checks, intake and outputs
    • Monitor cardiac telemetry for patient on the floor and though out the hospital
    • Help with admitting and discharging patients.
    • On the Scheduling committee for scheduling the LNA’s in the department

    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Lebanon, NH Emergency Room Licensed Nursing Assistant 4/2005-7/2006
    • Help with patient care, vital signs, EKG’s
    • Set-up and restock rooms transporting patients to test
    • Help with paper work and answering phones.

    • Skills
    • Compassionate Patient-focus care
    • Efficient and reliable
    • Trustworthy
    • Calm and level-headed Grooming and bathing assistant
    • Fast learner
    • Good problem solver


    Interface College Spokane, WA 04/2013 to Present
    Software Applications/Professional Development/Customer Service/Keyboarding
    River Valley Community College Claremont, NH 01/2012 to 06/2012
    Intro to Chemistry, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, College Success

    1. great blog sharelyn! you and audra has one of the same sites and i found it to be one of the best so far that ive seen. it gives you 51 great tips on building your resume. its helpful for something experienced in writing resumes and someone who is a beginner at resume writing as well. your second site i found helpful becuase it helped you with the different types of resumes. i think i came across this site when searching for good websites to use. it would be really good for beginners. the third site of yours i also found to be informative. i liked how it tackled every section for resume writing and had differrent links to click on. i like how it has a section of how to round out your resume. i think its important to have a resume thats well put together. i liked how you put you resume togehter. high lighting your hard and soft skills. thats very important. this is a syle of resume that i like to use! its good that all of your skills are related to the job that you are applying for. great job!

    2. Sharelyn I like the first website it had a lot of good information. It had a lot of resume building tips. It is a very strong site with very detailed explanation of the dos and don’ts of putting a resume together. It covers the important basics to help you stand out from the rest who are also applying for the same position. The second one was one of the one’s that Caytie had chosen too. With the different samples, it is very helpful in putting together a good resume. I like how it explains how to make sure you chose the right format of the text. I really didn’t realize how this would be an important factor. In the third site I was impressed with the section targeting the resume objective. I really liked the explanation of the necessity of an objective section. I was very impressed with the details listed. I also liked the common resume blunders section. It was very helpful in making me understand the importance of putting together a well written resume. This site was a very helpful and to the point. Along with all the other sites everyone has posted, each and every one of them had very helpful tips and advice. We all should be able to put together a very well written resume to help with us get a job and be successful.

    3. Sharelyn
      I first looked at the third site you chose. I never thought about a resume title before. This would really be helpful if you have to submit your resume online. A clever and effective title would help you stand out from the hundreds of monotonous emailed resumes. I really like that it explains not only how to write a particular section of your resume but how to make it stand out. Making your resume stand out seems to be a common piece of advice in almost every article. This article again points out to use actual job performance data. I enjoyed all of the links in the first site you chose. It was nice that it walked you through how to build a resume. I like that it gives you many styles to choose from. I wish I had taken Word before now. I like that you chose the combination for your resume. You have a lot of experience and skills to showcase. One thing that stood out to me in your resume was the word help. One of your sites you chose had a section about using power words. I would try to find other synonyms and mix it up a little. You have many skills to present to any employer that you chose.

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