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Week 6 Discussion – Both Classes


You are starting Excel next week. Hurray! Excel is fun! Trust me on this. I know what I speak of.

  1. How do you feel about your knowledge of Excel? Have you used it before? When?
  2. Have you ever used it for something at home? What for? Was it helpful?
  3. What parts of Excel do you think you’ll have the most trouble with? Look for a website that talks about this part of Excel (for example, if you think you’re biggest problem will be with functions or formulas, search for an article like that.) When you find it, link it for us and let us know how it will help, or how it didn’t help.
  4. If you have finished your First Mod (Word and Access) please let Michelle (Tuesday/Thursday) know a little about Word. What is your favorite part of Word? What was the hardest part of Word? What kind of advice can you give her to do well in Word?

First Response is Due by Wednesday, February 12th by 6pm. Must be at least 200 words.

Second Response (2 of them) are due by Monday, February 17th by 6pm. 75 words or more.


You are starting Word next week. Hurray! I love Word. I can do so many things in Word. I can do things in Word that I don’t even teach you how to do in Word. Love WORD!

  1. How do you feel about your knowledge of Word? Have you used it before? When? Why?
  2. Have you ever used it for something at home? What for?
  3. Do you open the program and just type or do you know more about it than that?
  4. What parts of Word you think will give you the most problems? Look for a website that talks about that part of Word and share it with us. Do you think it will be helpful throughout the course?
  5. You’re finishing up your First Mod. The Monday/Wednesday class are 6 weeks behind you and are just starting Excel. Give them a bit of advice about Excel. What helped you understand parts of it? What can they do to ensure they do well in Excel?

First Response is due by Thursday, February 13th by 6pm. Must be at least 200 words.

Second Response is due by Tuesday, February 18th by 6pm. Must be at least 75 words. There must be TWO responses, at the least.

Michelle, Week 5 Discussion

I have fielded a lot of questions about Portfolios–what they should look like, what they should have in them, how they should be organized, et al. So, for today’s discussion, I’d like you to find that information for yourself. First, read the ehow article and discuss what you’ve learned from it. Did it help you understand better what items should be in your portfolio? Did it give you more questions than answers? What questions? What answers?

Now, look for two more websites about portfolios. Share the links and the key words you used to find them. Summarize the websites, hitting the key points the site emphasizes. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Also, if it primarily mentions online portfolios or art-related portfolios, what concepts can you take from the site to use on your professional portfolio?

This needs to be at least 250 words. It is due on February 6th by 6pm (initial response). Your second response is due by Tuesday February 11th, by 6pm.

Week 5 Discussion – Monday/Wednesday Class

Speaking Publicly to People

Please read this article on Public Speaking.

Then answer:

What did you learn?  Did he say anything that surprised you?  What will you take away from this as you get ready to give your presentation to the class?  Is there anything you disagreed with?  Tell us why on all of your responses.

Look for two articles on giving presentations or public speaking. Link your articles to your post and give us a brief overview of what each article offers.

Then answer:

Did they agree with what the article said? Did they differ? How? What will you use from the articles during your own presentation? What was the best piece of advice you found in these articles?

Due Dates

First response is due by Wednesday, February 5th by 6pm. It should be at least 200 words in length.

Second responses (2 of them) are due by Monday, February 10th by 6pm.

Michelle Discussion Week 4

Professional Inventory

Mission: Find a job ad for a job you would like to get after you complete your training here at Interface. Use the job ad (copy the link into your response) and fill out a professional inventory. Look for phrases in the job ad (usually found in the requirements) and copy them into word. Write how you meet that criteria, with evidence. This is called a professional inventory. You use these phrases/evidence in your pointed cover letter. Please note that you do not have to show proof of every single requirement, just what you can.

Example of phrases from a job advertisement

evidence of your experience

Must enjoy working with animals

– volunteered for Spokanimal for three years

Excellent customer service skills

worked as a waitress in a busy, well-known restaurant for ten years, helping customers and making sure they enjoyed their stay

2. Write a paragraph for your pointed cover letter for this job ad using the phrases from the job ad and your evidence to back it up. Do you see how it may differ from other cover letters you’ve written in the past? How will this professional inventory help you out when it is time for you to search for a career?

I just wanted to clarify a bit here. Your evidence should be full sentences that showcase how you could prove your expertise/experience. The two I had were examples of what I was looking for. Your paragraph should be a paragraph you would actually include in a cover letter and would have their key terms that you put into the professional inventory, as well as your evidence. So for mine, my cover letter would say something like:

Must enjoy working with animals volunteered for Spokanimal for three years
Excellent customer service skills worked as a waitress in a busy, well-known restaurant for ten years, helping customers and making sure they enjoyed their stay

I thoroughly enjoy working with animals and have been a volunteer for Spokanimal for over three years. During my time at Spokanimal, I worked with animal intake, cleaning kennels, and exercising dogs. Though I worked mostly with animals, I also helped with customers who were looking to adopt animals and with those who were going to surrender their animals. Since I was a waitress for over ten years, I was able to use the skills I learned in the customer service industry during my volunteer work. While the type of customer service in a shelter differs from that at a restaurant, I was able to use my ability to make sure that the customer was happy and helped in a way that would make them want to return while at Spokanimal.

See what I mean? Try to whittle down errors and misspellings. Make it professional. Take your time.
Your response is due by Thursday, January 30th. It should be at least 200 words in length (this includes words in the table).

Your second response is due by Tuesday, February 6th by 6pm. These should be at least 75 words.

Week 4 Discussion – Mon/Wed

The Gestalt Principles of Design

Your first response MUST be at least 250 words in length. Your second responses MUST be no fewer than 75 words in length. Make sure you answer all parts of the discussion for full attendance credit.

First Response

Take a look at this Gestalt Principles of Design PowerPoint presentation. (Click on the link and download, then open, the PPT presentation.) Look at all the slides in normal view, and then answer these questions:

  1. What do you notice about them, when you are viewing them in normal view?
  2. Can you understand what is on each slide when you view it in normal view? Why not?

Now view it as a slide show. Take the time to read the text on the screen. Notice how the jumble in normal view changes once it is in slideshow view. Answer these questions after you’ve viewed the slideshow and read the speaker notes on the slides.

  1. What is the Gestalt Principle of Design?
  2. Would this be useful knowledge for you?
  3. How would you use these concepts in your presentation?
  4. What changed when you viewed it in normal view (pick one slide and talk about it.)
  5. How would you (if you would) change the design of this presentation? Why?
  6. Find and link a website that teaches more about Gestalt Principle of Design. Why is this site useful for presentations?

The second part of the discussion is mostly a reminder–make sure you create your presentation with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. A presentation is just like a paper–it needs to make sense to your audience. In your own presentation, how is it structured? What is your introduction? What is in your body? What is your conclusion?

Second Response (2 of them!)

Do you agree with the person you are replying to? Why? How could they word their responses differently, so that the person who created the presentation can take it as constructive feedback? What I mean is this: Imagine the person who created this presentation is reading the responses. If you feel the person was a bit too mean on their answers, suggest a better way to word it. In a workplace, you have to know how to give constructive criticism that is helpful, not hurtful. Have they done this? Check out the link they submitted. Is it helpful? Does it include anything different from the site you linked to? What? One more thing–and I want everyone to answer this question: Think about the presentation and the way it was not colorful, did not use themes, a lot of animations, or transitions. It did not make it easy to read in normal view. Why? Why was it designed this way? Actually think about that a few moments. Think about some of the articles you have read online about good vs. bad presentations.

Due Dates

First response is due by Wednesday, January 29th by 6pm. BEFORE CLASS.

Second response (2 of them) are due by Monday, February 3rd by 6pm. BEFORE CLASS.

Michelle – Week 3 Discussion

Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY)

Preparation: Please review the TMAY: You will be doing your first mock next week, and it is important to be prepared. You will bring me your resume, portfolio, and be ready to answer the me when I say, “tell me about yourself.”

First Response: What does TMAY stand for? What are the main parts? Now type up your TMAY. What items are you going to put into your portfolio? How and when will you introduce it? Response should be at least 250 words. This is due by Thursday, January 23rd by 6pm.

Second Response: Read my response. Answer any questions I ask, revise your TMAY as needed. Response should be at least 100 words. This is due by Tuesday, January 28th by 6pm.

Week 3 Discussion Mon/Wed Class

Presentation Topic

For your final project each of you will present a PowerPoint Presentation to the class. Answer the following questions:

  • What is your topic or what topics are you considering?
  • Will your presentation be persuasive or informative?
  • Why did you choose this method?
  • What are you using to gather information about your topic?
  • Will you look primarily on the web for your sources, or do you have sources of your own that you will be using?

Remember if you use information from another source that is not something you created – you will have to give credit to the owner. Therefore, you will have a last slide named references or Works Cited where you give the author’s name and the link (if found via the web) to your source. This does not have to be in an academic format, but if you use a picture from, it should read: Fake Source–Picture of cow: LINK HERE at the least.

What type of media are you going to be using?

Read “Avoiding Common Mistakes in an Introduction” on PRES 33 in your books (towards the beginning of the book). Have you ever seen a presentation where one of these mistakes was made? If so, explain. If not, tell us which mistake you want to avoid, and how you will prepare not to make that mistake.

First Post: Minimum of 200 words. Due before class (before 6pm) on Wednesday, Jan. 22nd.

Second Post: (two of them) minimum of 75 words each. Due before class (before 6pm) on Monday, January 27th.

Michelle – Tues/Thurs Week 2 Discussion


Look online for websites that give examples of some different things you can do with Excel. Copy and paste two links to the websites you found. Explain what amazing things each website talked about. Did you already know it was something you could do? Did you already know how to do it? What new things did they show you how to do? How could you use any of these items for work or home? Try not to pick the first two sites you find, actually look through the list and find the ones that you LIKE.

Your first post is due by 6pm on Friday, January 16th. Your second response (to me) is due by Tuesday, by 6pm, January 21st.

Your first response should be at least 150 words.

Your second should be at least 75 words.

Monday/Wednesday Week 2 Discussion


If your words or images are not on point, making them dance in color won’t make them relevant. Edward Tufte

Read the following article: Do you agree or disagree with any of the content? Why or why not? Remember, this was written in 2003, but PowerPoint presentations have not changed much during that time, the program has just become much easier to use and contains a lot more fun items to play with. Then, look for at least two articles that give advice for good PowerPoint presentations. One could also be about what makes a presentation bad. Explain the relevant points in the articles after you link them. What new information did you learn? What information did you disagree with or agree with and why? Which pieces of information will you keep in mind when creating your own presentation?

Reply to two students. Your replies should be more than three sentences, and say more then “I agree.” Don’t repeat information they have given, instead, ask questions, explain why you agree or disagree. It’s a conversation, treat it as one.

First response is due by Wednesday, January 15th by 6pm. It must be at least 150 words.

Second two responses are due by Monday, January 20th by 6pm. These must be at least 75 words each.

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